Gourmet Craft Millet Idli Instant Mix Review - Mishry (2023)
Gourmet Craft Millet Idli Mix review

You Will Love Gourmet Craft’s Millet Idli Instant Mix. Here’s Why! (2024)

Gourmet Craft Millet Idli Mix is made with the goodness of three different millets: Kodo millet, Little millet, & Barnyard millet. How is the taste & texture of these idlis? Let’s find out.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5
Nutri Profile
4 / 5


We liked this idli mix for its clean ingredient list, satisfactory nutrient profile, and quick prep time. Keeping in mind these are made using millets, the taste and texture were good too

Millet idlis offers a delicious solution, allowing you to savor the taste of traditional idlis while benefiting from the nutritional advantages of millets. But if you’re someone who doesn’t have the time to make a fresh batter at home, instant mixes can be a boon.

Gourmet Craft offers a myriad of breakfast mix options catering from millet idlis to instant upma mix. 

In our Gourmet Craft Millet Idli Mix review, we shed light on the taste, texture, ingredients, and nutrition profile. What makes them healthier than your regular idlis? Is it a good option for those seeking a healthier idli alternative without compromising on flavor and texture? We answer all this and more.

All information about the Gourmet Craft Millet Idli Mix at a glance:

Gourmet Craft Millet Idli Mix  Product Details 
Price  Rs. 135
Net Quantity  250 gm 
Calories (per 100 gm) 330.6
Buy Now  On Amazon
Mishry Rating  4

Our Review Factors

What did we expect from Gourmet Craft Millet Idli Mix? Overall convenience, a soft & fluffy texture, fresh taste, impressive nutrition profile and a clean ingredient list.

While reviewing Gourmet Craft Millet Idli Mix we set the following review parameters : 

1. Taste 

The millet idlis should be fresh-tasting with a well-rounded seasoning and no undesirable/ stale aftertaste.

2. Texture 

Light, airy, fluffy with a soft bite – this is the texture we are looking for. 

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As this idli mix is made using three different millets, does it impact the texture in any way?

3. Nutrition Profile 

This aspect covers the main ingredients + nutrition quotient. 

Main Ingredients 

In addition to millets & urad dal, what other ingredients does it have? Are there any additives, preservatives or colors added? 

Nutrition Quotient 

As these claim to be high in protein and source of iron, we compared the nutrition details to a regular rice idli mix. Did we notice any difference? 

Additional details on the price, packaging, and shelf life were also recorded.

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Gourmet Craft Millet Idli Mix  – Detailed Review

Packaging & Pricing 

This idli mix comes in a beige color pouch pack which is resealable. A 250 gm pack will cost Rs. 135 and has a shelf life of 9 months. 

This pack can get you around 20 idlis approximately. 

Gourmet Craft Millet Idli packaging

Main Ingredients

The primary ingredients in this idli mix are : Millets (Kodo millet, Little millet, and Barnyard millet), Rice, Urad dal and Flattened rice.  

Apart from that, it includes raising agent (Baking soda), Citric acid, Fenugreek and Common salt. 

There are no additives, preservatives or artificial colors used which is a plus point. 

Nutritional Information

A 100 gm quantity of rice idli mix contains – approximately 350 to 400 calories, 2 to 3 mg of iron, 8 to 10 gms of protein and 1 to 3 gm of total fat. 

Per 100 gram, this millet idli mix contains 330.6 kcal, 2.49 gm of fat, 5.26 mg of iron and 12.12 gram of protein. 

In a comparative situation, this millet idli mix has a higher iron content whereas the protein content is almost similar. 

Role of millets in the nutrition profile? Millets are divided into two types: large millets (pearl, foxtail) and little millets (Kodo, barnyard, little). These are said to have more amino acids than most other grains. When compared to rice, millets are a slightly better and healthier alternative to consume as these are low GI.

How did we make this? 

We made the batter by combining one cup of the idli mix with one cup of water. That, however, was not sufficient. So, to achieve the desired consistency, we added another half cup of water. 

The batter was then added to the greased idli molds. We steamed them for 12 to 15 minutes. In addition, no salt or other seasonings were added to the mix. Once the idlis were steamed, we demolded them and conducted our taste test.

making the batter for Gourmet Craft Millet Idli Mix
Steaming idlis made with Gourmet Craft Millet Idli Mix

Mishry’s Take 


Unlike rice idlis which have a stark white color, these are slightly different. They have an off-white color. 

Texture + Taste  

These idlis rise well and are very soft. Although they aren’t as light and fluffy due to the use of millet, the idlis are still very soft to bite into and do not feel too dense. The bite is slightly grainier when compared to rice idli, but given the ingredients, this is made with – it’s natural.

The idlis are aptly seasoned and you can pair them with sambar and chutneys of your choice. 

We recommend consuming them hot and fresh, as the idlis may become slightly denser once cold. 

Overall, the nutrition aspect gets a 4 due to the use of no additives, a clean ingredient list, and a fairly good nutritional profile. 

prepared idlis using Gourmet Craft Millet Idli Mix
Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
Nutri Profile - 4/5
  • Clean ingredient list. 
  • Fluffs up well. 
  • Decent taste. 
  • Devoid of preservatives.
  • The idlis tend to become dense if consumed after a while.

Want to incorporate millets in your everyday meals? The Gourmet Craft’s Millet idli Mix is a good option to start.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Gourmet Craft Millet Idli Mix.

It takes around 12 to 15 minutes to make these idlis.

 Yes. You can make appe using this idli mix.

There are no added preservatives used in this idli mix.

You can make approximately 18 to 20 idlis from a 250 gm pack depending on the size of the cavity of the idli mould.

This has a shelf life of 9 months.

Wrapping Up

Considering that this idli mix is made from millets, the taste and texture were satisfactory. These are really easy and quick to make. Moreover, the ingredient list is clean. These are rich in iron, as claimed by the brand. 

Have you ever tried millets idli?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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