World Cup Merchandise: Home Products to Support for Team India
Cricket merchandise for world cup india

Show Your Support For Team India With This World Cup Merchandise

Here’s a list of 7 unique home products to showcase your support for Team India.

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The excitement for cricket is palpable, and it’s the perfect opportunity to turn your home into a hub of support for Team India as they begin their World Cup journey. As the country rallies around our cricket stars, why not infuse your living space with a hint of patriotism by incorporating trendy cricket-themed home goods and merchandise?

We have everything you need, from team flags to mugs and cushions, to help you adorn your home and display your resolute backing for India.

7 Best Home Products to Show Your Support

1. Flags


One of the most iconic symbols of support for the Indian cricket team is our National flag. Hoisting it outside your home or draping it over your balcony can give you goosebumps as you watch it wave in the wind. These flags come in different sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your space.

What’s great about them is that they’re more than just decorations – they declare your love for the sport and your country.

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2. Mugs: Sip in Style


Watching a cricket match is even more enjoyable with a nice cup of chai or coffee in hand. Why not add a special touch with mugs that feature cricket themes? These mugs are both useful and a great way to show your support for Team India every day.

Whether you prefer classic team logos or unique designs that reflect your passion, these mugs will make your drink taste even better when India is playing on the field.

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3. Cushions: Comfort and Cricket


Adding cushions to your home decor is a must-have, even during cricket season. With a range of cricket-themed designs available, including team logos, player images, and catchy slogans, you can create a cozy and cricket-inspired atmosphere in your living space. These cushions can be placed on your couch, lounge chair, or bed, providing comfort and a stylish touch to your surroundings.

Plus, they’re perfect for snuggling up during those nail-biting matches.

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4. Wall Decals: Bring the Stadium Home

wall decals

Looking to recreate the excitement of the stadium in your home? Wall decals are the solution. These adhesive designs can transform your walls into a cricket lover’s paradise. Choose from life-sized player cutouts, team logos, or memorable cricket moments.

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Wall decals are simple to apply and remove, making them a great option for temporary cricket decor that won’t damage your walls.

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5. Posters: The Art of Cricket


If you appreciate classic decoration, cricket posters are an excellent option. They enable you to display your favorite cricketers and moments in an artistic manner. You can frame posters of iconic players such as Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, or M.S. Dhoni and hang them in your bedroom or living room.

It’s a stunning way to honor the cricketing legends who have brought us countless moments of happiness.

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6. Themed Tableware

Enhance your dining experience on cricket match days with tableware featuring cricket-themed designs. Whether you’re looking for plates, bowls, placemats, or coasters, there’s a wide selection of options available to make your meal feel like a special occasion.

Celebrate the game in style while enjoying your favorite snacks and drinks with loved ones.

7. Others 

a. Romper for your New Born

If you have a new born baby, grab an attractive romper for them. It is a cool way on how they can express their support for Team India. 

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b. Themed Hat 

A themed hat in the Indian cricket team’s blue color is an excellent way to show your love, gratitude, and support for Team India.

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c. Cricket Jersey 

Wearing your favorite team’s Cricket Jersey also shows how important the team’s win is to you. The team jersey is a foolproof dress code that shows out your undying patriotism. 

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d. Trendy Cap

To show your support for Team India, wearing a blue color cap that symbolizes the Indian cricket team’s color is a good option. You can also consider wearing a flag in the colors of the Indian flag (saffron, white and green). Consider choosing a cap that is comfortable and fits perfectly.

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As cricket fans, it’s natural to want to show our support for Team India. There are many ways to decorate your home with cricket-themed items such as hanging the national flag, drinking from cricket mugs, or snuggling with cricket cushions. By letting your home reflect your passion for cricket, you create an exciting atmosphere for friends and family to enjoy while watching matches.

It’s time to turn your home into a cricket sanctuary and cheer for India with all your heart!

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