Mishry Reviewed Top Rice Idli Instant Mixes - Best Readymade Idli Batter Online

Mishry Reviewed Top Rice Idli Instant Mixes – Best Readymade Idli Batter Online

Tops, MTR, or Nilon’s? Which instant rice idli mix gave us the fluffiest results?

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Many will agree that a batch of fluffy rice idlis and a bowl of tangy sambar is a soul-satisfying combination. Soaking and grinding of rice and urad dal to make rice idlis at home can be a time consuming and laborious task, which is where instant mixes come to our aid. Rice idlis instant mixes pack in a whole lot of convenience and the promise to give us home-style or even restaurant-style fluffy idlis. We reviewed rice idli instant mixes by three popular brands – MTR, Tops, and Nilon’s to see which brand of instant rice idli mix gives us the tastiest and fluffiest idlis.

Best Instant Rice Idli Premix: Brands Reviewed

Top Pick

Idlis made using MTR Rice Idli Ready Mix were the tastiest and fluffiest.

Rs – Rs 120/-*

Net weight – 500 grams

*Price at the time of review

Why did we choose MTR Idli Mix (Rice Idli Ready Mix) as our Top Pick?

We chose MTR Idli Mix (Rice Idli Ready Mix) as our Top Pick because it yielded the fluffiest and tastiest idlis.

The texture of the idlis comes close to a freshly made homestyle/restaurant style idli. The idlis were very fluffy, and light. They are not dry, dense, or soft and squidgy at all. 

MTR’s Rice Idlis taste the best as it is, as well as with coconut chutney. 

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The seasoning of the rice idlis is spot on. 

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

Unlike some brands of premixes, the instructions given on the pack are easy to follow. MTR Rice Idli Mix uses 1 part of the mix, 1 part water, and ½ part curd to make the idli batter.

A 500-gram pack is priced at Rs 120/-.

Why did Nilon’s and Tops Idli Mix not win?

When we review idlis we look for fluffiness and softness. Idlis made using Nilon’s Rice Idli Mix and Tops Idli Mix lacked the correct texture and taste.

Nilon’s – While making the batter, Nilon’s batter consistency was runny but became thick within a few minutes. The outcome was a batch of sour-tasting idlis that were squidgy and sticky. We did not like the idlis even when tested with coconut chutney. 

Tops – The batter of the Tops Idli Mix was extremely runny and did not thicken with time. The idlis even though plumped up well, ended up being dense and dry. 

In both the idli mixes, texture and taste were not up to the mark which is why they did not win.

Our Review Process

The clink-clank of mixing bowls filled our review lab on a gloomy weekday. After steaming over a dozen idlis, we landed on our winner. Here’s how we did it.

Who Is This Review For?

As we mentioned earlier, making rice idlis from scratch can be a time and energy-consuming process. This review is for everyone who loves eating rice idlis but does not want to get into the long process of soaking and grinding rice and dal at home. This review will also come in handy when you do not want to order in idlis, but want to steam some at home.

How We Picked The Brands

We picked three easily available brands that are popular when it comes to instant mixes. All these idli mixes are available online and offline as well. We chose idli mixes that had two primary ingredients – rice/rice flour and urad dal/flour. We did not take masala rice idlis or idli mixes with added spices into consideration. 

The Brands We Picked

The Contenders

The Parameters

To review the best instant rice idli mix, we gauged all the idlis on two prime parameters – 

  • Taste – How nice did the idlis taste? Was the seasoning balanced or were the idlis oversalted? Any other distinct flavors? Was the sourness overpowering?
  • Texture – We answered an important question here – How was the texture of the idlis made using these instant mixes? Dense and dry or fluffy and light? 

Other aspects like price and how easy or tough was the batter making procedure were also considered, and how accurate/apt are the instructions on each pack.

How We Reviewed

Our review process included a tasting session that lasted one full day. We made the idli batters according to individual instructions given on the back of the pack. MTR’s batter was the only one that used curd as an ingredient to make batter. Nilon’s and Tops idli mix required oil and water only. Here we noticed how simple or complicated the instructions were to follow.

There are multiple ways of steaming idlis these days – one of them, and the most common one, being steaming a batch in a regular cooker without the whistle on. The other way is to use a rice cooker. We steamed the idlis in our review lab using a standard round-shaped greased idli stand/idli plate in the Bajaj Rice Cooker, which was our Top Pick in our ‘Best Rice Cooker Review’. We added water until the mentioned waterline and started making our idlis. Not only was this easy, we observed one more thing. Usually the lowest section of the idli-stand, that is closest to the water, ends up getting a little soft and mushy. Here, in a rice cooker, this did not happen. This happened over multiple batches. 

All stacked up - Fluffed up idlis in the stand.

Time-wise – apart from MTR, all the other idlis were ready in the mentioned time frame.

Tops, Nilon's, MTR - All set to be tasted
Checking for texture

After checking them for fluffiness, we tasted the idlis as it is and with homemade coconut chutney as well.

Quick Comparison – Best Instant Rice Idli Mix


Brand Nilon’s  Tops MTR
Price Rs 90/- Rs 65/- Rs 120/-
Net weight 200 grams 200 grams 500 grams
Shelf life 12 months 12 months 12 months
Rice/Rice flour percentage Not mentioned 65% 60%
Taste Mildly sour tasting Neutral Neutral
Texture Squidgy Dense, dry Fluffy and light

Results Of Our Review

After making dozens of idlis over multiple tasting sessions that brought a lot of smiles at the Mishry HQ, we chose MTR Rice Idli Ready Mix as our Top Pick because it made the tastiest and fluffiest idlis.

When do you usually eat idlis – Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?

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