Kitchen Appliances For Sale On Amazon Republic Day Sale

Kitchen Appliances For Sale On Amazon Republic Day Sale (2024)

Great Sale, Greater Discounts, You Can’t Miss Out On These Deals!

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Amazon Great Republic Day Sale began on the 20th of January. This sale offers great discounts on TVs, ACs, clothing, footwear, and even kitchen appliances and tools! Prime members enjoyed early access a day before the sale started. From 40% off on microwaves to 50% off on chimneys, Amazon’s annual sale is the best time to splurge.

Amazon Great Republic Day Sale commenced from January 20 for non-Prime members and a day before, January 19, for Prime members. This Republic Day sale will last through January 23. Five days of insane discounts during this sale! Amazon Great Republic Day Sale offers kitchen appliances and tools at unbelievable prices. Get ready to stock up your kitchen with the best appliances, because we are here to tell you about the kitchen appliances for sale on amazon republic day sale!

If you haven’t already, go buy glass and stainless steel storage containers on the big Amazon Republic Day Sale!

Kitchen Appliances For Sale On Amazon Republic Day Sale

Ovens And Microwaves

Baking essentials have a discount of up to 45%. Some of these brands include small kitchen appliances and big kitchen appliances Samsung, Morphy Richards, Bajaj, IFB, LG, and more. Additionally, there are numerous discounts offered on convection ovens and microwaves. Amazon Great Republic Day Sale also offers deals on several large kitchen appliances like refrigerators, chimneys, and dishwashers for Indian homes.

This sale has small kitchen appliances and large kitchen appliances like convection ovens and microwaves starting at Rs 6,500 with exchange offers, no-cost EMIs starting at Rs 300. Kitchen appliances and cookware start at Rs 399.

You can also buy best utensils used for cooking during the Amazon Republic Day Sale!


Amazon Great Republic Day Sale offers discounts of up to 45% on refrigerators. Single door, double door, side-by-side, convertible refrigerators are all available at discounted rates. Refrigerator accessories like handle covers, fridge organizers, shelf mats are also included in this summer sale.

Customers will be able to buy refrigerators starting at Rs 10,000. These discounted refrigerators have EMI offers that start at Rs 500. Other refrigerator accessories start at Rs 79. 200 L refrigerators begin at Rs 25,000, and 700 L refrigerators have 20-25% discounts on the original price.


The discounts offered on big kitchen appliances like dishwashers will make you go gaga. During the five days of the Amazon Great Republic Day Sale customers are offered  25-30% off on dishwashers. Whether it is an energy-efficient dishwasher or one that works rapidly, customers can save anywhere from Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 off the pre-sale selling price. Using Amazon Pay guarantees an additional 10% off.

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The deals from January 20 to 23, during Amazon Great Republic Sale, offer huge discounts on like chimneys and other large kitchen appliances. Large kitchen Chimneys are offered at up to 55% off. Prime members can get early access to these discounted chimneys 24 hours before others. Filter chimneys, chimneys with an auto-clean feature, touch control chimneys are all part of this sale.

The discounted prices for chimneys range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 17,000. Exchange and no-cost EMI offers are applicable. The EMI starts at Rs 260. Amazon also offers a 48-hours installation.

Here’s a chance to get an instant 10% discount. SBI credit cards, Amazon Pay, ICICI credit cards, all payments made using the above modes are eligible for this additional discount. So don’t forget to grab amazing kitchen appliances for sale on amazon republic day sale.

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