Girnar Instant Tea Premix - Ginger Chai With Low Sugar
girnar instant tea premix

Girnar Instant Tea Premix – Ginger Chai With Low Sugar

In our review of Girnar Instant Tea Premix (Ginger tea with low sugar), we found that this tea premix has a lovely ginger taste and is low on sugar.

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The Girnar Instant Tea Premix, ginger flavor with low sugar, lives up to both promises. Not only is the ginger flavor very fresh, but the low sugar content in the tea premix also makes it suitable for everyone to have this tea. People who do not drink sweetened tea or like to keep the sugar levels low in their chai, this is a suitable option.

Instant tea premixes are gaining popularity almost as much as instant coffee premixes. Even though the convenience they provide is unmatched, coffee and tea premixes can falter on one part majorly – the sugar content. Usually over-sweetened, these premixes don’t fit everyone’s sugar tolerance levels. Girnar has a wide range of tea premixes, including masala tea and Kashmiri Kahwa, which we have reviewed earlier and liked.

This time we got our hands on the Girnar Instant Tea Premix – Ginger Chai With Low Sugar and reviewed it for its taste, consistency, and of course, the sugar levels. Here is our Quick Review of the Girnar Ginger Tea With Low Sugar.

Quick Review

girnar instant tea premix

Girnar’s Ginger Tea with Low Sugar has a homemade chai-like consistency.

MRP – Rs 140/-*

Number of sachets – 10

Net weight of each sachet – 8 grams

*Price at the time of review

*As per information on the pack

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  • Best before 9 months from date of packaging.
  • 100 ml (8 grams) of the premix provides 35.64 Kcal of energy.

Dairy whitener (partly skimmed milk powder and sugar), Tea extract, and Ginger (1.1%)

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Quick Review Of Girnar Instant Tea Premix – Ginger Chai With Low Sugar

Price and packaging – The Girnar Tea Premix (Ginger,  Low Sugar) comes in a brown box. Inside the box, there are 10 sachets which are 8 grams each. A single box of 10 sachets is priced at Rs 140/-. There are 10 wooden stirrers inside the box that make it very convenient to carry it while travelling as well.

girnar instant tea premix
Girnar Ginger Tea premix (Low Sugar) - Price and packaging

How to make it – Making Girnar Instant tea premix is fairly simple to make, and the instructions given on the pack are easy to follow – 

  • Empty the contents of the sachet in a cup.
  • Add 100 ml hot water.
  • Stir well to enjoy Girnar Instant Tea.

The premix dissolves easily in the water and no lumps formed while making it.

girnar instant tea premix
How To Make Girnar Ginger tea Premix?

Aroma, color, and consistency – The aroma of the Girnar instant ginger tea (low sugar) is dominant on ginger. It has a light brown color, exactly like a cup of ghar wali chai. It doesn’t look watered down at all, unlike those vending machine-type chai we usually have at the office. The gingery aroma and balanced milky consistency of the Girnar instant tea are like a cup of homemade tea.

Taste Test – There is a lot of difference between the flavor profiles of fresh ginger and dried ginger. While fresh ginger has citrusy, spicy flavors, dried ginger on the hand has stronger peppery notes. Earlier we reviewed some brands of chai premixes which have a strong dried ginger flavor, which was a tad bit off-putting because it bordered on the lines of tasting like a garam masala. The Girnar Instant Ginger Tea Premix (low sugar) has very fresh ginger flavors.

Now coming to the sweetness levels. As we know, everyone has different levels of sugar tolerance when it comes to their cup of chai. If you add more water to reduce the sugar content, the tea flavor and milkiness also dilutes. So premixes are suitable for people who like a cup of heavily sweetened tea.

girnar instant tea premix
Girnar Instant Tea Premix - Ginger Tea with low Sugar

That is where a low sugar tea premix helps people who like lightly sweetened tea. The sweetness of the Girnar Instant Tea Premix (ginger, low sugar) is definitely very low and leaves ample room for sugar to be added from the top if necessary. As per the label, the sweetness only comes from the sugar present in the dairy whitener. No other sources of sugar are used to sweeten this instant chai premix. 

So if you are fond of adrak wali chai but don’t like how oversweet the premixes can get, this low sugar ginger tea is a good buy.

Each sachet of the Girnar Instant Tea Premix is approximately for Rs 14/- which is definitely not economical for everyday use or bulk-use if you’re looking to buy it for large office settings. But as this is a hassle-free tea experience, it can prove to be your go-to travel partner, especially for people who just NEED their cup of chai anytime, anywhere.

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