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Wingreens Farms Multigrain Muesli: A Very Healthy Form Of Diet

The Multigrain Muesli by Wingreens Farms offers a rollercoaster of textures. From chewy berries to crunchy nuts, this Wingreens Farms product tastes fresh.

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Muesli is synonymous with textures, and Wingreens Farms nailed that. The crisp and crunch of the multigrain flakes remained intact. This multigrain muesli isn’t too sweet or completely bland. It has a pleasant taste and can be relished with a bowl of milk.

During the early 19th century, Dr. Bircher-Benner, a Swiss physician, invented muesli as a way to get his patients to consume fresh fruits or vegetables. Muesli is a fiber-rich breakfast or snack option where the primary ingredient used is oats. Additionally, toppings like dried fruits, nuts, and seeds are added. This not only enhances the taste but also offers a different texture in each bite. 

We picked two variants from the Wingreens Farms range to rate the taste, texture, price, and several other factors of their multigrain muesli. Does this Wingreens Farms multigrain muesli taste bland or does it have layers of different flavors? What are the primary muesli ingredients used? 

Read our Wingreens Farms Multigrain Muesli Review to find out more.

Wingreens Farms Multigrain Muesli

Wingreens Farms Multigrain Muesli – Everything You Need to Know

Sr No.



1. M.R.P. Rs 299/-
2. Net Quantity 400 grams
3. Calories 5 grain muesli : 397.9 kcal / 100 grams

Multi grain muesli : 403.47 kcal / 100 grams

4. Shelf Life 8 months
5. Available Flavors 5 grain and multigrain
6. Contains Added flavors
7. Allergen Information May contain gluten, soya & tree nuts.
8. Packaging Pouch style packaging

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5 grain and multigrain muesli by wingreens farms
5 grain and multigrain muesli by wingreens farms

Layers of texture and the perfect balance of flavors, this multigrain muesli by Wingreens Farms is worth a try.

Wingreens Farms Multigrain Muesli – Review Factors

During our review, we tasted and reviewed both the variants of muesli by Wingreens Farms based on certain factors such as price, packaging, taste and texture.

1. Price 

 A 400-gram bag of both the variants of the muesli by Wingreens Farms is priced at Rs 299/-.

2. Packaging

The Wingreens Farms Muesli come in a brown paper pouch style packaging. The bag is not resealable.

3. Variants We Tried

  • 5 Grains Muesli – Honey, Almond & Raisins
  • Multigrain Muesli Cranberry & Almond

4. Shelf Life

The shelf life of Wingreens Farms muesli (5 grain and multigrain) is best to be consumed before 8 months from the date of packaging.

5. Taste

How is the texture of muesli after the addition of the milk: crunchy or gooey? Do we taste the freshness of the dried fruits? Does it stick to its claims in terms of flavor?

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Wingreens Farms Multigrain Muesli Flavours – Detailed Review

We, at Mishry, tasted and reviewed the two variants of Wingreens Farms Muesli. Here are our thorough findings of both the flavors of muesli.

1. 5 Grains Muesli

Starting with 5 grains muesli. This muesli was packed with fresh raisins and almonds with the sweetness from the honey.

dry wingreens farms 5 grains muesli with honey, almond & raisins served in a bowl
Dry Inspection - Wingreens Farms 5 Grains Muesli with Honey, Almond & Raisins
5 grain muesli with milk served in a bowl
Tasting the 5 grain muesli with cold milk.

1.1 Ingredients 

Multigrain flakes (73%) [Rolled oats (26%), Wheat flakes (25%), Corn flakes (10%), Rice flakes (8%), Rolled barley (4%)], Dried fruits and nuts (14%), Sugar, Invert syrup, Honey (1%), Antioxidant. Contains added flavor – Rosemary. 

1.2 Appearance 

 The 5 grains muesli by Wingreens Farms looked visually appealing. Staying true to its name, we could see a decent amount of slivered almonds throughout the pack. Additionally, a generous proportion of black raisins have been added. The multigrain flakes didn’t look clustered like granola. We could make out the flakes one from another.

1.3 Taste Test 

It looked like there was a lot going on. However, when we tasted this multigrain muesli, the texture of each ingredient stood out and the taste was distinguishable. While the multigrain flakes brought the crisp factor and added the ‘bite’, the raisins added sweetness and chewiness. 

The addition of slivered almonds added the crunch to this multigrain muesli. In addition to these, even after adding honey, the flakes were not clumped up into a ball. What really did it for us was the fresh taste of the muesli.

2. Cranberry & Almond

Moving forward to another flavor which is multigrain muesli loaded with chunks of fresh cranberries and almonds.

dry cranberry & almond wingreens farms multigrain muesli
Wingreens Farms Multigrain Muesli Review - Cranberry & Almond
cranberry & almond wingreens farms multigrain muesli with milk served in a bowl
Tasting the Wingreens Farms Muesli Cranberry & Almond with cold milk.

2.1 Ingredients 

Multigrain flakes (77.98%) [Rolled oats (35.5%), Wheat flakes (31.48%), Corn flakes (11%), Dried fruits and nuts (9%), Invert syrup, Sugar, Honey, antioxidant. Contains added flavor – Rosemary. 

2.2 Appearance 

Just like the 5 grains muesli from Wingreens Farms, the multigrain muesli too did not look clumpy. We could see dried cranberries, almond flakes, and multigrain flakes separately. 

2.3 Taste Test 

Our first observation comes from a direct comparison to the 5 grains muesli by Wingreens Farms. This multigrain muesli tasted slightly less sweet as compared to the one with raisins. 

Apart from this, there are no significant differences in the two multigrain muesli variants by Wingreens Farms. We recommend you choose one based on your taste preferences. We loved the taste and texture of this multigrain muesli.

When talking about its texture, the flakes were not clumpy like granola and were surprisingly crunchy.

This Wingreens Farms product tasted very fresh, several days post our taste test. These were, of course, stored in air-tight containers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered the most asked FAQs about the muesli.

1. Does this muesli contain additional sweeteners?

The multigrain muesli by Wingreens Farms has a mildly sweet flavor of honey. Other than that, the ingredient list mentions some of the sweeteners used in it which are inverted syrup and sugar.

2. What is the manufacturing date of this muesli?

To know the manufacturing date of the product, please look at the back of the pack to know the manufacturing date of the particular batch.

3. Can this muesli be consumed by diabetic patients?

The multigrain muesli by Wingreens Farms contains sugar, honey and inverted syrup. If you are a diabetic patient please consult your physician before adding this muesli to your diet.

4. Which one is healthier- muesli or oats?

Both are healthier.

Oats are a great option if you want to lose weight as it is rich in fiber and low in fats. On the other hand, muesli has comparatively higher amounts of protein and other nutrients, as it has additional ingredients.

5. Is this muesli an organic product? 

Muesli is a breakfast cereal made of a mixture of mixed grains, seeds, nuts and rolled oats with a chuck of fresh dried fruits. This muesli from Wingreens Farms contains added flavors and sugar.

Final Words

wingreens farms 5 grains muesli with honey, almond & raisins served in a bowl
A close up of the muesli.

Muesli is typically eaten for breakfast with a bowl of milk. Most people prefer a serving of muesli over regular flakes or cereal because muesli contains nuts, seeds, fruits, etc. These ingredients add fiber, essential fats, and a variety of micronutrients that wake up the body from within. 

This multigrain muesli by Wingreens Farms does precisely that. Both variants of the Wingreens Farms product contain multiple grains and a little honey. To add to this, the raisins and cranberries tasted super fresh and had no stale or sour taste whatsoever.

You can try these fun ways to relish muesli.

Switch your bowl of milk with a few tablespoons of curd. It tastes creamier!

You can use muesli as a coating for your homemade ‘nice cream’. (‘Nicecream’ is where frozen banana is the base, no sugar is added, texture and sweetness remain the same but with lower calories.)

Munch on a small handful of muesli as a mid-meal snack. This will also keep random sweet cravings at bay.

Add it to your post-workout protein shake for some crunch and chewiness.

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