Desi-Flavored Drink By The Original: #FirstImpressions
first impressions of the original drinks

Desi-Flavored Drink By The Original: #FirstImpressions

The Original offers a range of new desi flavors like Aam Panna, Jamun Shikanji and Raw Mango in small 200 ml bottles. Read this review to see our top flavor recommendations.

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The refreshing taste of lemonade is what we all crave after a day of hard work, and sometimes even during work! The new desi flavored drinks and lemonades by The Original claim to quench thirst by offering various appealing flavors. Some of its desi variants include jamun and anaar (pomegranate), and promise to fill your taste buds with the citrusy sweet taste and rejuvenate your energy no matter how low it is.


Few Things That You Should Know About This Product


  1. Each bottle contains about 2.5% lemon juice.
  2. It contains permitted synthetic food coloring and artificial lemon flavors.
  3. It provides about 56.9 Kcal per 100ml, and a single bottle (200ml) would provide about 103.8 Kcal.
  4. The drinks are best enjoyed chilled and are packed in easy-to-hold, very ‘desi‘ bottles.


#FirstImpressions Of The Original’s Desi-Flavored Drinks

We tried a few of these retro-style bottles packed with desi-flavors and this is what we think about it.


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The List Of The Variants That We Have Tried


1. Pomegranate Shikanji: Our Top Pick

We loved this chatpata drink. Pomegranate is a super-fruit, and this drink aims to provide its goodness in each sip. Filled with vitamin C, the drink is quite healthy when taking into account its nutritional chart and its anti-oxidant nature.


The Original Pomegranate Shikanji

A vitamin C rich drink that’ll refresh your mind.

2. Aam Panna: Also Recommended

Aam panna is one of the major traditional drinks that originated in India. We liked the aam panna by The Original too, its got a very balanced flavor of sweet, tangy and hint of spicy and does a good job of quenching your thirst on a summer day.



3. Jamun Shikanji

This drink claims to be a powerful coolant, though we found it a bland. Well, black plum (jamun) is known for its cooling nature and fiber-rich content, thus it won’t come to us as a shock if this drink helps in lowering the body’s temperature.

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The Original Jamun Shikanji

A fiber-rich sweet drink filled with cooling properties.


4. Raw Mango:

This is a kaccha aam drink that claims to refresh your mind after a hard day’s work. This was completely lacking in any flavor when we tasted it. Very bland and diluted. It is made up of a mixture of raw mango flavoring and other traditional Indian spices and condiments along with a thickener.


The Original Raw Mango

A refreshing Kacccha Aam drink.

Most of these drinks contain around 100 calories in a single serving (200ml) bottle. The shelf life of these drinks is 6 months and priced at INR 60/- a piece.

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