Epigamia Snack Pack Review – Mango Greek Yogurt
Epigamia Snack Pack Review

Epigamia Snack Pack Review – Mango Greek Yogurt with Chunky Granola

The Epigamia snack pack boasts of a list of healthy ingredients and has no preservatives. Read our review to know if it tastes good or is the pomp and show for nothing.

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In a nation obsessed with binging on fried snacks, namkeens and butter loaded biscuits to check the mid-day hunger pangs, we are surely in need of healthier snacking options! While nothing beats a fresh fruit or some hummus and veggies as a healthy snack, in this ever-evolving food industry, new and healthier products are cropping up at a fast rate.

One of them being, Epigamia’s Snack Pack. These yogurt snack packs come in two fruity flavors – Strawberry and Mango. Owing to the mango season, we decided to review the Epigamia Snack Pack – Mango Greek Yogurt with Chunky Granola. Let’s find out the packaging, price, flavor and texture of Epigamia yogurt with granola below.


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Epigamia Snack Pack Mango Greek Yogurt with Chunky Granola – Everything You Need To Know

Here’s all the information you must know about Epigamia Yogurt With Granola before grabbing a pack. We have mentioned the ingredients, package information, pricing and other relevant details.

Sr No.



(* As per information on the pack)


MRP Rs 80/- (* Price at the time of review)


Net Weight One pack contains 100 grams of Greek yogurt and 12 grams granola.


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Calories The Mango Snack Pack by Epigamia provides approximately 159.92 Kcal of energy, 2 mg vitamin C and 10.89 gm sugar.


Best Use Before The snack pack has a shelf life of 17 days.


Contains Has Real fruits.


Preservatives The snack pack has no preservatives.

Epigamia Snack Pack Mango Greek Yogurt with Chunky Granola – Detailed Review

Owing to the mango season, we decided to review the Epigamia Snack Pack Review – Mango Greek Yogurt with Chunky Granola. Here’s we have covered every detail of this mango flavored yogurt from its packaging, price, flavor and texture.


A 112 gram pack of this Epigamia Greek Yogurt is priced at Rs 80/-. It has a shelf life of 17 days.


The packaging is very innovative and divided into three parts. The bottom container has the yogurt, there is a folding plastic spoon in between, and a small container on top holds the granola mix. The packing is very travel-friendly and perfect to satiate those on-the-go hunger pangs.


opening the pack
Epigamia Snack Pack – Mango Greek Yogurt with Chunky Granola.


Upon opening the pack 

The moment you open the seal of the yogurt, you get a delightful fresh mango aroma. The pack is easy to open. There is some space in the yogurt cup so that the granola can be added easily.


The texture 

The yogurt is creamy and smooth, which is expected out of a good quality greek yogurt cup. The granola is crunchy and packed with lots of interesting ingredients like flaxseeds, oats, rice crisps, sunflower seeds, and coconut oil.


The taste 

Fruit-flavoured packaged yogurts can feel like they are coming out of a can, or that they are made with canned ‘synthetic’ type fruit purees. Epigamia’s Snack Pack – Mango Greek Yogurt with Chunky Granola tastes very fresh and the burst of fresh mango flavor is unmatched.



The sweetness of the yogurt is bang on and comes mainly from the natural sweetness of the mango. Unlike most yogurt cups available in the market, this is not too sweet and does not taste artificial at all. The granola adds a delicious crunchy element to the yogurt cup.


Why it is recommended?

The handy packaging and the fresh mango flavor get a BIG thumbs up from Team Mishry.

Final Words

Epigamia’s snack pack has a lovely mango flavored yogurt and crunchy granola. We loved the fresh flavors, and overall convenience this pack provides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few interesting FAQs on Epigamia Snack Pack–Mango Greek yogurt with Chunky Granola.

1. How does Epigamia Greek Yogurt benefits while on weight loss journey?

Epigamia snack pack is high in protein and is a great healthier option for mid-day snacking. It is a brilliant choice to include in your diet plan. It contains granola and Greek yogurt with fresh fruit flavor. It is a perfect blend of a tasty, healthy snack.

2. Is Epigamia Snack Pack healthy compared to curd made at home?

Epigamia Snack pack is healthy as it is high in protein and has zero preservatives. It contains flavored Greek yogurt with fresh fruit chunks. Yogurt has more probiotics and twice the protein compared to curd.

3. Is Epigamia Snack Pack healthy?

Epigamia Snack pack is healthy as it is high in fiber and protein with no preservatives. It is a healthier option for snacking. It has Greek yogurt and granolas.

As per the pack content, one serving of the combined pack contains 159.92 Kcal of energy, 2.99g of total fat, 25.93g of carbohydrates, 7.33g of protein, 133.50mg of calcium and less than 2 mg of Vitamin C.

4. Is Epigamia Snack Pack fat-free?

Epigamia Snack Pack–Mango Flavored has 2.99g of total fats per serving. As it has Greek yogurt, it is low in fat and sodium.

5. What is Epigamia Yogurt’s expiry date?

This yogurt snack pack has an expiry date of 17 days.

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