Ranking the Top Biscuit Brands | Best Biscuit Brands in India
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Ranking the Top Biscuit Brands | Best Biscuit Brands in India

Are you interested in knowing about the biscuit brands in India? This article talks about the Indian biscuits company.

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Snacking is life. When it comes to food, you cannot do without some snacking and tea time goodies like namkeens and biscuits are a must in every household. Since we are talking about snacks, don’t you think that biscuits and cookies are the most popular in the food industry out of every variety? Well, if yes, then you are at the right place since this article will tell you about the top biscuit brands in India that you should try. Read on to know the list of biscuit manufacturers in India.

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Top 7 Biscuit Brands In India 2021

We curated a list of top 7 biscuit brands available in the Indian market.

#1 Britannia


Established around 1892, Britannia has become one of the best biscuit brands in India. Since the late 19th century, this biscuit brand has been trying hard to meet people’s expectations. Perhaps, this accounts for the brand’s immense success and popularity, both on the national and international grounds. Apart from spreading its business chains in all the states of India, Britannia has secured a firm position in the global food market by establishing businesses in more than sixty countries.

The company’s headquarters is located in Kolkata, and the major manufacturing units are distributed all around the country. Every year, more than four hundred thousand biscuits are produced in India only. Considering this manufacturing rate, it is very much evident that Britannia has set very high examples for other Indian biscuit companies.

Starting from crackers to milk biscuits, the company has several brand names that are preferred by every age group. Britannia biscuits are famous for both quality and quantity. The price range of all the biscuits varies. Following are the brands and biscuit names from Britannia:

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1. Good Day 

All the Good day biscuits are rich and buttery. For this reason, good day has become so famous since the time it was introduced to the Indian food market. The biscuits are present in various flavors, starting from cashews to butter to even nuts.

2. Nutri Choice

This is the healthy portion of Britannia business as the star components are exceptionally rich in essential nutrients, starting from vitamins to fibers and digestible fats. You can enjoy the regular cream cracker or the spicy one. The digestive biscuits will help your body to sustain the whole grain wheat. The oats biscuit is extremely healthy for the body.

3. Crackers

The cracker biscuits from Britannia are salty as compared to other biscuits. That’s why crackers are usually served with tea in India. The 50-50 crackers are now available in various flavors, which will make your tea time worth the money spent on the snacks.

4. Marie Gold

This is one of the best biscuits in the world, all thanks to the light, crunchy texture with a bit of sugary flavor. The biscuits are prepared from both refined wheat and whole wheat, thereby making it possible for people to have gluten allergy to savor the taste of Britannia Marie.

5. Tiger

The Tiger glucose biscuits are evergreen and are very economical.

6. Milk Bikis 

The milk bikkis come in vanilla and chocolate flavors and are very popular amongst younger kids.


#2 Sunfeast


It is a delicacy with a subtle taste like the homemade cookies.

From amongst all other biscuit brands in India, Sunfeast has managed to win over millions of hearts in minimal time. The mother company of Sunfeast is none other than ITC Limited- India’s number one multinational company whose businesses aren’t just limited to biscuits or the food industry. Over the years, ITC has acquired a strong global relationship with other countries, because of which Sunfeast, too, has paved its way into the international waters.

This Indian biscuit company has spread its business to over sixty prime locations in the country. With more than 20000 workers working in the biscuit manufacturing units every year, the brand successfully produces millions of cookies and biscuits to meet the demand.

Sunfeast has been awarded for being one of the top three cream biscuit brands in India. In the following section, we have discussed the top Sunfeast biscuits that can be found in the Indian market easily.

1. Mom’s Magic

All the biscuits from mom’s magic are super delicious and have a soft and smooth texture that melts as soon as you take the biscuit’s morsel. You can buy nut biscuits, cashews, and even the fruit and milk flavor starting from simple butter flavor. This category of biscuits falls in the list of top biscuits.

2. Marie Light

Sunfeast, being one of the best biscuit brands in India, have super thin Marie biscuits which are crunchy and light for the palate.

3. Dark Fantasy

Dark fantasy is everyone’s guilty pleasure biscuit that is almost like a dessert. Filled with chocolate liquid and chocolate cream, Sunfeast has introduced variations in the dark fantasy biscuit group also. You will have vanilla and chocolate cream biscuits, coffee melt cookies, milk chocolate cookies, and dark chocolate melt cookies.

4. Snacky

The snacky is more on this savory flavor profile, where salt and spices are the star ingredients rather than sugar or chocolate and cream. You will have normal salted snacky, spicy snacky, and even chili snacky from one of the top biscuit brands in India.


#3 Bisk farm


bisk farm biscuits
Bisk farm biscuits are gaining a lot of popularity.

Established in 2000, Bisk Farm has quickly gained a lot of market value, both in India and in surrounding countries. When it was first established, the food company worked from Kolkata, and hence initially, the company’s market was limited to Eastern and North Eastern areas. But as time progressed, bisk farming gained more manufacturing units worldwide and started to hire more employees. In 2020, it has become one of the most successful and lucrative biscuit brands in India.

The best part about this cookies brand in India is that it manufactures cookies and teatime biscotti and engages in delicious small snacks. The cumin biscuits and the small chocolate pockets are the three main varieties of small snacks categorized as mini biscuits.

1. Cream Crackers

These biscuits are famous for their sugar-free nature and hence perfect for people who are on a weight loss program or are diabetic. Here, the regular cream crackers, jeera in cream cracker, and a little buttery cream cracker.

2. Marie

Bisk Farm has three different types of Marie biscuits, having a specific set of features and taste profiles. For example, arrowroot is more dense and flavorful as compared to the regular Marie biscuit. Similarly, the sugar-free Marie contains no added sugar like the other varieties.

3. Salted Biscuits 

Fortunately enough for people who love salty crackers, their favorite biscuit company in India has come forth with various salted and spiced biscuits. The top biscuit has only salted biscotti while the top green variety has herbs. Similarly, top gold is thinner than the previous two varieties, and it is more delicious.

4. Ruskit

Rusk are an extremely loved tea time snack. Bisk farm came up with ruskit and introduced the first variety: butter rusk. Once this flavor became popular, the company introduced jeera rusk, cardamom rusk, and the milk rusk. It is because of these variations, the company is known to be one of the best biscuit brands in India.


#4 Anmol


Cheese crackers are one among the tasty biscuits.

This particular biscuits company in India was launched in 1994. In 2020, it completed 25 years of being a famous face in the Indian food industry. All these 25 years, the company has thrived on providing the people with some delicious biscuits and snacks, leaving an everlasting impression on the palette. And to say that Anmol was successful would be an understatement.

With its immense efforts, Anmol has become one of the best biscuit brands in India. The baked cookies vary in both flavors and textures because of which people from across the country prefer to have the Anmol biscuit products over the evening tea.

Since its establishment, several large manufacturing units have been opened in prime cities. With a wide array of delicacies, it has become the best company to sell branded biscuits within the country. Sixty-one different biscuits are there under the Anmol company, and for this reason, it has become the fourth-largest food company in the country. Thus, it comes under the list of top 10 biscuit companies in India.

Following Are Some Of The Best Anmol Biscuits You Should Taste:

1. Crackers

These biscuits are loved because of the crunchiness and the salty flavor, which goes well with any sweet drink, especially milk tea. Starting from the simple 2-in1 to the Veg Munch, there are seven different varieties to choose from.

2. Cream biscuits

The cream biscuits are everyone’s favorite, be it a three-year-old kid or a thirty years old adult. Considering this, the company has introduced eight different cream biscuits, starting with a lemon cream to mango flavor. Anmol is one of those companies that tried something unique and came up with cardamom and lemon cream biscuits.

3. Sweet biscuits

Anmol has introduced an extensive product list in this variety, as you will have several options in terms of the taste profile. For example, the coconuty biscuit has a flavor profile of coconut and nuts mixed.

Butter Bake has two varieties, one having a simple butter flavor while the other has cashews mixed in it. Jeera Dhamaal has a slight taste of cumin powder with the sweetness of the biscuit. Milk Made has all the nutrition from milk as it is the prime ingredient of the product.

4. Health biscuits 

In this section, you will have four different products. The thin arrowroot Marie has low sugar content but high in fiber. Vita Marie plus is high in energy content and hence best for children. The sugar-free biscuit will be the perfect snack for any diabetic patient.


arrow root hogh fiber
Arrowroot high fiber tasty biscuits.


#5 Parle

India is a land of various foods, starting from famous signature meals to amazing snacks and desserts. Many companies have contributed to this wonderful picturesque country. But, that one company whose contributions are never-ending is Parle. It is the second-most oldest company in India after Britannia. Being established in 1929, the company has its headquarters located in Mumbai.

It is one of the most preferred biscuit brands in India; thanks to the amazing taste and flavors of their snacks. For this reason, the company has been awarded as the largest biscuit selling company in the entire world in 2020. Starting from regular cracker biscuits to soft cookies, the company has introduced a long list of biscuits. But no matter how much variation it has introduced or will introduce, our all-time favorite will always be Parle-G undoubtedly.

Before we start any other discussion about this biscuit brand, let’s have a quick look at its products!

1. Chocolate biscuits

Be it the regular Choco chip cookies from Milano or the rich chocolate biscuits of Fab; Parle has many options to offer you. The famous chocolate biscuit products from this company are the Fab bourbon, Fabio Choco, hide and seek mocha, hide and seek Choco rolls, and hide and seek black bourbon, Milano dark chocolate, and Milano hazelnut Choco cookies.

2. Monaco family biscuits

Another fantastic range of products from Parle includes the Monaco biscuits. These might look smaller in size as compared to a regular biscuit. But, the taste of the products is amazing; something you would never trade for millions of bucks. The cheeslings classic will leave a tantalizing flavor of cheese on your tongue.

The mix salted, or the jeera biscuits will make your evening snack time more gratifying. The Monaco biscuits like the Monaco pizza or the Monaco PiriPiri are best in quick bites.

3. 20-20

For the 20-20 family, you will have six different flavors like the cashew cookies, the cashew and almond cookies, the sprinkled sugar biscuits, the butter cookies, and the choco-chip cookies.

4. Healthy Nutri Crunch

You can try the nutri crunch honey and oats from its healthy bunch, which is an excellent combination of healthy ingredients. The digestive Marie will be fantastic for people having a gluten allergy. Lite crackers will be best for diabetic patients.


hoememade crackers
Homemade regular crackers biscuits are always welcome.


#6 Dukes

You might not have heard this name in the frequent list of biscuit brands in India. But, Dukes is just as good as other companies we have discussed this far. It was established in 1988 in Hyderabad as a small, private bakery. But soon, people started appreciating their biscuits and the sales skyrocketed.

This is why they transformed the company into an unlisted public company. In 2017, Dukes was selected as one of the hundred greatest brands in the world. Apart from having large market shares in India, the brand has opened several business chains in many international countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, etc.

The brand is offering a long list of various biscuits with different flavors, just like other companies. But, recently, it turned picturesque of the entire Indian food market by introducing a flagship brand called the Dukes Export. The biscuits produced under these brands are based on the taste profile of various international places, which makes the company the owner of one of the fantastic biscuit brands in India.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s explore the biscuit collections from the Dukes!

1. Cream biscuits

Eight different flavors are there for the cream filling trapped in between the two delicious and crunchy biscuit layers. If you want full nutrition for your child, the milk buzz will be the best option.

Chocolate lovers can have the bourbon, the chocolate buzz, and the chocolate cream 4 fun. The fruit-flavored cream biscuits will have the orange buzz, strawberry cream 4 fun, and the pineapple cream 4 fun.

2. Cookies

Three options are there for the cookies having flavors of butter, cashews, and coconut. The cookies are soft and yet have a palpable bite.

3. Salted Biscuits

If you want to pair some salty and spicy biscuits with breakfast or evening tea, the best options will be the top butter crackers, spicer, scotbake, see-saw, and the salt kiss.

4. Nibbles 

Nibbles focus more on tea snacks, and the small biscuits are available in various flavors. For example, you will have the ranch flavor, cheese flavor, spicy flavor, Mexican salsa flavor, etc.

5. Export biscuits

In this category, you will have several options, starting from cookies, shortbread, and so on. Another delicious cream biscuit range for the export brand is the Cream 4 Fun. Here, you will get seven flavor options for circular biscuits and twelve options for the rectangular biscuits. In the Marie section, two varieties are there, while eight flavors in the cracker section.


Bourbon is an easy to find sweet chocolaty biscuit that leaves a lingering taste in your mouth.


#7 PriyaGold

With twenty-five years in the food industry, PriyaGold can be regarded as one of the best biscuit brands in India. The company might have introduced many other products, but one thing that remained constant was the love for their biscuits throughout the country. Thanks to all these appreciations, Priya Gold finally made it beyond the national borders and established its business lines in more than twenty countries apart from India.

The biscuits produced by this company are high on nutritional content, making it easier for people to include the snacks in their daily meal schedule. A wide array of various flavors is there, starting from the creamy butter flavor to the freshness of the fruits. So, its only fair to consider Priya Gold as one of the best biscuit brands in India. If that’s the case, let’s find out what this company offers in the product section.


Different types of cookies

1. Chocolate biscuits

Be it the cream chocolate biscuits or the Choco chip cookies, you will be shocked by seeing the number of options this company provides for chocolate lovers. The Choco Chekkers is the Choco chip cookies with a checkered design on top. Milk chocolate cream biscuit or the club crème choco is one hell of a tempting option.

The traditional bourbon has a delicious and smooth milk chocolate layer and is ideal for quick snack time. The Choco vanilla puff is the best product as the biscuits are puffy and light with a smooth cream punched in between. Another amazing Choco cookie to try is that of Italiano.

2. Butter biscuit

To enjoy the buttery taste of the biscuits, you need to try the butter delight with sprinkled sugar on top of the biscuits. The butter lite biscuit is a little bit spicy, which will enhance the flavor of the snack. Butter, in combination with milk, is used in the buttermilk biscuit.

The butter bite product range has different options like the cashew cookies, pistachio cookies, and the normal one. The Italiano butter is one of the most loved butter cookies on the entire list.


cream biscuits
Cream biscuits of completely different kinds and flavors are prepared in millions everyday.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some interesting FAQs on Best Biscuit Brands in India

The top biscuit brands in India include Britannia, Parle, Sunfeast, Priyagold, and McVitie’s. These brands offer a wide range of biscuits catering to different tastes and preferences.

Some of the most popular biscuit flavors in India are butter, chocolate, vanilla, cream, and coconut. These flavors cater to the diverse taste preferences of consumers across different regions of the country.

Yes, several brands in India offer healthy biscuit options. These biscuits are often made with whole grains, oats, or millets and are low in sugar and fat content. Some popular healthy biscuit brands include Britannia NutriChoice, Sunfeast Farmlite, and McVitie’s Digestive.

In India, several biscuit brands offer gluten-free options to cater to the needs of consumers with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Some notable brands offering gluten-free biscuits include NutriChoice by Britannia, Bisk Farm, and True Elements.

You can buy the best biscuit brands in India at various retail outlets, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and online stores. These biscuits are widely available across the country, making it convenient for consumers to purchase their favorite brands.

Final Words

There are several biscuit brands in India, starting with the giants like Britannia, Parle and Bisk Farm to smaller bakery companies. It’s certainly difficult to choose the best biscuit with so many options since most of the brands have an almost similar range of products. For that reason, we have given you a glimpse of the popular biscuits from these brands. After going through the products, we hope you will change your mind and experience the burst of flavors with top biscuit brands in India.

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