A Look Into The Best Popcorn Brands - Popcorn for a Perfect Movie Night
A Look Into The Best Popcorn Brands

A Look Into The Best Popcorn Brands – Popcorn for a Perfect Movie Night

If you are looking for the best popcorn brands, this article will give you detailed information about the best brands of popcorn.

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Whether you have a pajama party with your friends, a movie night, or are only reading a great book, popcorn always proves to be a great companion. A bag of freshly popped popcorn is a must when you are binge-watching your favorite series. So, if you are looking for the best popcorn brands, this article will come to your rescue.

When we were young, our options used to be quite limited- we had to either choose between the plain one or the salted popcorn, but it is no longer. Nowadays, we get various types of popcorn available in the market offered by the best popcorn brands.

With various popcorn flavors available in the market, choosing our favorite type has become a mean task. However, we are here to ease your pain. So let us look into the popular popcorn flavors.

Popcorn is a variety of corn kernel which expands and puffs up when heated.

Popcorn Types

6 popcorn flavors available in the market. Grab your favorite.

  • Caramel popcorn

This is the perfect snack for those who love both the spicy as well as sweet flavors. The crunchiness of popcorn, when coated with a delicious topping of caramel, offers the most wonderful and delightful experience.

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caramel popcorn is a confection made of popcorn coated with a sugar or molasses-based caramel candy shell.
  • Butter smoked sea salt popcorn

Tender white popcorn kernels, real butter, and smoked sea salt combine to create this delicious snack.

  • Masala popcorn

This is for those people who love all things spicy. These popcorns, coated with a mix of Indian spices and paprika, creates a delicious blast of flavors in our mouths. 

  • Creamy butter

This classic indulgence is created by frying the popcorn kernels in fresh dairy butter with a pinch of sea salt.

  • Coffee flavored popcorn

This sophisticated snack is made by combining rich coffee with tender white popcorn. 

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  • Dark chocolate caramel popcorn

This heavenly combination is created by blending rich Belgian dark chocolate with classic caramel popcorn.

Popcorn is another great complex carb that will allow your body to release enough serotonin to help you fall asleep.

How to Make Popcorns at Home?

Now that we have delved into all the popular popcorn flavors, let us proceed to popcorn cooking. Making popcorn is one of the simplest recipes-even kids can do it. All you require for this is your favorite packet of kernels of popcorn. Below you will find the process of making popcorns easily at home.

  • Heat a heavy bottom pan, put some oil or butter in it and add half a cup of popcorn kernels to it. Cover the pan with a lid and put the stove on high heat. 
  • Once you hear the popping corn, take the pot off the heat and hold it an inch or so above the heat source. This will prevent the popped kernels from burning and make sure that the unpopped ones quickly pop. 
  • Once it’s done, put off the flame. Voila! It’s ready.

Best Popcorn Brands

Since you are already acquainted with the different popcorn flavors, you must be wondering what the best popcorn brands are? There are several popcorn brands. Let us look at those popcorn manufacturers in detail.


Act 2 popcorn is the most famous and best popcorn brand. It is a brand of popcorn that is currently made and distributed by Conagra Brands. Act 2 is a North American brand that has a huge market in India. It was first released in 1984 and gained popularity due to its shelf-life. Since it is pocket-friendly, it has taken over the market and offers tough competition to all the other brands.

Since we are always busy and on the move, this Ready to Eat (RTE) concept has gained tremendous popularity. Whether it is a party indoors or a picnic with your friends outside, these crispy and crunchy snacks can be prepared anywhere- all you need is a stove. 

best popcorn brands
 Americans already consume nearly 50 litres of popped corn a year each, on average.

Act 2 RTE popcorn was launched across India in 2011 with two popcorn flavors- Spicy Pudina and Fundoo Masala. Since these two became an instant hit, Act 2 soon launched another flavor- Tomato Chili. 

the popular Act 2 popcorn flavors 

  • Act 2 popcorn butter flavor
  • Tandoori Tadka
  • Act 2 popcorn Butter Pepper
  • Southern Spices
  • Act 2 popcorn Strawberry flavor
  • Cheese Masala
  • Act 2 popcorn Butter Delite 
  • Fundoo Masala

These instant popcorns can be made in just 3 minutes. A premix of corn kernels, oil, and seasoning is tasty and healthy and the best movie companions. So the next time you plan a movie night with your family or friends, make sure that you have a packet of these tasty popcorns at home. They are available in standard packs that serve four. 

Coming to Act 2 popcorn price, the main reason behind their mass popularity is because of their affordability. These popcorns come in packs of Rs.5 as well as Rs.10. Their ever-increasing appeal among both adults and children made them launch the “Badda Mazza Pack.”

To cater to the huge cheeses-loving population, Act 2 has two more lip-smacking flavors, namely, White Cheddar and Cheese Masala. Act 2 has launched a new range of popcorns called the “Act 2 Diet Popcorn” for the health-conscious population. The family-sized popcorn packets come at a price of Rs.33. 

Street vendors were able to easily make and sell the delicious, aromatic snack food by the bag when the first steam-powered popcorn maker was created in 1885.

#2 4700 BC POPCORN

With the ever-increasing demand for popcorns in the market, another brand that has gained immense popularity in the current times is 4700BC Popcorn.

The brand claims to take us Indians back in another dimension of time. It is India’s first Gourmet popcorn brand. It falls in the category of the best popcorn brands, driven by a passion for turning heads and thoughts of every Indian to the perfect and light popcorn.

The brand aims to present every Indian with an opportunity to realize and appreciate the ‘Classics’ that they have innovated through this seed of nature. 

4700 BC Popcorn Flavors

4700 BC Popcorn has many popcorn varieties and offers flavored popcorn to choose from. Their popcorn can be broadly divided into four categories- Golden Cheese, Country Caramel, Choco-All-Ate, and Potpourri. Among the Golden Cheese, we have 

  • Italian Herbed Golden Cheese
  • Chipotle Ranch Golden Cheese
  • Sour Cream and Onion Golden Cheese 
  • Tex-Mex Salsa Golden Cheese
  • Thai Golden Cheese
  • Lemon n Chilly Golden Cheese
  • Spanish Tomato Golden Cheese 
  • Sweet n Spicy Golden Cheese 
  • Wild Garlic Golden Cheese

The Country Caramel range consists of 

  • Mocha Country Caramel
  • Classic Country Caramel 
  • Nutty Country Caramel 
Heating the spice up with a little butter or oil and then drizzling it all over the popped kernels will not only result in a more robust flavor, but it’ll also ensure every piece is coated.

The Choco-All-Ate has 

  • Mocha Walnut Choco-All-Ate
  • Biscotti Milk Choco-All-Ate
  • Cookie Moonlight Choco-All-Ate
  • Peanut Butter Dark Choco-All-Ate
  • Blake Grape Vanilla Choco-All-Ate
  • Jamaican Rum Choco-All-Ate
  • Nutty Tuxedo Choco-All-Ate

The potpourri range has 

  • Magical Rainbow Potpourri 
  • Seasonal Potpourri

Now that we have seen the different flavors, let us talk about the 4700 BC popcorn price. These popcorns are priced reasonably. A 125 grams pack costs Rs.180. These gourmet popcorns come in combo packs as well. 

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To increase its sale of popcorn online, the popcorn company offers gift packs options on its website. 4700 BC brings you with an option of gifts that everyone ought to like. Gourmet popcorn from 4700 BC offers flavors such as chocolate drizzle, cheese, and caramel popcorn that can be an ideal gift for a friend, colleague, or relative.

With the festive season knocking on our doors, these gourmet products can be a surprising alternative to our age-old Kaju katlis and ladoos. If you are also looking for some corporate gifting options, instead of offering the clichéd gifts, why not go for something oozes style and newness.

With many different people who work with us, these popcorns will make sure that they satisfy everyone’s taste and choices. This is one of the factors that has helped it make the list of best popcorn brands. Hence they can be the perfect choice for any corporate affairs. 

White Popcorn is simply whole grain white corn kernels.

In March 2013, the company launched its first store in Delhi’s DLF Place shopping mall. It started with 60 grams pouches priced at around Rs.79, which, after receiving many positive reviews from customers, encouraged the company to open stores in other malls. However, company received its biggest boost when one of India’s largest multiplex chains came on board.

In 2015, PVR bought a 70% stake in the company which helped the founders to establish a gourmet popcorn factory in Sonipat, Haryana. Today 4700 BC Popcorn has around 140 employees and is successfully running their 23 stores across the country. With an increasing demand among urban movie-goers for these snacks, it is increasingly earning more revenue.

It also caters to corporate clients such as low-cost airline Indigo and the Mariot hotel chain.  4700 BC Popcorn has also partnered with the mega food delivery application Zomato to make sure that it reaches its customers easily and conveniently. 

The company is further thinking of introducing popcorns flavored with sour cream and wasabi cheese or Himalayan salt caramel at grocery stores across India, including Foodhall and Nature’s Basket. It will provide a big boost to the company’s already increasing growth. 

Since these are economically priced at Rs.89 for 75 grams, they are positioned to capitalize on urban India’s growing demand for gourmet food. This can already be noticed at FoodHall, a premium grocery food chain run by the Future Group. Indian shoppers who had previously not witnessed locally made gourmet popcorn are snapping up 4700 BC Popcorn products. 4700 BC Popcorns have a huge demand among the urban youth today.

However, what concerns the founders of 4700 BC Popcorn is the tough competition that they might face from India’s FMCG giants who might spot the opportunity and launch similar products at a much lower price point. 4700 BC popcorn owner believes what will hold his brand’s reputation is their consistently high-quality product.

They look forward to becoming “the Pringles of popcorn,” which, despite the presence of Rs.10 Lays potato chips, successfully continue to sell their Rs.100 packets of Pringles. 

popcorn - 4700 BC - best popcorn brands
Walnut, avocado, or extra virgin olive oils are best when making popcorn on the stovetop. Canola oil is the next best option.

To buy popcorn online, you first need to register on 4700 BC popcorn’s official site. Once you register, the site will easily guide you to their innumerable choice of popcorns that you can keep adding to your cart before proceeding to the billing option. These can be an amazing gift if you want to surprise someone special.

Their site also offers you the choice to refine your search by occasions, recommended options, or you can simply create your one. Keeping in mind the current festive season, they are offering special festive combo packs of two or three flavors. You can also choose between your favorite regular bags, regular tins, or mini tins. 


If you search Gourmet popcorn India, you will come across another one of the best popcorn brands called Popcorn & Company. Given the ever-increasing demand for popcorn among the youth today, a majority of the best popcorn brands have decided to go online. Companies like Popcorn & Company sell popcorns online.

This easy and convenient platform has made selling and buying popcorns with just a touch of our fingers. The company has its website from where you can easily order your favorite flavor of popcorn.

To make sure that you can easily order popcorn online, this brand also sells their popcorn on popular online applications such as Amazon and Flipkart. You can now buy popcorn online from other applications, also such as Activ8Me.

best popcorn brands
Popcorn is just as economically important to the modern movie theater as it was to movie theaters of old.


Here, we have presented a list of the best popcorn brands that are currently ruling the market. Before you decide on buying popcorn online, go through this article to know about the different popcorn food that they have to offer.

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