Biryani Pot: Everything about Dum Biryani Cooking Vessel
everything about dum biryani cooking vessel

All You Need To Know About Dum Biryani Cooking Vessel – Biryani Pot

This article contains details about the best dum biryani cooking vessel that one needs to know. The features, types, prices, online options are discussed in detail here.We also talk about the history of dum biryani and its influence on popular culture.

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Biryani is an emotion for all food lovers. If you are a true-blue biryani lover, you will understand the value of authentic biryani. But how will you cook that drool-worthy aromatic and flavorful rice dish all by yourself? Don’t worry; this article will guide you and provide you with all the available resources you need to know about a dum biryani cooking vessel.

The cooking vessel or biryani Kadai is one of the main components used to cook the perfect dum biryani.

History of Biryani 

Do you know Mughals introduced ‘Dum cooking’ to India?

Not only that, the process of slow cooking dates back to the early 16th century. However, it is also believed that Persian cuisine or Central

Asia has introduced the practice of dum cooking. You will be surprised to know this style of cooking helped to feed many workers in those days. As they had a shortage of spices, people used biryani handi to put together vegetables, rice, and meat. After sealing the lid with dough, they had a delicious meal.

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Dum Biryani In Popular Culture

Before we talk about the dum biryani cooking vessel, let us discuss the dum biryani culture. It is interesting to know how the word ‘biryani’ has been used in popular culture to attract viewers and audiences.

For instance, the 2013 Tamil black comedy action thriller film ‘Dum Biryani.’ One of the characters in the movie has a weakness for biryani, and the whole plot revolves around it. Dum biryani movie cast has famous south Indian actors like Karthi, Hansika Motwani, and Premji Amaren.

You must be familiar with the Shape of You Biryani song, a parody of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’. The song was released in 2013, written, directed, and produced by Ahmed Shariff. The lyrics of the song are solely dedicated to a true biryani lover. For example-

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“Biryani’s my favorite food/And I’m sure you will like it too/Although my weight is 92/ I’m in love with Biryani’!!”

traditional chicken biryani in the pot vessel
Traditional chicken biryani is made by layering marinated chicken and then layered with parboiled rice, herbs, saffron milk & then ghee.

How Is Dum Biryani Cooked?

Dum Biryani is cooked differently in various parts of India, but the essence of the dish remains intact. ‘Dum’ is a Persian term for life or breath, and in the case of dum biryani, a style of biryani cooking where a special utensil is used for cooking the rice and meat on low flame.

The lid of the biryani vessel is sealed with dough (wheat flour) or wet cloth. Therefore, the sealing builds up the pressure in the pot and helps to retain and enhance the flavor of the biryani.

It is a slow cooking process where the ingredients are sealed, and flavors from the spices and herbs make the meat soft and tender. Dum Biryani is also known as ‘air-cooked’ or ‘baked’ biryani.

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What Is A Dum Biryani Cooking Vessel – Biryani Pot? 

You need to use a biryani handi vessel for cooking biryani. Let us find out what a dum biryani cooking vessel is-

  • It originated from the Indian subcontinent.
  • It is one of the cooking vessels used in the Northern part of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.
  • It is a biryani cooking pot that has a deep and wide mouth cooking vessel.
  • It is a heavy bottom with a lid.
  • American beanpots, Spanish ollas, and French soupieres look like a dum biryani pot.

In most parts of India, people use the biryani pot for cooking biryani. However, in some regions in India handi is known as tasla or tasli, which has a wider mouth and is much deeper compared to handis.

tasla: biryani pot
Large handis are sealed with dough or cloth to trap the steam, which then cooks the meat or rice until tender.

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What Are The Types Of Dum Biryani Cooking Vessel?

Just like you get different types of biryani at restaurants, you can buy different cooking vessels online for biryani in the market. There is a range of options and different types for you to purchase.

Let us find out what are the dum biryani cooking vessel types:

  1. Non- stick
  2. Aluminium
  3. Mud
  4. Copper
  5. Steel
  6. Iron

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Which Is The Best Non-stick Handi Online?

There are several brands available in the online and offline markets. Let’s see few of them:

1. Cello non-stick (INR 899)

  • This biryani handi non-stick is designed specially to cook biryani.
  • The spiral bottom ensures fast cooking and makes biryanis tasty.
  • Due to the spiral bottom, the heat temperature is evenly distributed.
  • It has a non-stick coating for healthy cooking.
  • The exterior of the vessel can be easily cleaned.
  • The vessel is non-toxic and non-staining.
  • It is sturdy and has cool-touch handles.
  • It can be used in an induction oven as well as on a gas stove.
  • The design of the vessel is done professionally for your balance, control, and comfort.
  • It has a warranty of 1 year.

Cello non-stick handi can be added to your kitchen for cooking that perfect biryani.

2. Pigeon non-stick (INR 1,745)

  • This 6-liter non-stick pot is big enough to cook biryani for a big family (5-6 people).
  • Inside the vessel, it has a non-stick coating from Germany. So, you can use less oil for cooking biryani.
  • The product is PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) free.
  • It has a triple-layered scratch-resistant coating.
  • It heats evenly and cooks faster.
  • It has a 3mm thick body with that spiral bottom that ensures fast cooking and makes your biryani tasty.
  • The product is strong and sturdy and has cool-touch handles.

This is considered to be the best vessel for cooking biryani.

3. Sowbaghya non-stick biryani pot (INR 655)

  • It has a 2-layered Whitford coating.
  • It requires less cooking oil and consumes less gas.
  • It is easy to wash.
  • This product has sturdy handles.
  • It can be used on gas stoves.
non-stick handi
Non-stick handi ensures fast cooking and can be used on induction cooktops.

4. Kitchen chef handi non-stick (INR 1,199)

  • The exterior of the handi is painted with HTR (high-temperature resistant) silicon paint finish.
  • It has a double side handle with anti-loose technology.
  • This product is heat and fireproof.
  • The product has used the best quality for the safety handle, knob, and stainless-steel parts and screws.
  • The cooking pot can be cleaned easily with a soft scrubber and can be washed with warm water after cooking.

5. Black diamond non-stick handi (INR 1,224)

  • It has multi-layers of non-stick coating for long-lasting durability.
  • It saves fuel due to quick and uniform heating.
  • This non-stick handi can be used for both inductions and as a stove.
  • This handi is a metal spoon friendly.
  • The product is strong and sturdy.

6. Prestige omega select plus senior handi (INR 2,150)

  • This product has scratch and abrasion technology.
  • It has three layers of non-stick coating.
  • This product is best for healthy cooking as it is PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) free.
  • It provides DuPont Teflon non-stick coating.
  • Prestige biryani handi is indeed smart cookware for your smart kitchen. 

7. Hawkins Futura hard-anodized cook-n-serve bowl handi (INNR 1,225)

  • It is a hard ionized and non-stick handi.
  • This product provides a quick and uniform distribution of heat. Thus, minimizing our time spent on cooking.
  • It can be used on gas stoves but not on induction ovens.
  • It has solid build quality with excellent finishing.
cooked biryani served in a plate
Biryani contains pricey saffron; the higher the quality of the saffron used, the better the biryani turns out.

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Which Are The Biryani Vessel Aluminum Products Available In The Market?

Aluminium products available in the market for making dum biryani or biryani handi/pot are:

1. Kitchen Expert Aluminium Patila with lid – 2 LTR – Pure Aluminium

  • Aluminum vessels are ideal for cooking on a gas stove and for serving food to guests.
  • This is easy to wash and clean.
  • It is made with 100% food-grade aluminum.
  • It is sold on Amazon for Rs. 449/-.

2. EGLOB Aluminium Patila/Tapeli with Handles, 25 Litre Tope (Aluminium)

  • This product is dishwasher safe. So, you don’t have to clean the vessel singlehandedly.
  • It is made up of 100% pure aluminum.
  • It is sold on Flipkart for Rs. 2,229/-.

3. SS Private with Lid (Aluminium)

  • This product is easy to clean, tough, and long-lasting.
  • It is also dishwasher safe.
  • It is sold on Flipkart for Rs. 449/-.

4. GB Aluminium Tope with Lid (10 Liters) Silver

  • This is easy to clean, tough, and long-lasting.
  • It is suitable for a gas stove.
  • It is sold on Amazon for Rs. 1,140/-.

The aluminum vessel is one of a kind of dum biryani cooking vessel, chiefly used by restaurants.

aluminium handi vessel
An aluminum handi vessel is ideal for gas stove and long-lasting.

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Which Are The Mud Vessels Online Products Available In The Market?

Mud vessel is another rice cooking vessel used by many people to get that original taste of food. Even if you are cooking chicken biryani handi in a clay vessel, you must know the proper technique as it is quite an old traditional pottery method of cooking.

Some of the products are-

1. Craftsman India online Pottery Earthen Kadai/Clay Pots

  • If you cook your biryani in a clay pot, you will get Phosphorus, Iron, Magnesium, and other minerals.
  • It is a handmade product.
  • This product is long-lasting, durable, and strong as extra sand has been added into the clay.
  • Use a mild soap to clean your earthenware. Do not use scratchy powdered cleaner.
  • If you want to remove food items, soak the pot in water. It is suggested not to use detergent as it might get absorbed by the pot and be poisonous when used the next time.
  • The product is sold on Amazon for 829/-.

2. Tansa Clay Handi With Lid (1 Liter) Brown (900 ml)

  • This handi comes with a lid. These are easy to clean, tough, and long-lasting.
  • The product is sold on Amazon for 291/-.

3. Palvit Clay Art Gallery Organic Terracotta Clay with Lid for Cooking/Clay Handi/MItti Handi, (650 ml)

  • This product is made without any chemical process.
  • It is fragile and should be handled with care.
  • The product is sold on Amazon for 349/-.
earthen handi
Earthen handi enhance the taste as well as are traditionally used pots.

Is Copper The Best Dum Biryani Cooking Vessel?

Apart from non-stick, aluminum, and mud cooking vessels, you can also use copper handi for biryani. Let us find out the available options in the market-

1. Nutristar Copper Mini Biryani Handi (7-inch, 4 No)

  • This product is made with 100% copper.
  • It is sold on Amazon for 899/-.

2. SKARS Handi Set-in Stainless-Steel Copper Bottom with Lid and Handle Handi for Cooking Serving Rice or Biryani in Set of 3

  • This product has a large capacity. So, you can cook biryani and use it as cookware and serve ware on your tabletop.
  • The size of the product makes it easy to handle, clean, and maintain.
  • The utensil is highly durable, long-lasting, and rust-free.
  • It is energy efficient and can be used on your gas stove.
  • It is sold on Amazon for 699/-.

3. OBLETTER Trade Stainless Steel Copper Bottom Kitchen Serving, Cooking Bowl, Biryani handi in a set of 5

  • The product has an aesthetic design with mirror polish steel finishing.
  • It has a thick copper gauge base for long-lasting durability.
  • The smart design of the product ensures even heat distribution while cooking.
  • It is sold on Amazon for 488/-.

These are some copper biryani handi options available in the online market for you. If it suits your budget, you must purchase the appropriate one for your family.

copper handi
Copper handi is highly durable and rust free.

What Are The Options For Steel Vessels Online For You?

Steel vessels are a good option for your kitchen to cook biryani.

1. Solimo Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Dutch Oven with Glass Lid

  • This product is made from 100% food-grade stainless steel.
  • It has Bakelite ear handles for safe handling.
  • The product comes with a glass lid that has a Bakelite knob, which prevents heat transfer.
  • It is sold on Amazon for 799/-.

2. Borosil Stainless Steel Handi

  • This product has an impact-bonded bottom that ensures uniform heating.
  • It has a secure and comfortable grip.
  • It has been manufactured professionally by using heavy gauge stainless steel.
  • It is sold on Amazon for 1,004/-.

This dum biryani cooking vessel made of stainless steel is cookware to cook your favorite biryani as well as soups and curried vegetables.

What Are The Best Options For Iron Vessels Online?

Especially for the chef, the best commercial option for the Biryani Handi Pot available online in India are

1. Commercial Chef Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Lid

  • This product has a thick cooking pot to insulate heat for faster and better cooking.
  • It has a tight-fitting lid that helps to retain steam and heat.
  • It can endure high heat, so it will take a long time to cool down.
  • It has a 6.6-inch size cast iron, which is great for you to cook meat and biryani.
  • It is sold on Amazon for 2,676/-.

Iron vessels add perfection to your kitchen. You can season the vessel from time to time by scouring it. Thus, it is a versatile pot that you can use to make chicken dum biryani handi over the stovetop and bake your food as well.

What are the best induction base vessels available in the market?

Some of the best induction base vessels are

  1. Hawkins Futura.
  2. Cello non-stick induction.
  3. Sowbaghya induction.
  4. Kitchen chef handi non-stick.
  5. Black diamond non-stick handi.
traditional indian cookware
The deg is a traditional Indian cookware and ensures even heating.

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Final Words

Biryani is the food for your soul when you are hungry. Either you go to restaurants, or you try to cook it at your home. And to make that perfectly cooked scrumptious biryani at home, you need that appropriate dum biryani cooking vessel in your kitchen. This article covers the different vessels for cooking biryani and the prices of biryani handi online.

To conclude, if you want the perfect handi dum biryani, choose the suitable dum biryani cooking vessel online, keeping in mind your requirements.

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