Jaggery Vs Sugar Calories: Is Jaggery healthier than Sugar?

Jaggery Calories Vs Sugar Calories – Is Jaggery healthier than Sugar?

This article contains details about the calories of jaggery and sugar. The health benefits of honey, jaggery, molasses, brown sugar, and sugar are also discussed.

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If you have a sweet tooth, then you must be worried about all the calories eaten by you while having your favorite dessert. But if you get the detailed information regarding the amounts of calories of two sweeteners commonly used in every Indian household, you can opt for your preferred sweetener. Jaggery and sugar are commonly used sweeteners across the country. Apart from that, honey and brown sugar are also used. This article will discuss jaggery calories Vs sugar calories and How is Jaggery healthier than Sugar?.

Which one should you prefer – Jaggery or Sugar?

Do you know about jaggery calories Vs sugar calories? 

Let Us Talk About The Best Jaggery Brands In India, jaggery calories vs sugar calories
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Let us first address the question,

Jaggery is a concentrated product made from sugarcane juice. It is prepared without the separation of molasses and crystals. The color of jaggery may vary from golden brown to dark brown. It is mostly produced in India and Africa. It is also available as powder form known as jaggery powder.

Jaggery sugar is almost like Latin American panela. In India, it is known as Gur sugar. Several Indian desserts are made of jaggery calories and are considered being a replacement for sugar.

Jaggery substitute

Jaggery sugar substitute can be brown sugar.

jaggery calories vs sugar calories
Refined Sugar

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Jaggery Vs White Sugar: What is the difference?

Before we talk about the jaggery calories Vs sugar calories, let us talk about the difference between sugar and jaggery.

1. Color

Both the items are processed differently. Sugar is a white and translucent crystal, whereas depending on the extent of its cooking, jaggery is dark and golden brown.  

2. Texture

Jaggery is semi-solid, softer, and the texture of sugar is hard and solid. 

3. Processing

Jaggery and sugar are processed differently but are made from sugarcane juice.

Due to the industrial process of preparing sugar, it loses all its nutritional value. What we get is plain sucrose. In the case of jaggery, it retains traces of iron, fiber, and other essential minerals.  

This is the difference between sugar and jaggery. To avoid using sugar in our daily lifestyle, switch to its alternatives.

Is Jaggery healthier than Sugar? 

Yes, it is better than sugar as jaggery has a lot of benefits compared to sugar. 

Glycemic index of Jaggery Vs Sugar.

What is the Glycemic index (GI), and why is it important for you to know? 

jaggery calories vs sugar calories
Jaggery is a high Glycemic Index

1. Glycemic Index

It is a measure or the value that determines how slowly or quickly the food spikes blood glucose levels in your body. If the value of food is low on the GI, it releases glucose steadily and slowly, and if the value of food is high, it releases glucose rapidly. 

Sweetener GI
Jaggery 84.1
Sugar 65
Brown Sugar 65
Honey 45-64

The chart shows the Glycemic index of jaggery is 87.4, and 64 is the Glycemic index of Brown sugar.

2. Jaggery Nutritional Information

A quarter cup of jaggery contains:

Calories 100
Protein Less than 1 gram
Fat Less than 1 gram
Carbohydrates  26grams
Fibre Less than 1 gram
Sugar  24 grams

WebMD has given the jaggery nutritional value.

jaggery calories vs sugar calories
Jaggery is more nutritional value than sugar

Gur also contains

  • Calcium 
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorous
  • Sodium

The jaggery nutritional information shows that it has high calories in gur. Then is jaggery good for you? Let’s find out. The Jaggery nutritional information gave us some values present inside the Gur. Now let us see its benefits.

As you know about the jaggery calories Vs sugar calories, it is important for you to know if jaggery is good for your health. Yes, consuming jaggery can reap a lot of benefits.

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Benefits of Jaggery 

Although the calories in Jaggery are 100, it has a lot of benefits. They are:

1. Good source of energy

Jaggery is a complex carbohydrate. It does not get easily absorbed by the blood. So, it gives energy to your body for a longer time. 

2. Detoxes the liver

If you want to detox your body, add jaggery into your diet. Since it is a natural body cleanser, it cleanses the liver by removing harmful toxins from your body, thereby detoxifying the liver. 

3. Purifies blood

Consume jaggery sugar regularly and in limited quantities. Jaggery can clean your blood by making your body free from disease.

4. Prevents constipation

Jaggery can relieve constipation by activating digestive enzymes in your body. If you or your family member suffer from constipation, eat Gur after lunch for better digestion. 

5. Helps to ease menstrual pain

The rich nutrients present in jaggery helps to treat menstrual problems. No woman loves those menstrual cramps! Consume jaggery during your period, and it will provide relief from cramps. Jaggery releases endorphins in your body and helps women combat PMS symptoms, mood swings, and abdominal pain. 

6. Keeps your stomach cool

If you drink Jaggery sherbet (a mixture made with Gur soaked in ice-cold water) during summer. It will help to maintain normal body temperature by keeping your stomach cool. 

7. Boosts immunity

Jaggery gives that immunity your body requires. It is rich in antioxidants and minerals such as zinc and selenium. These help your body to resist disease and infections.

jaggery calories vs sugar calories
Maintains blood pressure within its limits, as it has sodium and potassium

8. Maintains blood pressure

To maintain acid levels in the body, you need to consume sodium and potassium. Jaggery contains these electrolytes to properly maintain the level of blood pressure in your body. 

9. Cures cold and cough

Jaggery produces heat in the body, so consume it in winter to keep cold and cough at bay. What do you need to do? Just mix the jaggery with warm water or add it to your favorite cup of tea instead of sugar and drink it up.  

10. Helps to reduce weight

Who doesn’t want to lose those unwanted pounds? Sure, you do.

If you add this item to your diet, it will play an important role in losing weight. As the jaggery is loaded with potassium, it helps in the balance of electrolytes and thus boosts metabolism. It also helps in the reduction of water retention and helps in managing your weight. 

Molasses Vs Jaggery: What is it?

Since you are clear on jaggery calories Vs sugar calories, let us talk about the benefits of molasses.

Molasses have many health benefits besides tasting good. These include:

1. Bone Booster

It is a bone booster, as it contains both calcium and magnesium. Calcium is required for healthy bones, and magnesium can guard against osteoporosis. Consume 1tablespoon of molasses, as it has an 8% value for calcium and 10% of magnesium. 

2. Rich in Potassium

1 tablespoon of molasses has 300milligrams of potassium. Potassium soothes your muscle cramps. So, after your hectic workout, ease muscle cramps with molasses. A potassium-rich diet will lower the risk of stroke. 

jaggery calories vs sugar calories
Benefits in Hair Health by reducing frizz and hairfall

3. Treating Hairs

It can also be used to remove the fuzziness in bleached, permed, or colored hair. So, molasses not only take care of your body but can treat your hair as well. Just mix it with warm water and apply it to your hair for 15 minutes. You can also combine it with your daily shampoo or coconut milk.

Difference between jaggery and molasses

Besides talking about jaggery calories Vs sugar calories, you must know whether these are different from each other. Both molasses and jaggery are made from sugarcane juice. But there is a difference between jaggery and molasses.


These differences are: 

  • A jaggery is an amorphous form of unrefined and non-distilled sugar. It is prepared from sugarcane juice that contains a large amount of sugar. So, it has all the jaggery nutrition due to the concentrated sugarcane juice.
  • The sugarcane juice is boiled until the crystals are extracted, and that’s how molasses are produced. To make the product, semi-solid heating is repeated until thick concentrates are obtained. Chemically, it is defined as C12H22O12.
  • The color, sweetness, and nutritional content vary in molasses, depending on the variety and the degree of sugar it has been extracted. 
  • Molasses is mainly made in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.

Which one will you take- Jaggery Vs Brown Sugar?

What is brown sugar?

It is a product that has a distinctive brown color due to the presence of molasses.

Organic brown sugar from sugar cane in a bowl

Difference between jaggery and brown sugar

The difference between jaggery and brown sugar based on its process, nutritional value, and sweetness.

1. Manufacturing Process

By mixing refined sugar and a limited amount of molasses, brown sugar is made, whereas jaggery is made up of sugarcane juice. The juice is made into a thick brown paste and then set in molds to harden. 

2. Nutritional Value

The Gi of brown sugar is 65, and Gi of jaggery is 84.1. The calories of both the products are the same. Molasses are a source of certain minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium, but these are almost present in an insignificant manner in brown sugar. Thus, providing no real benefits for you.

On the other hand, due to iron and minerals in jaggery, it is healthier than brown or white sugar.

Brown Sugar

3. Sweetness

Jaggery is less sweet than brown sugar. It is rich in minerals as well, so it tastes different than brown sugar.

Is jaggery and Brown Sugar the same?

No, jaggery and brown sugar are not the same. It is clear from the previous section that a few major differences do not make them the same. However, if you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you need to cut down your sugar levels. Considering brown sugar Gi and jaggery nutrition facts, it seems jaggery is healthier than brown sugar.

If you are a diabetic patient, you can have jaggery in moderation as it has a chance to increase blood sugar levels.


Is Honey better than Brown sugar?

Compared to brown sugar, honey is rich in antioxidants, minerals, proteins, and minerals. Honey is even less processed than brown sugar or white. Even the GI of Honey is also less than compared to brown sugar. 

Spoonful on honey is rich in vitamins and minerals

Let us see some of the pros and cons of honey.


  • Honey has more vitamins and minerals.
  • It has digestive enzymes.
  • Antimicrobial and antiseptic properties are also present. 


  • In terms of calories, honey has more calories than brown sugar.
  • It is more expensive.

So, yes, you can opt for honey as it seems to be a better or healthier option. It has lower Gi than brown sugar and is rich in antioxidants. So, this is the difference between honey and sugar.

Which is better – Honey Vs Sugar Calories?

Still, wondering which is better? Here’s the comparison between the both.

1. Calories

In terms of calories, 1tablespoon of sugar contains 46 calories, whereas 1tablespoon of honey has 64 calories. 

2. Glycemic Index

GI of Honey is 50, and Gi of sugar is 65. It means that honey does not increase blood levels as quickly as sugar. 

3. Nutrients

Honey is rich in antioxidants and minerals, while sugar does not contain any vitamins and minerals. Only a meager amount of minerals is present in sugar. Sugar is less sweet than honey, so you might add less honey to make your dish tasty. But keep in mind, honey adds more calories to your body. So, control your portion sizes. 

4. Is It Good to Replace Sugar with Honey?

If you have diabetes, you need to manage your blood sugar levels. Replacing sugar for honey will not benefit you as it will spike your blood sugar levels. 

Honey compared to sugar has a lot of benefits. So, you can have honey, but you should take it in a moderate amount.

Raw Honey

5. Which Is Healthier?

It is better to have a raw variety of honey with more vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants than sugar.

6. Added in Tea

Who doesn’t love a nice brewing cup of tea in the evening? You can add honey or sugar, depending on your taste. But be careful while adding sweetness as it may result in weight gain. Both are carbohydrates composed of glucose and fructose.  

Jaggery Vs Sugar Vs Honey

These three sweeteners are available in the market. Calories in Gur is 100 (a quarter cup of jaggery). There are lots of benefits of jaggery over sugar. Calories in honey are high, but its GI is quite less compared to jaggery and sugar. No matter what sweetener you are opting for, you should intake that one moderately to reap the benefits. So, by now you must be clear about the jaggery calories vs sugar calories.

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It is essential to stay healthy and fit. For that, you need to keep a count on your calories. And if you have a sweet tooth, you have to check on your calories that you are consuming while tasting anything sweet. This article presents you with Jaggery Calories Vs Sugar Calories.

You also know ‘is jaggery healthy for you or not.’ With that, a brief discussion on brown sugar, molasses, honey, and sugar is done. Choose wisely and opt for your favourite sweetener.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered a few interesting FAQs about which is healthier, sugar or jaggery?

Jaggery has lower calories compared to sugar. The GI of jaggery is high.

Jaggery is loaded with vitamins and minerals, but it also has glucose and fructose. Hence, the high consumption of it may lead to weight gain.

Jaggery is healthier than sugar. It is low in calories and has high nutritional value.

Jaggery is loaded with potassium which helps in boosting metabolism. Hence, adequate consumption of jaggery is good for losing weight.

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