Electric Blender : The Perfect Batter Making Appliance For Baker
Electric Blender For Cakes The Perfect Batter Making

Electric Blender : The Perfect Batter Making Appliance For Baker

From the working of the blender to the cleaning method, we have discussed several facts about the electric blender for cakes. So, all you have to do is read the information thoroughly and use them to buy the best beater without any second thought.

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Whatever celebration it is, it could never be complete without a cake, especially when you are preparing it at your home rather than buying it from a confectionary shop. But, making a dessert like cake is not easy. As compared to the complexity of the flavors and the ingredients, the techniques used in preparing the cake seem to be more difficult, especially the batter’s preparation. After all, whether your cake will rise and become fluffy or not depends on the batter first. For this reason, you need an electric blender for cakes to prepare the batter perfectly without fail.

Not everyone in India has proper knowledge about an electric beater appliance because they show reluctance to know about it, let alone buy one. So, for this reason, we have come forth with a series of explanations and guidance tips that will help you to understand everything about the electric blender for cakes and buy the perfect one for your kitchen.


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What Is An Electric Blender?

Before we learn about the top names of this appliance or how this works, we think it would be best to describe what an electric cake mixer is first.

Just like a mixer, a beater also allows you to mix the ingredients of certain recipes like cakes, pancakes, wafers, pastries, and so on. But, there are some considerable differences between these two elements. A blender needs to be operated manually. It has a motor stored in the closed chassis powered by the electric cord connected to the mains. Connected to this chassis is the beater, which has a swollen shape and is made of stainless steel wires. In some blenders, you will have a single beater, while some have a double beater.

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Electric blender in India
A hand blender for cake batter does a great job at quickly incorporating cold butter into piles of fluffy flour for cakes, muffins and other baked goods.


How Does A Hand Blender For Cake Works?

Our next step towards understanding the electric blender for cakes is via its working. The way the blender mixes all the ingredients of the cake batter might seem easy, but in reality, the process is indeed difficult. For this reason, here we have discussed the working of the blender in brief so that you can at least have an idea.

  • Once you put all the ingredients in the mixing bowl, you have to bring the mouth of the electric hand blender close to the mixer and switch it on. As the motor will get switched on, it will generate a whirling motion, creating a circular force within the fluid and solid mixture in the mixing bowl.

  • As the motor in the electronic blender continues to work, a well is formed right at the center of the vortex, which allows the mixed element to move away from the axis.

  • When the ingredients are moved backward, towards the wall of the bowl, the unmixed particles take place where they are forced to mix within the created vortex. This is how the electric blender for cakes mixes all the batter ingredients to create a uniform mixture.

What Are The Top Names Of Electric Blender For Cakes?

When you are planning for the best cake beater online shopping, you need to make sure that the chosen names are of the top cake beater online brands and are quite popular in the culinary market. To ease your worries, we have discussed here the best and top ten beaters that have become quite popular in 2020.

  1. Prestige electric hand beater PHM 1.0
  2. Usha electric hand mixer 3732
  3. Inalsa electric hand beater 200W
  4. Orpat electric hand beater OHM-207
  5. Bosch stand electric cake beater
  6. Bajaj electric hand beater HM01
  7. Philips electric hand mixers
  8. Morphy Richards electric hand mixer 300W
  9. Butterfly jazz 300W hand mixer
  10. Solimo 200W hand blender

How Can You Choose The Best Cake Blender Machine?

Choosing the best electric blender for cakes is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many challenges are there in the process that one needs to face, starting with selecting a blender within the affordability range to deciding on the speed settings properly. Since you can’t make a mistake with the choice of the blender, we have discussed here certain ways in which your decision will be perfect, without any flaw.

1. Speed settings

Your first job will be to decide the speed setting of the electric beater for cakes. Like the mixer and auto blenders, the hand beaters also come with several speed options, starting from the ultra-low to super-fast ones.

  • You will find the speeds marked by numbers in some blenders, with 0 or 1 being the lowest one.

  • In some blenders, you will see the speed settings are marked with the name itself. If you want supreme control over the electric blender for cakes, you need to choose one which offers you fine-tuning between various speed settings.

  • Another thing which you need to be aware of is the power of the blender. When you look for a cake blender online, you need to pay attention to the appliance’s total power consumption. The total power rating will give you the knowledge about how faster the cake beater will move once you set the motor at the highest speed.

2. Aesthetics and designs

Like any other kitchen appliance, the electric blender for cakes also has its own design elements list. So, when buying the appliance, you need to understand these elements and choose accordingly.

  • The power cord of the blender should be long enough to allow you to operate swiftly in your kitchen without having to use an extension.

  • The material of the blender’s body is generally a polymer of high quality. Before buying one, you need to ensure that the polymer used is tough, resilient, and highly durable.

  • The material of the blade is of two different materials- plastic and material. For normal purposes, a plastic beater is perfect. But, for making cakes, you will need a beater electric with stainless steel material. Stainless steel imparts sturdiness and robustness to the appliance, making it perfect for mixing many ingredients at once.

3. Price

Yes, we understand that this particular appliance is small and doesn’t consist of too many elements. But, before you choose a random design, it’s better to know the electric blender price properly. However, the price of the appliance depends on a lot of factors, some of which we have discussed below:

  • The size of the blender affects the price. The bigger the appliance, the bigger will be the price figure.
  • The more the number of speed settings, the more will be the cake mixer price.
  • Another factor on which the price will depend is the brand choice. If you are buying the appliance from a local brand, the cost won’t be too much. But, in case you are buying a branded blender, you will have to spend a lot.

4. Brand

The next thing which you need to take care of is the brand. A blender for cake is designed by both local and top brands in India. For example, you can buy a blender from Philips or from a company that supplies the appliance within your city only. We would say that if you are running tight on budget, choosing a local company is good. But, if you have no restriction with the price, always go for the top, established brands that will give you the needed assurance.

Hand Mixer
Hand mixer will be more suitable for beating egg whites and making a variety of egg dishes, cookies, pancake batter and waffle batter.

 What Is The Importance Of Using A Cake Beater Machine?

Since you have been quite eager to learn about the best hand blender for cakes in India, we will give you a little more information about the importance of this appliance in preparing a cake. So, let’s see why the hand blenders effectively make the best cake compared to the manual mixing techniques.

No Lumps

  • When you are mixing the batter with your hands, you need to produce many efforts to ensure that no lumps are there and everything has been mixed properly. But with the Philips beater, you won’t have to worry about this job. The motor runs at quite a high speed because you can mix everything uniformly without putting any kind of effort.


  • While using the hands, a lot of time is required to complete the mixer with a hundred percent accuracy. But, if you are using the electric blender, you can easily get the accurate batter in no time, thanks to the appliance’s electric whirring motion.

Can Mix Anything

  • You can mix almost any ingredient list with a hand blender and not just the normal one you use for making a simple chocolate cake or sponge cake. Moreover, it isn’t just the cake batter we are talking about. You need to whip the cream, make the ganache, and prepare other things for making the fillings and dressings. Apart from this, if you are planning to make cheesecakes, you won’t be able to prepare the batter by hand because you need to soften the cream cheese blocks.

These are just the benefits of using the electric blender for cakes instead of your hand.

Hand Blender vs Mixer Blender

Another question we have faced is why only a hand blender for cake has to be used and not an immersion blender or the mixer blender. So, to clear out your bafflement here is a series of things you should know which set apart a hand beater from the mixers.

  • With mixers, you will have to deal with all the noise and other things. But, in the case of a hand blender, no noise will be involved.
  • When you are using the mixer, the blade placed at the bottom of the appliance will squeeze out the liquid and not properly mix the powdered ingredients. But the beater coming with the blender has a different structure with no sharp edges. Because of this, the mixing of the ingredients can be done swiftly.

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How To Clean An Electric Blender For Cakes After Using It?

After using the beater for the cake, you need to clean the appliance to reuse it once again. Most people find it difficult to clean the entire blades, especially the steel wires which form the bulge in the beater.

This is why here we have described a certain way in which you clean every part of the appliance effectively.

  • Take a large mixing bowl, and add lukewarm water to it. After the bowl is filled halfway, you have to add a little dishwasher liquid and lemon juice. Stir the solution lightly with a spoon and allow the liquid to rest.

  • After this, attach the blade to the cake blender machine and bring it close to the water. You have to ensure that the water is covering all the parts of the blade wires, which has been used for making the batter.

  • Start the machine at the lowest speed setting and slowly move towards the medium one. Allow the hand blender for the cake batter to form bubbles in the water.

  • Once a lot of bubbles will be produced, switch off the motor, and detach the beater from the machine. Clean the beater using running tap water.

electric blender
Your handheld blender is most suitable to be used for salad dressings, soups and salsas or any recipe that calls for cooked peas and beans.


What Are Some Smart Ways Of Using The Hand Mixer For Cakes?

Our last topic of discussion will be on certain caring tips for your hand blender. With these tips known, you can make the best out of your blender machine without having to endure too many hassles.

  • Often when you are beating the cake batter, it spills outside the bowl and creates a mess. So, you can use a thermoplastic plate in an inverted position passed through the main axis of the beater to avoid the spillage of the batter.
  • Never use the blender on powder ingredients. If you want to mix the powder ingredient well, use a plastic spatula or your hand.
  • Make sure to start with a low speed when you are trying to mix too many liquids or soft ingredients together. When the chunks are broken, you can gradually increase the speed.


electric blender for cakes
Creaming butter finely with sugar for baking recipes can be efficiently done with the electric blenders.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some interesting FAQs on electric blenders :

Most of the blenders include parts made of plastic or glass. These additional components are generally dishwasher safe.

Light duty blenders usually have a short length wire.

Ideally, a blender is perfect for blending more liquid ingredients. Since baking requires folding the wet and dry ingredients it is better to opt for a hand mixer.

The primary role of hand mixers is to combine the wet and dry ingredients with the help of two whiskers. On the other hand, a blender have bades ideally meant to blend the ingredients into a puree.


In this article, we have discussed almost everything you would want to know about the electric blender for cakes, starting with the caring tips to the importance of the hand blenders.

So, we hope that now you will be able to buy the perfect one for your kitchen so that the next time you prepare a cake, you can use the hand blender machine to make the perfect batter or ganache.

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