12 Delicious Varieties Of Dosa You Must Try!

12 Delicious Varieties Of Dosa You Must Try!

There must be a thousand and more varieties of dosa you can make and enjoy at home! Here are the top 12 types of dosas to try first!

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Dosa, the first thing that strikes our mind when someone says South-Indian! Dosa is not only liked by adults but by kids as well. This sometimes soft, sometimes crunchy, crispy delight is a hit across all parts of India. Originating from South-India, this flat thin layered rice pancake is made by fermenting and grinding together a mixture of rice and lentils. In different parts of India, it is liked by many people and this has lead to the invention of many varieties of dosa across different regions. Dosa is a healthy breakfast option, but it is equally a filling lunch or dinner choice. Some like it plain and simple, others like to devour it along with a host of chutneys and sambhar. Mentioned below are the most popular and loved varieties of dosa that you should definitely try! Some of these are actually easy to cook at home too!


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Delicious Varieties of Dosa

Here’s a delectable list of varieties of dosa found across the country. You can enjoy these by themselves, or if you like the classic combination of sambhar and dosa then that is even better!


Plain Dosa

The simplest variety of dosa that packs a flavor punch!

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Plain Dosa

Plain Dosa, one of the most famous and savored dosas among the varieties of dosa which can also be made at home. This crispy soft textured dosa can be made into a thick or thin pancake according to how you like it. Mostly this dosa is crispy and thin and is usually served with sambar, coconut chutney, green chutney and a delicious red chutney.


Masala Dosa

The classic, all-time hit dosa variety


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Talking about dosa and there’s no one who doesn’t like hot masala dosa. It is a special food on the menu of the restaurants among all other varieties of dosa and not to mention on everyone’s mind when we think about having something South-Indian. This delicious crispy dosa is filled with potato masala. This dosa is served with sambar and different types of chutneys.


Rava Dosa

For those who like a little bit of change in their dosa menu!

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Rava dosa is a popular variety of dosa made using semolina, served with spicy coconut chutney.

Rava dosa in an instant dosa made with rice flour and semolina( sooji). Rava dosa is a quick-to-make dosa unlike masala dosa or plain dosa as it does not require any fermentation like the other varieties of dosa or the plain or the masala dosa. It can be made quickly when you or your kid crave for a dosa and at the same time don’t want to go out! This is the best choice for you. This dosa is usually served with sambar, coconut chutney and potato sabzi. A Rava dosa can be enjoyed without the potato filling, and it then becomes a ‘plain rava dosa’.


Neer Dosa

For those who like their dosa gluten-free!

Neer dosa is completely made from rice and does not require any fermentation unlike the other varieties of dosa. The batter of Neer dosa is prepared soaking the rice for 3-5 hours and thereafter grinding the paste to form a batter. Neer dosa is like served with a curry, avial, sabzi, or chutney!


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Ragi Dosa

Healthy choice

Ragi dosa is the healthiest option for your breakfast among all the varieties of dosa. It is good for health freaks! It is also good for people who are diabetic.

There are two ways to make a Ragi dosa. One way to make it is to mix Ragi flour and curd together and form a batter and use it to create dosa which is a faster option if you want to make it for breakfast and you don’t have so much time. The other way to make it, is to ferment Ragi like usual dosa and then make it. Whatever may be the process Ragi Dosa makes a better breakfast option!


Oats Dosa

Another healthy option for those who like a diet rich in heart-healthy ingredients lie Oats


Oats Dosa

This Dosa can be easily cooked at home without taking much time and efforts. It is a good option for your kids snack! Just grind oats in a mixer and, add sooji and curd, make a batter. Add chopped onions, tomatoes, cumin seeds, salt, mix, and now you are ready to make some crispy oats dosa. Enjoy!


Set Dosa

Simple and easy to make at home


Made by soaking rice and urad daal for 5 hours, these are spongy and soft dosas, served in a set of 3 dosa per serving these can be a perfect Tiffin snack. You can serve them with sambar, chutney or just schezwan sauce.


Mysore Dosa

For those who like their dosa a bit spicy

This famous Mysore style dosa is celebrated in a lot of regions. Made using stir-fried potatoes and a spread of red-chilli garlic chutney, this spicy and lip-smacking dosa is usually served with sambar and coconut chutney.


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Paneer Dosa

A stuffing that can be wholesome

Bored with a plain dosa? Got some paneer at home? Perfect! This dosa recipe comes handy if you have paneer at home and you were already planning to make a plain dosa. All you need to do is crumble the paneer, add garlic, chilli, cumin seeds, onions, tomatoes, salt, red chilli powder, mix it well and let it cook. After it is cooked just spread it on your dosa while making it! Your paneer dosa is ready!


Cheese Dosa

Like fusion food? Try this!

Talk about cheese and anything is a favorite food! Well this is an all-time favourite dosa, without any doubt. It may not be a traditional recipe, but thanks to its popularity, most restaurants now serve a cheese-filled dosa. This dosa becomes utterly delicious as adding cheese to it just spikes it up. Just grate some cheese all over your dosa, cook it well. Your yummy cheesy dosa is ready!


Onion Rava Dosa

Popular type of Rava dosa

This a onion spruced version of your regular Rava dosa! When you are preparing your rava dosa batter, just add a lot of chopped onions to it. That’s it! Your onion rava dosa is ready!


Beetroot Dosa

You have to love that colour!

It’s really hard to get your kids to try something new. And if dosa is a usual food in your home then your kid might get bored with the same dosa everytime, along with trying all these other dosa, you can also add beetroot to your dosa to give it a little colour and natural sweetness. The color of beetroot dosa not only attracts the kids but also adds the goodness of beetroot benefits to it.

Just grind a beetroot in a mixer, add this beetroot water while you are making a batter instead of plain water. Make these beetroot dosa to give your  family a healthy snack!

So, if you want to give your family a healthy breakfast and make it a little more interesting, then just add a little variety to it by trying these different varieties of dosa every time you plan on making one. We are sure you will love them all, like we did!

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