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best electric multi cooker in india

Best Electric Multi Cookers in India – Simplify Your Cooking Process! (2024)

Electric multi cookers are perfect for cooking multiple dishes in a single appliance. Here we have listed the best electric multi cookers in India.

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While a pressure cooker is a common sight in almost every household, electric multi-cookers are also making an entry in modern kitchens today. An electric multi-cooker is an electric appliance that functions with automated controls. It does multiple functions, including boiling, simmering, reheating, and heating. 

From perfectly cooked rice to curries to noodles, an electric multi cooker gets the job done like a breeze. Are you here searching for the best electric multi-cookers? If yes, we have you covered. To ease your buying journey, we have searched, searched, and searched for the best brands of electric multi-cookers available online. 

After intense searching, we have curated a list of the Best Electric Multi-Cookers in India. Let’s see each one in detail.

1. Best Multi-Cooker With Ergonomic Design: SHEFFIELD CLASSIC Multi-Cooker. 

2. Best Multi Cooker With Easy Maintenance: Butterfly Multi Cooker 

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3. Best Stylish Looking Multi Cooker: Brayden Electric Multi Cooker

List of Top Multi Cookers

To help you get a better idea regarding the best electric multi cookers available online, here we got you a curated list of multiple brands. Let us check each one in detail:

1. SHEFFIELD CLASSIC 3-In-1 Aluminum Multi-Cooker

This multi-cooker serves three purposes in one appliance – boiling, grilling, and frying. The strong aluminum body, ergonomic design, and user-friendly operation are some of the positive attributes of this multi-cooker. It features a temperature control knob that can be adjusted depending on the requirements. The best part is that it provides superior heat retention.

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SHEFFIELD CLASSIC 3-In-1 Aluminum Multi-Cooker
SHEFFIELD CLASSIC 3-In-1 Aluminum Multi-Cooker

Product Features : 

  • This multi-cooker has a sturdy aluminum body. 
  • It features a powerful 800 watts motor. 
  • It comes with a smart temperature control knob.  

2. Wipro 4 in 1 Electric Multi Cooker

It is a 4-in-1 multi cooker from Wipro featuring a power of 360 watts. This masterpiece can steam veggies, boil eggs and even reheat steamed food. The best part is that it can boil up to 14 eggs in one go. It comes with two different levels that allow for cooking two dishes simultaneously. The heating plate is flat and made of non-stick material which makes it safe to use, and easy to clean.

Wipro 4 in 1 Electric Multi Cooker
Wipro 4 in 1 Electric Multi Cooker

Product Features :

  • It supports a one-touch button operation. 
  • This multi cooker allows cooking two dishes at a time. 
  • The heating plate is easy to clean.

3. Prestige Stainless Steel Multi Cooker

Equipped with 600 watts of power, this multi cooker features a 360-degree swivel base. Designed to serve multiple purposes, it is a valuable addition to any kitchen. It features temperature control, an ergonomic handle, stylish glass lid meant to ease your entire cooking process. The concealed element at the bottom makes the cleaning and maintenance process less hectic.

Prestige Stainless Steel Multi Cooker
Prestige Stainless Steel Multi Cooker

Product Features:

  • This multi cooker has a stainless steel body and an elegant glass lid. 
  • It features heat-resistant handles. 
  • It comes with a detachable power base.

4. Butterfly Wave 1.2-Litre Multi Cooker

This multi cooker from Butterfly can hold a capacity of 1.5 liters. There are multiple functions you can do using this multi cooker – prepare hot water, instant tea, noodles, pasta and boiling eggs. The best part? With an ergonomically designed handle, this multi cooker is easy to carry, compact and supports an automatic cut-off function. In addition, it comes with a glass lid that provides clear visibility of the contents being cooked.

Butterfly Wave 1.2-Litre Multi Cooker
Butterfly Wave 1.2-Litre Multi Cooker

Product Features:

  • It supports an automatic cut-off function. 
  • Has a strong and comfortable grip. 
  • Heats up quickly.

5. Brayden Electric Multi Cooker

Brayden’s multi cooker supports two heating modes – low (100 watts) and high (600 watts). It comes with a large 1.8-liter capacity. The control knob is easy to turn around and is highly user-friendly. The best part is that the handle is well designed and offers a comfortable grip. You can use this multi cooker for boiling eggs, milk, vegetables, noodles, or soup.

Brayden Electric Multi Cooker
Brayden Electric Multi Cooker

Product Features: 

  • The compact design of this multi cooker makes it convenient to store. 
  • The construction is highly durable. 
  • The wide-mouth design enables effortless cleaning.

6. KENT Smart Multi Cooker

This single appliance can make idlis, boil eggs, steam momos and prepare tea. Equipped with an 800 watts motor, this high-performance multi cooker delivers instant results. What’s more? It supports an auto turn-off feature that prevents overheating and provides safety while using. The stainless steel inner pot and the transparent glass lid are an added plus.

KENT Smart Multi Cooker
KENT Smart Multi Cooker

Product Features:

  • This multi cooker is simple to operate. 
  • The portable design makes it easy to carry from one place to the other. 
  • It requires no use of gas, pots, and pans.

7. Glen 3 in 1 Electric Multi Cooker

Glen’s multi cooker features 3-in-1 functionality. It features two different levels ideal for preparing eggs, vegetables, and meats in one go. The best part is that the non-stick heating plate makes cooking instant noodles, omelets, and scrambled eggs a breeze. With the help of the timer control knob, you can easily set the time for boiling, steaming, and cooking.

Glen 3 in 1 Electric Multi Cooker
Glen 3 in 1 Electric Multi Cooker

Product Features:

  • It comes with a break-resistant glass lid. 
  • This multi cooker supports a boil dry protection feature. 
  • The lid is resistant to breakage. 

8. Cello 100 A Multi Utility Cooker

With a small and highly portable design, this multi cooker has a high-class 304 stainless steel body. The wide mouth opening makes the cleaning process more fun and less daunting. It comes with a capacity of 1.2 liters and a soft-to-touch handle. The best part is that the operation and functioning are extremely easy.

Cello 100 A Multi Utility Cooker
Cello 100 A Multi Utility Cooker

Product Features :

  • This multi cooker is light in weight. 
  • It has a wide mouth design. 
  • The soft-touch handle provides a comfortable grip.

9. Jivima Electric 1.5 L Multi Cooker

It is a multi cooker that operates without any gas and utensils. This cooker is ideal for preparing everyday dishes be it dal, rice, curries, chicken, or soups. It supports a steamer attachment that allows you to cook and steam at once. The best part about this multi cooker is that it heats up quickly.

Jivima Electric 1.5 L Multi Cooker
Jivima Electric 1.5 L Multi Cooker

Product Features:

  • It requires no gas and utensils for operation. 
  • The handle has an ergonomic design. 
  • This multi cooker is light in weight and heats up quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on the Top Multi Cooker

Some of the best multi cookers from the above list are the Butterfly multi cooker, Wipro multi cooker and SHEFFIELD CLASSIC Aluminum Multi-Cooker.

The primary role of any multi cooker is that it allows cooking multiple dishes and not just one. In addition, it saves up on the time spent in the kitchen and does not require constant checking.

The main point of difference between a multi cooker and a pressure cooker lies in the way both are operated. A pressure cooker requires manual adjustment of heat and the number of whistles depending upon the dish being prepared. On the other hand, a multi cooker is an appliance that works with automated controls.

There are three main steps involved when it comes to using a multi cooker:

  • Place the multi-cooker at a suitable place.
  • Fill in the required ingredients and then accordingly select the preferred program.
  • Finally, press the start button and wait till the process ends.

Sum Up

There we complete the list of the Best Electric Multi Cookers in India. As compared to a traditional pressure cooker, an electric multi cooker is more versatile. Apart from pressure cooking, it also supports multiple other features. 

Among the above list, these are our three top picks: SHEFFIELD CLASSIC Multi-Cooker, Butterfly Multi Cooker and Brayden Electric Multi Cooker.

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