8 Useful Kitchen Products To Spruce Up Your Kitchen
8 useful kitchen products

8 Useful Kitchen Products To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

For this Diwali, we have curated this list of our top recommendations for kitchen tools & accessories, appliances and pots & pans that you can look to bring into your homes to spruce up your kitchen with useful products.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Diwali is a festival full of crackers and new things, its about spreading joy and laughter, exchanging gifts and wishes, and sprucing up your home with new buys. Many people wait the whole year to buy new kitchen products, accessories, appliances and kitchen tools to welcome the new year. In fact, out of all the places in your home, a kitchen is a place with there are many products that are extensively used and replaced, hence kitchen products are popular purchases during your Diwali shopping spree.

For Diwali, we have curated this list of our top recommendations for categories like kitchen tools & accessories, appliances and pots & pans that you can look to bring into your homes to spruce up your kitchen with useful products. These are products hand-picked by us after weeks of trials in our test kitchen.

This year, at Mishry we are looking at reasonable gifting & festive specials that you can even buy in bigger numbers, or add to customized hampers to bring a festive appeal to your dining. Our recommendations are authentic; as always, we experience (try/fry/taste) the products ourselves, at our review lab, before making any recommendations to you.

Table of Contents

Best Kitchen Products

We curated a list of six best kitchen products you can bring home this festive season.

1. Wonderchef Stanton Fry Pan

A frying pan is among the most overused items in your kitchen, thus choosing a stainless steel replacement for your old one can never be a wrong choice. As for the result of our best stainless steel review, Wonderchef’s Stanton stainless steel fry pan emerged as our Top Pick after more than 5 weeks of testing. Its firm handle and the thick base are fit for heavy-duty application and long life.

wonderchef stanton stainless steel fry pan
Wonderchef Stanton Stainless Steel Fry Pan


  • This is a stainless steel pan, with a thick base.
  • It is a solid piece, and the handle is firm.
  • The fry pan was most resistant to burning and brown patches during our 5-week kitchen test. Food cooks evenly in the pan, and it is easy to maintain.

2. Alda’s Stainless Steel Tawa

During our first impressions of this product, Alda’s stainless steel tawa did impress us with its easy to clean and non-sticky nature. Though the rotis appeared to stick during the starting phase of its test, after a few more tries, it became more adjustable and with the right flame, it stopped sticking. However, the overall experience of cooking chapatis with this tawa was pleasurable. if you are looking to replace your old iron tawa with a stainless steel model, we would recommend you try this.

alda triply stainless steel tawa (25 cm)
Alda Triply Stainless Steel Tawa (25 cm)


  • Inner surface is made of food-grade SS 304 stainless steel, the outer surface is made with magnetic SS 430 stainless steel, the third layer is made of heat-diffusing aluminum
  • Total thickness is 4 mm
  • Has a warranty of 5 years.

3. A Multifunctional Egg Frying Pan By Moshtu

This is a rather unconventional product for your kitchen, yet it will increase the convenience of boiling and frying eggs. As eggs are immensely popular, both for their nutrition and for their taste, this multifunctional frying pan by Moshtu is just the right fit for your kitchen. For our first impressions test of this product, we ended up making scrambled eggs, omelet, and boiled egg, and to our surprise, there was absolutely no issue with the cooking.

moshtu multifunctional 2 in 1 frying pan with egg boiler
MOSHTU Multifunctional 2 in 1 Frying Pan with Egg Boiler

A great choice for foods like eggs, pancakes, vegetables, and even fish.

4. IKARUS’s marble mortar and pestle set

Used for crushing spices, and grinding ingredients such as garlic and ginger, the combination of mortar and pestle is a much-needed part of your cooking process. Often the marble set gets chipped and we don’t bother replacing it. Diwali is a good time to make some useful purchases and this one could be a good idea! In our review for finding out the best one for your everyday use, IKARUS’s marble mortar and pestle set appeared to be the best for its shape, size, and quality. It was more durable and efficient as compared to others.

ikarus marble mortar and pestle set for kitchen
IKARUS Marble Mortar and Pestle Set for Kitchen (4-inches, Green)


5. Smile Mom’s Vegetable Chopper

The chopping and cutting of vegetables can be time-consuming work, however, the use of this plastic chopper can help to reduce your cooking time. In our review, we used some choppers for 3 to 4 weeks to find the one that was durable and value for money. Smile Mom’s vegetable chopper was our top pick; while Nova’s quick-cut small handy chopper was the runner up.

smile mom vegetable chopper
Smile Mom’s Vegetable Chopper


  • Smile Mom’s Veggie Chopper (300 ml) is a handy kitchen tabletop tool if you dislike using the chopping board to chop and dice. It gave us uniformly chopped, fine cuts of onion and tomatoes.
  • It has a smooth pull action making it really easy and effortless to use.
  • Size: 400 ml

6. Usha Shriram’s Hard Anodized Tadka Pan

For Indian dishes, tadka pans are an integral part of cooking. Though the process of adding tadka lasts a few minutes, it is still responsible for enhancing the overall taste of the dish along with its aroma. At Mishry, we reviewed a range of tadka-pan brands. Our recommendation for the best tadka pan is Usha Shriram’s hard-anodized tadka pan.

usha shriram hard anodised tadka pan with sleeve 100 mm
Usha Shriram Hard Anodised Tadka Pan with Sleeve 100 mm


  • 2.4 mm Thick aluminium body: Durable Tadka Pan that heats up quickly and uniformly
  • 2.4 times harder then steel, non-toxic and non-staining, non-reactive with foods, not spoilt by high heat, metal ladles can be used

7. Wooden Chopping Board: Brick Brown Handcrafted Chopping Board

Unlike manual chopper, the chopping boards are flat surfaces upon which vegetables are traditionally chopped. The best chopping boards are made out of wood, as they are lightweight and more hygienic as compared to plastic. One of our top recommendations after our review for the best chopping board brands was Brick brown handcrafted acacia wood chopping board.

brick brown handcrafted acacia wood chopping board
Brick Brown Handcrafted Acacia Wood Chopping Board


  • Safe on knives
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Made with acacia hardwood

8. Insulated Water Bottle: Milton Duo DLX 750 Water Bottle

An insulated water bottle can be handy when it comes to keeping your beverages hot or cold as per your requirement. With multiple layers of material, these bottles effectively isolate their inner environment from the surroundings, thus restricting the heat exchange. Milton duo DLX750 water bottle is our top recommendation after our review for finding the best-insulated bottle that one can buy.

milton duo dlx 750 water bottle
Milton Duo DLX 750 Water Bottle


  • Coldwater remains nearly as cold in the Milton Duo DLX 750, even after 24 hours. We kept cold water (8°C) in the bottle for over a day, and among all the water bottles tested, the increase in temperature in the Milton Duo DLX 750 was found to be minimum.
  • Size: 750 ml

Final Words

Often during Diwali shopping for the house, we may forget everyday products that need an upgrade or need to be changed. This list contains 8 everyday products that would help you bring some freshness into your kitchen with products that are actually used on a daily basis. Depending on how you cook and what you prefer, a vast range of products is available at your disposal in both online and offline stores. We are here to make sure that you pick the one that is the best option.

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