Are Fish And Milk Safe To Consume Together? Here's The Real Truth

Are Fish And Milk Safe To Consume Together? Here’s The Real Truth

Fish and dairy may be a delicious combination in several cuisines, but is it likely to cause any health problems? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of eating fish and milk together.

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If you are a seafood lover, you probably would have heard that the combination of fish and milk is a debatable issue. Some people believe this to be a myth, while others maintain that drinking milk after eating fish is dangerous for us. Many people refrain from consuming fish with milk for fear that it may lead to skin-related issues. According to some old wives’ tales, fish with milk can cause discoloration or skin pigmentation or leukoderma on the body.

According to believers of the Ayurvedic form of eating, consuming fish and dairy together increases the tamas guna in the body. In contrast, the combo of fish and dairy, along with cereals, is capable of treating deadly diseases according to scientific evidence.

In this article, we will try to find out if fish and dairy are compatible together, as well as what could be the possible consequences of eating fish and milk together for our health.


Are Fish And Milk A Common Combination?  

Fish and milk is a widely used combination in South Indian, Continental, and Mediterranean cuisines. Several dishes in these cuisines are made using dairy and dairy products such as milk, curd, cream, cream-based sauces, butter, or buttermilk. The dishes are popular all over the world for their taste and health benefits.

However, for decades, the combination of milk and fish has been blamed for leukoderma or vitiligo that occurs due to the damage of color pigmentation or melanocytes in the body. These conditions generally occur due to heredity conditions or an underlying autoimmune disease or syndrome. Even though it is not proven that fish with milk can cause skin pigmentation, even then some dieticians and expert dermatologists may not recommend them together due to the possibility of allergies.



What Ayurvedic Wisdom Has To Say


According to Ayurveda, milk and fish combination is called viruddh food as both have vastly different effects on the body. Ayurvedic eating principals believe that when consumed, milk has a cooling impact. Fish, on the other hand, creates heat in the body. Therefore, both of them have opposite qualities; that’s why it’s not considered an ideal food combination. It can lead to gas, bloating, and other stomach problems.

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Milk and fish both are high in proteins, but their composition is not the same. They need different kinds of digestive juices or enzymes to digest. This can create a load on our digestive system. We know that a large amount of energy is required to break down food for digestion (it is why a heavy meal makes you feel sluggish and sleepy afterward).

Over a period of time, this could lead to a weakened immune system. Hence, not only should fish and milk be avoided on a regular basis, this logic would apply to the combination of any non-vegetarian protein and diary.

According to E – Charak Samhita by the National Institute of Indian Medical Heritage, Hyderabad, prolonged consumption of fish and milk together can lead to acidity and other illnesses among human beings.

So make sure there is some gap between milk and fish to avoid digestion issues.

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Is Science In Favour Of Fish And Milk Combination? 

There is no scientific research or study to claim that fish and milk together are toxic to the body. Researchers have never reported the case of leukoderma or vitiligo as a result of consuming milk and fish together. 

Science believes that the Mediterranean diet is, in fact, the healthiest diet one can consume for a healthy and long life. The Mediterranean diet consists of a lot of seafood, cereals, milk, and milk products like yogurt and cheese. In fact, the Mediterranean diet is known to be beneficial in managing several chronic diseases like diabetes, heart problems, and depression. According to a studyan adequate amount of dairy products, cereal grains, and fish is connected with a low likelihood of insulin resistance syndrome.

There is no serious harm in consuming milk with fish, according to science.



When To Avoid Combining Fish And Milk 


  • If you are allergic to seafood or some particular fish, then you must avoid fish and milk together as it can cause an adverse reaction.
  • If you are lactose intolerant or can’t digest milk, then drinking milk after eating fish should be avoided as it may worsen the symptoms or lead to allergies.
  • You must refrain from milk and dairy in case you have a weak immune power or digestion issues.
  • Never consume uncooked fish or spoiled milk as it may be a reason for allergies on the body.
  • The consumption of fish and milk may not be appealing for you if you are a believer in Ayurveda.

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Dairy products like milk, cheese, paneer, and curd are used in many seafood dishes. Fish and milk are both rich in protein, which can cause heaviness in our digestive system or allergies.

But neither Ayurveda or science speak about the harmful effects like leukoderma or vitiligo. Fish and dairy are helpful in the recovery of many diseases, according to scientific studies. If you are still wondering if we can drink milk after fish, then a small quantity can be tried as the digestive capabilities of each individual are different.

After knowing every aspect of combining milk and fish, it is now up to you to decide if you would like to go for it or not. Remember, a lot of traditional Indian regional dishes like doi-maachh and dahi chicken use curd and protein-rich non-veg ingredients, and these have been consumed by people for centuries.


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