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The MMasala Box Cold Pressed Mustard oil review

The Mmasala Box Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

Cured in drums like wine, The MMasala Box Cold Pressed Mustard oil is high on taste and low on pungency without any alterations to the nutritive value.

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When compared to regular, commercially available mustard oils, we found the pungency to be much lower. Upon asking the brand about it, we got to know that this is a deliberate move. Their cold-pressed mustard oil is aged in drums to reduce the pungency without hampering the nutritional aspect of the oil.

From frying to sauteing, with its nose-tingling sharp aroma, mustard oil is used by home cooks all over South Asia, especially North and East Indian states. 

Similar to the diverse applications cooking oils offer, mustard oil has a characteristic aroma that adds a distinct flavor. 

With a fresh perspective on extracting mustard oil and a few spice blends, The MMasala Box was founded in the second financial quarter of 2021. As part of our Curated by Mishry series, we decided to try the brand’s cold-pressed mustard oil. Read on for the dishes we created in the Mishry Kitchen using this oil.

Curated by Mishry
the mmasala box logo
Here is The MMasala Box logo.
S.No Parameter Value
1. Legal Name The MMasala Box Co. 
2. Founder Krishna Sheil Gupta
3. Founded Year 2021
4. Headquarters New Delhi
5. Products Covered Cold-pressed mustard oil
6. Business Model PAN India

 The MMasala Box Co.- Everything You Need To Know

Here’s everything you need to know about the how, why, and when of The MMasala Box Co. 

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the mmasala box cold pressed mustard oil packaging
The cold-pressed mustard oil is luxuriously packed.
the mmasala box cold pressed mustard oil bottle opener
The bottle is equipped with a convenient bottle opener.


The MMasala Box Co. was founded by Krishna Sheil Gupta in April 2021. 

The MMasala Box Co.’s Journey

In the words of the brand, ‘A thought of freshness, an action towards growing and cultivating mustard and extracting the oil, coupled with spices, BOOM! The MMasala Box Co. is born!’

Brand Mission & Vision

‘To promote health through fresh spices and mustard oil’.

Spices and oils are a few of the underrated kitchen essentials. From sabzis to parathas, even the tempering over a humble bowl of curd, oils, and spices are inevitable. They uplift the taste and aroma to a new level. Hence, choosing quality products becomes significant. 

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Products Covered

We ordered the cold-pressed mustard oil offered by the brand. 

They also offer fresh cured and hand-processed spices. 


Headquartered in New Delhi, The MMasala Box Co. delivers PAN India. 

The MMasala Box Co. Products – Our Recommendations

Taste and aroma included, this section also discusses the price, packaging, and other similar aspects. 

Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil

The MMasala Box Co.’s cold-pressed mustard oil is aged. The brand does a few things differently to meet the changing needs of consumers.

Black mustard seeds grown in Vrindavan are sourced and oil is extracted from these. Close to the Kacchi Ghani method used, The MMasala Box Co.’s mustard oil is cold-pressed. However, this oil is then aged (cured in drums). This method is typically used for wines. 

The purpose of this aging/curing is to reduce the characteristic pungency that mustard oil is known for. The Founder realized not many urban crowds prefer such intense-tasting oils for daily cooking. However, the health benefits are commendable.

This method of aging/curing reduces the pungency while ensuring the health benefits remain intact.


Cold Pressed Mustard Oil Product Information
Price Rs 450/-
Quantity 1 L
Shelf life 6 months
Ingredients Black mustard seeds
Method of extraction  Kacchi Ghani/ Cold press method of extraction
Calories 899 Kcal


Mishry’s The MMasala Box Co.’s cold-pressed mustard oil review was divided into three stages. It started with a raw test (checking the aroma and eye-irritation), followed by preparing two staple Indian dishes- aloo chokha and rohu fish fry. 


If you’re curious about our choice of dishes, here’s an explanation-

Aloo Chokha- to test the pungency in its raw state.

Rohu fish fry- to test the taste and flavor post-frying

Additionally, the color and level of eye irritation are other parameters we tested this oil on. These are the set parameters from our previous mustard oil review

the mmasala box mustard oil in a bowl
This mustard oil has a vibrant amber color.
the mmasala box mustard oil consistency
It is not as dense as commercial oils.

Our Observations-

Stage One- Typically, pungency is one of the aspects of determining purity. Although this mustard oil wasn’t as pungent as other commercially available brands, it is one of its unique features. The reduced pungency is a result of curing the oil in drums that are placed in a damp environment. 

Stage Two- The first dish we tried was the aloo chokha. A rather simple preparation using boiled, mashed potatoes, with salt, red chili powder, and some raw mustard oil. The characteristic taste of mustard oil was definitely there in this one.

aloo chokha made with the mmasala box mustard oil
The first recipe we tried with this oil, the aloo chokha.

Stage Three- No Bengali dish is complete without mustard oil, so we tried the classic Rohu Fish fry with this mustard oil. Staple Indian masale (salt, turmeric, and chilli powder) were used.

rohu fish made with the mmasala box mustard oil
We prepared a traditional Bengali dish, rohu fish fry with this mustard oil.
closer look at rohu fish in a plate
The rohu fish fry turned out lovely!

The MMasala Box Co – Contact Details

Contact Number- +91 9871092916

Website – The brand does not have a website currently.

Social Media Links – Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on The MMasala Box Co.

1. What other products does The MMasala Box Co. offer?

This brand offers freshly cured spices like chaat masala, elaichi, cloves, fennel, along with the cold-pressed mustard oil. 

2. Does The MMasala Box Co. deliver in Mumbai?

Yes, The MMasala Box Co delivers PAN India. 

3. Why is the cold-pressed oil by MMasala Box not pungent?

It has been aged in drums to reduce pungency. That said, the nutritional benefits are not affected. 

4. How can I place an order for The MMasala Box Co’s products?

You can order from the website we’ve mentioned above or send a direct message on the brand’s Instagram handle. 

the mmasala box co mustard oil review process
The final dish!

Final Words

The MMasala Box Co’s cold-pressed mustard oil is perfect for people who are meaning to make the switch between refined oil and mustard but cannot tolerate the sharp, pungent flavor and aroma of the ones available commercially.

If you’re looking for a cold-pressed mustard oil with all nutrients retained, minus the intense pungency- this could be considered. 

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