Unboxing Bolas Festive Collection - Mishry (2023)
Bolas festive gift box collection review

Delightful! Bolas Festive Box Collection Is Ideal For Gifting (2024)

In this article we discuss the overall experience with Bolas Festive Gift Box Collection.

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Mishry Rating

Overall Experience
5 / 5


Every aspect of this festive collection, from the elegant design to the impeccable craftsmanship, deserves appreciation. Team Mishry highly recommends these well-curated boxes for festive gifting.

The feeling of unboxing a beautifully packaged gift is unmatched. During this time of year, we express our love, appreciation, and best wishes to our friends, family, and coworkers through the art of gift-giving.

Bolas offers a delightful collection of gift boxes that are designed to make special occasions even more memorable. In this review of the Bolas Festive Gift Box Collection, we will explore four distinct gift boxes and pay close attention to factors such as pricing, packaging, and curation.

A table showcasing all the 4 gift boxes we reviewed:  

Bolas Festive Gift Box Collection Mishry Rating  Buy Now  Buy Now 
Shabari Sweets Box  5 On Amazon On Bolas Website 
Coorg Nuts Box 5 On Bolas Website
Sudama Nuts & Sweets Box 5 On Amazon On Bolas Website
Rama Nuts & Sweets Box 5 On Bolas Website

Our Review Factors

What aided us in evaluating Bolas Festive Gift Box Collection better? The packaging, contents and pricing were the prime focus points. While the quality was also a factor for consideration.

1. Packaging

We noted the following points here:

  1. The overall design and aesthetic appeal of the gift box.
  2. Is it festive-friendly?
  3. How visually attractive is the appearance?

2. Quality + Durability 

Here we evaluated the quality of the material used to construct the gift box. Is it sturdy? Can it withstand handling during transportation?

3. Price & Contents 

This heading examines the cost-effectiveness of the gift box in relation to its contents. Do the items included in the gift box justify its price?

Here’s a quick first impressions review on the Nutty Gritties Combo Box.

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Bolas Festive Gift Box Collection – Detailed Review

Firstly, we would like to mention that all the boxes were transported from Karnataka to Gurgaon, Haryana without any damage. The packaging was exceptional and deserves appreciation for ensuring safe transportation.

Moving forward, in this section, we will be discussing each festive gift box offered by Bolas. We will provide detailed information regarding the packaging, contents, and our personal opinion about each gift box.

1. Shabari Sweets Box

Our Verdict

The boxes are not only aesthetically beautiful, but they also emanate a festive charm. 

Furthermore, the boxes are of exceptional quality and have a sturdy construction, making them highly convenient and secure to carry during traveling.

Packaging + Contents 

Bolas Shabri Sweets Box comes in a green color box pack. The box is designed with appealing infographics that makes it perfect for gifting. A 250 gm box is priced at Rs. 750. Inside is a postcard that you can write on before sending it off. The inner flap of the box mentions the story behind the graphics on the box.

What’s inside the box? 

  • Kaju Katli (4 pieces)
  • Kaju Pista Roll (9 pieces)
  • Anjeer Dry Fruits Barfi (5 pieces)
  • Postcard
Bolas festive Shabari gift box outer pack
The outer pack looks elegant.
the inside packaging of shabari
Quick glimpse of the inside packaging.
the contents of shabari gift box
The kaju katli (left) and the kaju roll (right).
Overall Experience - 5/5
  • Elegant packaging. 
  • Sturdy build. 
  • Travel-friendly.

Looking for an elegant assorted sweets box? Bolas Shabari gift box is your way to go.

2. Coorg Nuts Box

Our Verdict

Much like the previous one, the Coorg Nuts Box packaging also features an appealing exterior design. It is solidly constructed and presents a wonderful festive gift option for your dear ones. 

Packaging + Contents 

The Coorg Nuts Box by Bolas is priced at Rs. 2050 (850 gm). This is a nut dominant gift box. This has a colorful and vibrant packaging.

What’s inside the box? 

  • Royal Cashews (200 gm)
  • Roasted & Salted Pistachios (200 gm)
  • Raisins (250 gm)
  • Royal Almonds (200 gm)
  • Postcard
coorg gift box
The outer box pack of the Coorg Nut Box.
the packaging and contents of coorg nuts box
The contents and inside pack of the Coorg Nuts Box.
Overall Experience - 5/5
  • Vibrant packaging. 
  • Assorted nuts. 
  • Ideal for festive gifting.

Bolas Coorg Nuts Box is a great option to pick for festive gifting.

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3. Sudama Nuts & Sweets Box

Our Verdict

The Sudama Nuts & Sweets Box is a thoughtful choice for festivities, combining exquisite sweets and nutritious nuts. With its appealing design, it is bound to captivate the recipient. Its robust construction and ease of portability are additional advantages. 

Packaging + Contents 

The Sudama Nuts & Sweets Box has a mix of sweets and nuts in a single box. It comes in a brown color box with some really good-looking aesthetic design. The graphics depict the friendship between Lord Krishna and Sudama.

What’s inside the box? 

  • Kaju Katli (140 gm)
  • Anjeer Dry Fruits Barfi (110 gm)
  • Cashews (100 gm)
  • Almonds (100 gm)
  • Postcard
Bolas festive gift box sudama
The design on the pack looks aesthetically pleasing.
inside packaging of sudama
In Frame: The inner packaging of Sudama Gift Box.
contents of sudama gift box
This has a mix of sweets and nuts.
Overall Experience - 5/5
  • Aesthetic box pack. 
  • Elegant gift for your loved ones.

Tired of endless searches for the ideal gift box? Bolas Nut & Sweets Box is the perfect option to consider.

4. Rama Nuts & Sweets Box

Our Verdict

Every aspect of the Rama Nuts & Sweets Box from the design to the build is truly impressive. Additionally, the use of high-quality box material adds a premium touch to the overall experience.

Packaging + Contents 

The Bolas Rama Nuts & Sweets Box is available at a price of Rs. 3500 and weighs 1050 gm per box pack. The packaging comes in a beautiful pink color and the graphics are both festive and stunning. Lord Rama and his family are showcased on the packaging, making it a perfect Diwali gift.

What’s inside the box? 

  • 400 gm Besan Ladoo 
  • 250 gm Assorted Mithai Box (Kaju Katli + Anjeer Dry Fruits Barfi + Kaju Pista Roll)
  • 100 gm Roasted & Salted Pistachios 
  • 100 gm Raisins 
  • 100 gm Royal Cashews 
  • 100 gm Royal Almonds
  • Postcard
Bolas festive gift box rama packaging
The outer pack of Rama Nuts & Sweets Box has a festive charm.
inside packaging of rama gift box
Macro shot of the inner contents.
the contents of rama gift box
This is a premium gift box.
Overall Experience - 5/5
  • Careful and appealing packaging.
  • Blend of high-quality nuts and decadent sweets.
  • Durable box packaging.

Thoughtful and premium gift option for your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Bolas Festive Gift Box Collection

Bringing a sweet box in your hand luggage is usually permitted. However, there may be restrictions or rules depending on the precise contents of the sweet box, particularly if it contains liquids or gels.

Many of the sweet shops do not offer boxes designed for heating in a microwave, as they are typically made of cardboard, paper or plastic materials. Hence, it is important to transfer the sweets to a microwave-safe container or dish if you wish to heat them in a microwave.

Yes, definitely! A box of sweets can be sent through a courier service. However, make sure that the sweets are well-packed and also check with the specific courier service regarding their guidelines on shipping sweets and any associated fees.

Final Words

Bolas has done an excellent job of curating its gift boxes, ensuring that each of the four boxes is beautifully designed, strongly built, and of the highest quality. You can easily send these gift boxes to your loved ones who live far away and rest assured that they will arrive without any damage during transit.

This gets Mishry’s green signal!

This article is done in collaboration with the brand. However, our process of evaluating any product remains independent, and based on our own experience only.

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