Nutty Gritties Combo Box: #FirstImpressions:

Nutty Gritties Combo Box: #FirstImpressions:

Combo set containing various variants of dry fruit mixes are a great hit as a gift during a festive season. Can this new combo set from Nutty Gritties be a part of your list? Let’s find out.

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Nutty Gritties claims to have chosen premium quality dry fruits from across the world for its combo set. Out of all the different combinations available in the market, we grabbed onto the one containing jumbo salted cashew nuts and mix berries. Read further to check out our first impressions of this dry fruit combo set and know if it is a perfect gifting option for you this Diwali.


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Salient Features Of The Nutty Gritties Combo Box



  1. It contains fresh and crunchy Mangalorean cashews that are handpicked.
  2. It has 100% of real dried berries.
  3. Contains zero cholesterol and zero transfat.
  4. No added preservatives and colors.
  5. Mix berries are highly antioxidant and free of gluten.



Nutty Gritties Combo Box

Containing jumbo salted cashews and mix berries, this combo set offers premium quality nuts and berries, but we thought the packaging could have been better.

Price: Rs 495*

*Price at the time of review

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#FirstImpressions Of Nutty Gritties Combo Box

Nutty Gritties Combo Box has very good quality nuts and seeds.

But we just didn’t like the packaging – the two reusable jars come in a green and gold carton which has empty space inside it! Almost making you feel something was taken out before you got your hands on the box! Wouldnt be a good thought for someone receiving a gift like this.

Secondly, we didn’t find this Combo Set value for money at all. For nearly 500/- rupees, what you get is a small number of cashews and an assortment of berries. These are both very tasty, but in a market flooded with good looking, excellent quality and value for money gifts, this one from Nutty Gritties didn’t quite make the cut as a good Diwali 2019 gifting option.



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