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Best Herb Keeper

Herbology 101: Choosing the Perfect Herb Keeper for Your Herbs (Apr 2024)

Herb keepers are a quintessential way to maintain the freshness of herbs. We have compiled a list of the best ones below :

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We rarely utilize a whole bunch of herbs at once. This necessitates careful storage. So, what is the most efficient way to preserve unused herbs? Here comes Herb Keepers. 

This kitchen tool is intended to keep herbs fresh for an extended amount of time. They contribute to the creation of an environment that protects them from moisture and keeps them hydrated. These are incredibly user-friendly and versatile, as they can also store leafy vegetables. 

Here’s our recommended brands of the best herb keepers you can get your hands on :

1. Superior Quality Herb Keeper: Cole & Mason Fresh Herb Keeper

2. Herb Keeper With An Excellent Space-Saving Design: Prepara Herb Saver

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3. Easy To Maintain Herb Keeper: Mom Italy Herb Keeper

Best Herb Keepers – Quick Glance

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The 7 Best Herb Keepers For Your Kitchen

Grab a look at the 7 best herb keepers available online and buy them for your kitchen soon.

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1. Cole & Mason Fresh Herb Keeper

This herb keeper is a high-quality product made of acrylic. Equipped with a lid, it provides quick access without causing any damage to the herbs. The best part is that it comes with three removable dividers that help store a variety of herbs.

Cole & Mason Fresh Herb Keeper
Cole & Mason Fresh Herb Keeper

Product Features 

  • High-quality product. 
  • Modern design. 
  • User-friendly.

2. Prepara Plastic Herb Saver Best Keeper

Prepara’s herb keeper is an efficient way to store herbs for a long time. It can help you extend the life of your herbs for up to 3 weeks. The fact that it will easily fit in the fridge door is its best part.

Prepara Plastic Herb Saver
Prepara Plastic Herb Saver

Product Features 

  • Value for money. 
  • Easy to store.

3. Mom Italy Herb Keeper

This herb keeper supports easy maintenance and is easy to assemble. It is transparent in color and is a convenient way to store and preserve the freshness of herbs. All the parts of this herb keeper are quick to clean and maintain.

Mom Italy Herb Keeper
Mom Italy Herb Keeper

Product Features 

  • Quick to clean
  • Easy access
  • Transparent for easy

4. LUVCOSY Fresh Herb Keeper

The compact size of this herb keeper makes it space-saving and easy to store. Made using premium food-grade material, it is free from BPA and hard to break. You can use this herb keeper for storing cilantro, mint, parsley, asparagus, thyme, and other herbs.

LUVCOSY Fresh Herb Keeper
LUVCOSY Fresh Herb Keeper

Product Features 

  • Unbreakable and BPA free.
  • Space-saving design. 
  • Premium material.

5. Calidaka Fresh Herb Keeper

Calidaka’s herb keeper is a convenient way to store herbs. It is made of ABS grade material and is safe to use. This will easily fit in your refrigerator door without taking up much space. It has a distinctive shape and promotes optimal hydration.

Calidaka Fresh Herb Keeper
Calidaka Fresh Herb Keeper

Product Features 

  • Unique design. 
  • Long-lasting. 
  • Excellent way to preserve herbs.

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6. Prepworks by Progressive Produce Keeper

It is a herb keeper designed to keep herbs fresh for an extended period. It is designed with an inbuilt basket to make lifting the herbs from the container easier. It’s a great technique to keep the fresh herbs moisturized. 

Another advantage is the compact design, which allows it to fit almost any place.

Prepworks by Progressive Produce Keeper
Prepworks by Progressive Produce Keeper

Product Features 

  • Compact. 
  • Dishwasher safe. 
  • BPA-free.

7. Prepara Herb Savor

Prepara’s herb saver is a one-stop solution for keeping herbs fresh. This herb keeper’s clear window design allows you to see what’s within. The advantage of utilizing this herb keeper is that it keeps the leaves hydrated and prevents them from being crushed.

Prepara Herb Savor
Prepara Herb Savor

Product Features 

  • Clear window design. 
  • Safe to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Best Herb Keepers

The primary purpose of herb keepers is to preserve the freshness of unused herbs for an extended period of time. It aims to maintain the right humidity levels around fresh herbs.

Here are the different steps to be followed on how to use herb keepers :

  1. Select the herbs to preserve. 
  2. Now fill the reservoir with clean, cold water. 
  3. Insert the herbs and cover. 
  4. Place the herb keeper in the refrigerator. 
  5. Lastly, regularly keep checking the status of the herbs.

Buying a herb keeper will be a valuable decision if you frequently use fresh herbs. It would be wise to invest in one if you aim to reduce food waste and wish to retain the quality of the herbs for a long time.

The storage method for different herbs is different. Let us see the details below: 

Soft herbs : These include cilantro, parsley, mint and basil. The trick to store soft herbs is in a glass filled with about 1 to 2 inches of water. However, ensure that no leaves touch the water. 

Hard Herbs : For hard herbs such as rosemary, dill, sage, thyme, chives and oregano the best way is to wrap them in a damp paper towel and keep them sealed in a reusable bag.

Final Words

In conclusion, herb keepers are an effective way to preserve the freshness for a long period of time. Collectively they not only retain the freshness but also reduce food waste. These are super compact so storing them is not an issue.

Here’s our top three picks from the bunch of brands : Cole & Mason Fresh Herb Keeper, Prepara Herb Saver and  Mom Italy Herb Keeper.

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