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Haldiram Navratri Thali: Detailed Review (2024)

The Haldiram’s Navratri Thali has something for everyone. Find out what all does the Haldiram’s Navratri Thali have and what we loved the most.

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The Haldiram Navratri thali makes for a wholesome meal. It has got this mix of superfoods like millets, paneer, sago and potato, and cucumber, all of which are good to keep you energetic through the day.

Haldiram, the famous Indian restaurant, was founded in 1937 in Bikaner (Rajasthan), with its headquarters in Nagpur.  In addition to their regular menu, Haldiram’s also creates a special no onion-no garlic menu for those observing the 9-day fast or following dietary restrictions during the auspicious nine days of Navrati. 

Haldiram Navratri Thali is a popular dish on this festival menu. Some of the other dishes offered for this limited period include phalhari chaat, pakode, desserts, and beverages that are allowed during fasting.

We bring a detailed Haldiram Navratri Thali review which would help you in choosing your falhari treat this Navratri.

Also, we tested and reviewed few popular brands offering Navratri Special Thali.

haldiram navratri thali with menu details

For someone fasting the whole day, a thali meal is a wholesome way of providing essential nutrients to the body – while following the eating guidelines. 

If you take a closer look at any Navratri thali, it typically comprises healthy ingredients on your plate. Diverse flavors are gathered together in a platter to make a satisfying experience. 

Millets like buckwheat, sago, amaranth, barnyard are used, so are dairy products like paneer and curd. Seasonal vegetables like pumpkin, bottle gourd are used to prepare light and refreshing curries. Raw banana, potatoes, and sweet potatoes are often used to create tikkis. As you can see, there is no dearth of how creative anyone can be! 

Haldiram Navratri Vrat Thali is a wholesome meal for one to two people depending upon your diet. We will be discussing the ingredients, taste, flavor, and overall experience of the Haldiram Navratri Thali for 2022 in detail now.

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1. Price

We bought Haldiram special Navratri thali online through Zomato. The Haldiram Navratri thali is priced at Rs. 390/-. Taxes and delivery charges were paid separately.

2. Menu Items

There were nine items in the Navratri thali.

    1. Sabudana tikki X 1pc – Sago forms an essential part of the fast and sabudana tikki is one variant that is loved by one and all. 
    2. Aloo Papad x 4 pcs – Fried pieces of aloo papad were placed in the thali. 
    3. The salad included 4 pcs of cucumber slices – which were not seasoned. Slices were fresh and good to taste.
    4. Paneer Makhni – Paneer is a hot favorite especially during fast as it is a milk-based product and covers up the protein requirement.
    5. Arbi Masala – To spice up the zinginess of the Navratri thali, this dish uplifted the overall taste of the thali.
    6. Samak Pulao – Small grained rice, cooked to almost perfection.
    7. Vegetable Raita – Chunks of veggies like tomato, cucumber, and fresh coriander added freshness to the taste.
    8. Kuttu Paratha X 2 pcs – A mandatory part of any Navratri thali is the kuttu puri or paratha, In this thali, you get two parathas of just the right portion size.
    9. Gulab Jamun – Navratri thali is incomplete without a sweet. To end the meal on a sweet note, what would have been better than a gulab jamun.

3. Availability

Considering the pandemic situation, you can order a Haldiram Navratri thali online through the food portals that will ensure delivery of the thali, hot and fresh, at your footstep. Those who want to indulge in an outing can visit the various branches of the food outlet for some indulgent vrat-friendly foods. 

All Haldiram’s outlets maintain parity in menu and pricing, this is mostly true for their special Navratri Menu as well. Our review of the Navratri Thali review is a good indication of what will be available across most outlets.

4. Order Information

We decided to skip visiting the restaurant and ordered the Haldiram Navratri thali online through Zomato. The delivery agent came to deliver the food wearing a mask. We sanitized the bag before receiving the food and discarded the outer bag.

The order process was very smooth. We paid online and received our order on time. The food was hot when we received it. 

5. Packaging

The Haldiram fast thali was well packed in a good-quality disposable box. The kuttu paratha was packaged separately in a foil and kept along with the box in a separate bag. 

The plastic box has a blue-colored slip on the cover which had the brand name, Haldiram mentioned on it. The food was not leaking at all. 

The temperature of the dishes was maintained right up till the delivery. The Navratri thali was neatly packed and secured and was sent along with a spoon and a paper napkin.

6. First Impression

The moment we opened the thali, it looked appetizing. The paneer sabji was kept in two compartments. Other compartments had the arbi masala, cucumber slices, vegetable raita, aloo papad and gulab jamun. The biggest compartment had the samak ka pulao.

The aloo papad looked soggy. The kuttu parathas were packed separately and were a little hard. This may not happen if the paratha is eaten hot at the restaurant. 

That doesn’t mean the taste was compromised. The taste was really good.

7. Quantity

Typically one thali is meant as a wholesome single meal. 

The Haldiram Navratri thali is adequate for an adult and a small child.

The kuttu parathas are quite big in size. The quantity of samak ka pulao was also good. The paneer sabji was in two small compartments. However, the sweet will have to be shared as there was only one gulab jamun in the thali. 

8. Thali Variants

Haldiram navratri fast thali is for those who would like to indulge in a bouquet of navratri pure veg dishes on a single platter. 

Haldiram navratri menu online and offline is quite detailed. If you have a small appetite and still want to have navratri food at Haldiram’s then you can order small Navratri meals which are prepared using no onion, no garlic. 

Samak rice with vegetable raita and mirch pickle is available for INR 246/-. 

Don’t like samak rice? 

No issues as Haldiram has another mini platter which consists of Navratra singhara paratha 2 + aloo sabzi+raita which is costing INR 252/-. 

If you do not like aloo then you don’t need to fret as one more non-aloo platter is available for INR 296/- which consists of Navratri singhara paratha 2+paneer sabzi.

Navratra Singhara Paratha 2+Arbi Masala + Salad+Raita+Chilli pickle is available for INR 265/-.

Those who are fasting and looking for some vrat snacks or on a protein diet can order Navratra Paneer Tikka which is being sold at INR 270/- or the Peanut cutlet which is being sold for INR 50/-. 

If you are craving for chaat then you could check out Haldiram’s Navratra papdi chat priced at INR 120/- and Navratra tawa aloo chat which is priced at INR 92/-.

If you wish to buy ala carte, then the Navratri menu has Navratri arbi masala for INR 205/-, samak rice – 300 g for INR 225/-, aloo sabzi 300 g which serves 2 people for INR 90/-, paneer sabzi 300g which serves 2 people for INR 280/-, vegetable raita 110 g for INR 60/- and vrat ka paratha 1 piece for INR 85/-.

All the prices mentioned above are exclusive of taxes. If you order online then online delivery charges would be applicable depending upon your location.

9. Difference between the Variants (Regular, Special, and Deluxe Thali)

Navratri fast is observed across the country and people have their own ways of doing the fast. While some may not eat at all, others may have only fruits. A few would like to have only food with sugar and may strictly omit salty food. There those who enjoy an occasional treat at a restaurant so long as it adheres to the fasting guidelines of Navratri. 

Given this variance, many restaurants offer a wider choice to guests. Thalis too, are available in all sizes. 


Haldiram’s Navratri thali is for 390/-. Taxes and handling charges are not included in this and have to be paid separately. 

Changes in Menu Items

  • The regular Haldiram thali has two sabji’s which is the regular sabji with onion and garlic. The salad contains onion, naan and a lachha paratha, zeera rice, dal makhani, boondi raita, and a sweet.
  • The highlight of the Haldiram Navratri fast thali is that it is made up of no onion and no garlic and is also made using sendha namak as regular iodized salt is not allowed during the fast. 
  • There is no regular wheat-based paratha or naan. Instead, these are replaced with millet-based paratha or poori. Regular rice is omitted and is replaced with samak ke chawal known as barnyard millet. The Navratri thali is made up of superfoods and is high in millets. 
  • Boondi raita is replaced with vegetable raita and is made out of vegetables like cucumber, tomato which can be consumed during this time.
  • There is no dal in this thali, as lentils are not allowed during the Navratri fast. 
  • The main course in the Navratri thali comprises a paneer sabji which is again sans garlic and onion.
  • Navratri thali is made in ghee which is not the case for the regular thalis. 

10. Speciality of Haldiram

Haldiram is a pure vegetarian outlet. From namkeens, chips, and savories to papad, pickles, syrups, shrikhand, and of course the sweets, snacks, sweets, and beverages – Haldiram’s has something for one and all.

Haldiram restaurant sells fresh snacks and starters, beverages, meals, sweets, and even eggless cakes. The food is enjoyed by all for its taste, quality, and price-point. 

Snacks like chole bhature, pav bhaji, kulcha matar, dhokla, and a variety of chaats are also hot selling items at Haldiram’s. Hot crispy jalebi, hot malpua, gajar halwa, and moong dal halwa are winter specialties. 

Summer beverages like lassi, cold coffee, rose, khus syrups, etc are available too.

Parameters Details – Haldiram Vrat Thali
Price MRP Rs 390/- (Without taxes)
Quantity Serves 1 to 2
Box packaging

  • Kuttu paratha packaged separately  in a foil pack
  • No leakage. 
Order online on platforms like Zomato Swiggy

  • Takeaway
  • Dine-in
Menu Items
  • Papad – 4
  • Cucumber slices – 4 
  • Sabudana Tikki – 1 
  • Vegetable Raita
  • Kuttu Paratha – 2
  • Samak ka Pulao
  • Paneer Sabzi
  • Arbi Masala
  • Gulabjamun – 1




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packaging of haldiram navratri thali

Haldiram Navratri Thali Menu Items – Detailed Review

Here’s the detail tasting about Haldiram Vrat Thali.

1. Salad

Four cucumber slices were served in the thali as salad. The cucumber slices were not seasoned. They were quite fresh and were not bitter. There was no lime juice on it. They were simply plain cucumber slices.

Type: Salad

Main ingredients: Four Sliced Cucumbers 

Neatly cut four slices of cucumber were stacked in the salad compartment. 

The slices were all uniformly cut. The slices were freshly cut and unseasoned. 

Taste Test/Review

Cucumber slices were fresh and not bitter. Cucumber slices were at room temperature. They were quite tasty and we could feel the water content of the cucumber. 

2. Sides

Type: Starter

Main ingredients: Potato papad

4 pieces of potato papad were served in one of the compartments. The papads were deep-fried. 

Taste Test/Review

The taste was so-so as the papads were quite soggy by the time we received them. The savory papads were not spicy, with no visible flecks of black pepper or red chilies. They were just plain papads which were served to munch on. Since they were packaged along with the hot food, they had lost their crispness. 

3. Curd 

The curd element was in the form of raita. 

Vegetable raita was placed in one of the compartments. 

The curd was not too watery. The curd used was fresh and slightly sour, just the way it should be in raita. Good quality curd-based dishes are a good accompaniment with food which are made out of ghee.

Type: Raita

Main ingredients:

The raita had finely chopped tomatoes, cucumber, and fresh coriander. The chopped vegetables were lending a bite to the raita. Coriander gave a freshness to the raita and made it tasty.

Taste Test/Review

The curd had a freshness, and the raita was flavourful with well-seasoned salt and roasted cumin powder. The raita tasted homemade and fresh. 

The cumin was not used sparingly and that’s why the raita tasted really good. 

4. Sabudana Tikki

A well rounded, plumed up sago tikki was present in the thali. When we tasted it for the review, it was still warm. The flavors were intact. The sago tikki was not flat. 

Type: Starter 

Main ingredients:

Sago, potato, peanuts, green chillies, salt, cumin, curry leaves and fresh coriander

Sago forms an integral part of the fasting period. Potato compensates for the carbohydrate part, and peanuts give a boost to the person who is fasting. The green chillies give heat. Since not many spices are allowed in fast food, cumin is one of the essential ingredients which goes in flavouring a dish. The freshness and flavour comes from the curry leaves and the fresh coriander. 

Taste Test/Review

Crispy outer covering made out of sago and peanuts. Chunks of potatoes were seen inside as a filling which was flavoured with cumin and fresh herbs like chopped curry leaf and fresh coriander.

Salt was balanced, a hint of spiciness was felt if you hit the green chilly otherwise, it wasn’t spicy. This was an average-tasting tikki.

sabudana tikki in haldiram navratri thali

5. Paneer ki sabzi

The paneer sabji was similar to a makhani-style dish, with a butter paneer gravy. Orangish hue and the sweet taste were similar to any butter paneer gravy.

Strangely, it was placed in two compartments.

Type: Main Course

Main ingredients:

Paneer, Tomato.

Paneer ki sabji had a vibrant orange gravy. It had a sweetness to it, similar to what we find in a butter paneer gravy.  The paneer pieces were neatly cut into triangles and were fresh, soft, and mildly sweet. The gravy had a nutty flavor and a semi-thick consistency. Enough paneer pieces ensured that we did not have to hunt for paneer!

The ratio of paneer and gravy was appropriate. The gravy was made out of tomatoes but wasn’t sour at all, in fact it carried a sweet flavor like that of butter paneer. 

6. Arbi Masala 

Arbi is one of the root vegetables allowed in the navratri fast. Combining it with a tomato based gravy lends a sourness to the gravy. Arbi sabzi essentially needs any souring agent like amchoor or lemon juice. The addition of souring agent will not make the sabzi itch your throat or tongue. The combination of arbi with tomatoes worked really well. 

Type: Main Course

Main ingredients: Arbi and Tomatoes

Arbi masala had a latpati gravy, in a thick, coarse spicy masala. Visually also it looked quite spicy and was deep reddish brown in colour. The arbi was cooked well and had a thick coating of masala. The arbi seemed to have been boiled, chopped and added to the gravy.

Taste Test/Review

It tasted a bit sour and the spice level was more than medium spicy. The spiciness was hitting the throat. The arbi was not at all itchy. Arbi masala was a bit oily. This sabji tasted better than sago tikki.

7. Kuttu Paranthas

The kuttu parathas were quite big in size. They were slightly hard when received. The texture of the kuttu paratha was hard perhaps because ghee has the property of making things stiff when it cools down. Probably due to the use of ghee, the kuttu parathas were turning hard when cooled. 

Type: bread 

Main ingredients: kuttu, potato

Kuttu and potato are a great combination for the fast. They give energy and carbohydrate for strength and energy during the fasting period. Sendha namak allowed in fast must have been added to flavour the kuttu paratha. We could feel the paratha was made in ghee as there was a prominent flavour of the ghee.

Taste Test/Review

The kuttu paratha were made in ghee. The taste was quite good but the texture was hard. The paratha were becoming a bit chewy as they were cooling down. The paratha was well salted. We could get bits of potatoes in the kuttu paratha. Kuttu isnt easy to roll on its own and needs a medium to help it along. Potato is the best medium to roll the paratha, which also gives a nice texture and taste. 

8. Rice

Samak was in the form of pulao. Since rice is not allowed in fast, people who still want to have rice have it in the form of Samak Rice. The samak ka pulao was made in a tadka of ghee and cumin with chunks of potato added to it. Seasoned well with salt. 

Type: Main Course

Main ingredients: Samak ka chawal, potato.

Samak rice are small grains known as barnyard millet. Usually had during the fast and are light for the stomach. Samak pulao was well cooked. Most of the samak rice was not sticking to each other. We could figure out just a small portion here and there of the sticky samak, otherwise majorly the samak pulao was khila khila. The samak ka pulao was slightly reddish in color.

Taste Test/Review

Samak Pulao was made in ghee flavoured with cumin, fresh curry leaves, whole cumin and whole black pepper which rendered taste and flavour to the dish. Chunks of potatoes were also present. The taste was average, nothing wow. 

9. Dessert 

Gulab jamun was served, the gulab jamun was round in shape and was at room temperature when we received it. The taste was quite close to the taste of the normal gulab jamun. Since it was accompanied in the navratri thali, haldiram must have used its secret navratri recipe replacing maida with a vrat-friendly ingredient like singhara or kuttu.. 

Type: Dessert

Main ingredients:

We could see specs of pista and saffron in the centre of the gulab jamun. The main ingredient (flour) was unidentifiable. 

Taste Test/Review

The sweetness level was fine and the taste was okay. There was no extra sugar syrup in the compartment of the gulab jamun. The gulab jamun was quite moist, though. 


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haldiram navratri thali food detailing
kuttu paratha in haldiram navratri thali

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Haldiram Navratri Thali

The price of Haldiram Navratri thali is INR 390/- plus taxes.

Haldiram fast thali during Navratri does not have garlic and onion. It is a satvik thali.

Haldiram fast thali for Navratri consists of kuttu paratha, samak rice, paneer sabji, arbi masala, raita, sabudana tikki, papad, salad and gulab jamun. 

Haldiram Navratri thali can be bought online through food portals or you can visit the restaurant located in your vicinity.

Haldiram has only one type of navratri thali. However, you can choose other Navratri snacks like sabudana vada, peanut cutlets, paneer tikka, etc from the Navratri menu.

Final Words

Navratri is a period when fasting is observed with great dedication and people have pure veg, satvik food during the nine days of devotion. While some people may relish a full navratri thali, some who have a small appetite may prefer buying a la carte from the haldiram navratri menu or also have the option for choosing from small falahari treats.

Are you one of those who like tasting the Haldiram’s navratri thali?


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