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best time to drink green tea

Best & Worst Time To Drink Green Tea: Let’s Find Out

Every health-conscious person considers green tea to be their holy water. But do you know the best time for the consumption of green tea? Read up and find out.

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Being rich in antioxidants, Green Tea stands out as a healthy option for every fitness-oriented person. It’s a fine beverage and when consumed in a regulated way, has been known to have several positive health benefits towards weight loss. 

There are many brands out there selling green tea, both as loose leaves, as well as tea bags. Some of these are even flavored and come with interesting taste combinations. One of the most important things to consider before you make a cup of green tea a daily routine is what is the best time to drink green tea? Is it before bedtime or early morning on an empty stomach? When to drink green tea for weight loss? 

No matter how nutritious anything is, not consuming it in the correct way could make you lose out on the benefits, or even expose you to its side-effects. Thus, it is important to take a good look at your day to day activity before you create a specific time table for your daily consumption of green tea.

green tea served in a green cup
Being rich in antioxidants, Green Tea stands out as a healthy choice for every fitness-oriented person.

So how can we start our regulated consumption of green tea? Let us learn a few things about green tea first.

What is Green Tea?

A type of tea that does not undergo oxidation (hence its green color and natural smell), green tea is one of the healthiest and popular choices among all tea types which include white, oolong, and black tea. The grassy taste and natural leafy smell of green tea provide its consumers with a natural essence that cannot be found anywhere else. 

With its benefits ranging from weight loss to promoting oral health, the demand for green tea has skyrocketed in the past few years, making it one of the most distributed food products across several parts of the world.

green tea poured in a small white cup
Regulated Consumption Of Green Tea

Best Time to Drink Green Tea

People often wonder, when is the best time to drink green tea or when to drink green tea for weight loss? The consumption of green tea, especially when someone has included it in their diet for good, must be regulated as per the person’s day-to-day activities. 

The most important factors, which play an important role in building your green tea consumption time-table, are your sleep-cycle, exercise routine, and also work-hours. If you have managed to list out the hours of your daily routine, then you must follow the following steps in order to consume green tea in a more regulated and efficient manner.

time calendar
The most important factors that build your green tea consumption time-table, are your sleep-cycle, exercise routine, and also work-hours.

1. A Flavorful Morning Cup

It is advised to have a cup of green tea every morning before you go to work, as the caffeine content present in green tea can kickstart your day with the required energy. The caffeine makes you more alert and productive, thus it would help with an early morning jump-start we are all often looking for.

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2. Before Exercise

The advised time-span between your cup of green tea and your exercise routine must be more than 30 minutes. However, it shouldn’t be more than an hour, as green tea increases our body’s metabolism and caffeine aids in exercising for a longer duration. But if the time-span between drinking and working-out exceeds one hour, then you may not benefit from the positive effects of drinking green tea.

3. Before Sleep

The advised time-span between drinking your cup of tea and your goodnight’s sleep must be more than two hours. For this, you must plan on drinking your tea way before your bedtime, as the caffeine content in green tea may hinder your sleep. This might cause your sleep-cycle to deviate, which might result in irregular sleeping habits.

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Worst Time to Drink Green Tea

You already know when is the best time to drink green tea, but read on to find out when you should not have green tea.

1. On An Empty Stomach In Morning

never consume green tea on an empty stomach
Never Consume Green Tea On An Empty Stomach

You must not drink green tea right in the morning which means it should not be the first thing you consume after you wake up as that may affect your liver due to the presence of high content of catechins in green tea.

2. Along With Meals

You must not drink green tea along with your meals. Drinking green tea along with meals may hinder the absorption rate of beneficial nutrients.

3. Before Going To Bed

Never drink green tea right before going to bed as the presence of caffeine in green tea might disturb your sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few interesting questions about green tea.

1. Can I add sugar in green tea?

While green tea should be consumed as it is, you can add sweetness to it. Instead of adding sugar to it, you must add honey or stevia to it, as they are said to be a healthier substitute for refined sugar. 

2. Does green tea really help in weight loss?

Green tea is believed to increase metabolism, which further helps in losing weight. It has compounds that help in reducing belly fat. However, this does not mean the green tea alone can help in weight loss. You must also include physical exercises and eat a balanced diet to ensure a healthy weight loss.

3. Can I drink green tea on an empty stomach?

Green tea consists of catechins that can cause adverse effects on your liver if consumed on an empty stomach. It is best to have green tea after having your meals.

Final Words

The average no. of cups for the consumption of green tea must not exceed 2-3 cups. So if you are going to include green tea in your diet, you must first understand that it would only benefit if you drink it responsibly.

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