15 Benefits and Side Effects of Aloe Vera (Ghritkumari)
15 health & beauty benefits of aloe vera

15 Health & Beauty Benefits of Aloe Vera (Ghritkumari) – Remedies | Side Effects

The benefits of aloe vera have been in our knowledge for centuries. Considered as one of the most popular natural remedies, aloe vera has become a household name due to its benefits such as strengthening of our immune systems, and promoting our skin and hair health.

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Aloe Vera has been used for its benefits for more than 6000 years. It was used in ancient Egypt for skin and beauty care and was also used as a treatment for wounded soldiers due to its pain, soothing effects, and anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe Vera is also a natural storehouse of antioxidants, making it remarkably beneficial for everyday health woes. It has amazing moisturizing properties, making it a pretty sought-after plant in the beauty industry.

Talking about the plant itself, aloe vera belongs to a family consisting of over 500 different species of succulent plants. It is an aesthetically decorative plant that grows wonderfully indoors and outdoors both, its triangular, fleshy leaves store a gel-like liquid that has significant healing properties.

Originating from the Arabian Peninsula, Aloe Vera’s several health benefits have made it one of the vastly distributed products in the consumer market. Apart from being one of the most profitably distributed products, Aloe Vera is also, one of the most studied species of plant.

With so many benefits to its credit, Aloe Vera has mostly been around and in some cases, even worshiped by tribes across the world. So, what is it about this plant that made it so popular for so many centuries? And what is it makes it so popular at a time when the drug market has taken over? Let’s find out.

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Where To Find Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera is a plant species of the genus Aloe. Aloe vera grows wildly in tropical climates all over the world and is primarily cultivated for medicinal and agricultural uses. Aloe vera can even survive in areas of low natural rainfall. But it cannot survive in areas where there is snow and heavy frost.

You can consume aloe vera in the form of beverages and use it for your skin in the form of skin lotions, ointments, cosmetics and it can also be used for sunburns.

Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera Gel

Storing water under the cover of its thick leaves, Aloe Vera has lots of benefits that it can offer. Aloe Vera gel is mostly made up of water that is mixed with other essential nutrients rich in antioxidants. With its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, the benefits of Aloe Vera are spread across the fields related to our health as well as our beauty. Natural aloe gel is a clear, jelly-like liquid containing vitamins A, E, C, and B12.

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Here are the amazing health benefits of aloe vera we should all know about:

1. Aloe Vera Relieves Pain

The first and the most common benefit, for which aloe vera has been used for centuries, is its ability to soothe pain and increase the healing capabilities of the body. A slight cut or a minor burn on the skin can easily be soothed using fresh and natural aloe vera gel. This is due to the anti-inflammatory properties found in the nutrients present in aloe vera gel. The very reason for the anti-inflammatory nature of aloe vera gel is that it has a higher concentration of antioxidants.

2. Regulates Blood Sugar

Aloe Vera, being one of the oldest natural remedies, also plays an important role in maintaining blood glucose levels. However, it is only beneficial for people suffering from type-2 diabetes. Apart from people suffering from type-2 diabetes, people who show indications of pre-diabetes, in which the blood sugar is higher than normal but not high enough to be categorized as type-2 diabetes, are also advised to add aloe vera to their diet. An unregulated consumption can also lead to you seeing the side-effects of aloe vera, hence it is advisable to consult a trusted health expert before you start.

3. Beneficial For Immune Disorders

Another good reason to introduce aloe vera-based natural and chemical-free products into your daily diet, especially for people who are suffering from Immune Disorders, is that aloe vera juice helps in protecting our bodies against invading bacteria or viruses. Various immune disorders weaken the immune system, which can further potentially increase the chances of getting sick. This is due to the fact that Macrophages, an important PF of the immune system, which is responsible for fighting the invading viruses in our bloodstreams, become weak themselves. Aloe vera juice helps by acting as macrophages and simulating their work, thus strengthening the immune system.

4. Aloe Vera Maintains Oral Health

Aloe Vera has many proven health benefits, one amongst those is its ability to provide relief in oral ailments. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory nature, aloe vera has been beneficial in getting rid of canker sores and cold sores. And most importantly, applying Aloe Vera gel does not sting or taste bad.

fresh aloe vera gel
The Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera

5. Constipation

Constipation and cramping are two very common symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). However, thanks to the anti-inflammatory nature of aloe vera, it can also be orally ingested in order to relieve us from an inflated digestive tract. The aloe latex present in the aloe vera leaf can further increase the efficiency of its work, though it IS highly advised to regulate your consumption of aloe latex as too much of it can cause adverse effects.

6. Helps With Digestion

Apart from being a helpful remedy for irritable bowel syndrome, aloe vera is also responsible for aiding in the breaking down of fat and sugar, which might help in fastening our digestive process.

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7. Helps Treat Minor Cuts And Rashes On The Skin

Aloe vera has been used for thousands of years in order to treat minor rashes and cuts. This is because of the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory nature, aloe vera gel helps in keeping the skin moist, and it also accelerates the growth of a cell called fibroblast, which is responsible for replacing the damaged tissues with the new one. According to NCBI, aloe vera can also treat various skin disorders and it is proven by a number of clinical trials.

Beauty Benefits Of Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera is great for skin and hair. Know here how.

8. Aloe Vera Is A Natural Moisturizer

The natural moisturizing properties of the aloe vera gel make it one of the most commonly used skincare products. It is a perfect choice for people whose skin is prone to oiliness and acne. Aloe vera gel can be directly applied to the skin, as it is completely natural and full of nutrients. The gel, when applied, must be thoroughly massaged, while the left-over must be stored at someplace cold.

9. Aloe Vera Helps Treating Sunburns

We cannot thank the anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera enough, for it provides and takes the credit for a majority of the benefits of aloe vera. One of these benefits includes its ability to treat sunburns. Cooling aloe vera gel when applied over the burnt area, provides a soothing sensation and relief from pain.

10. Aloe Vera And Dandruff Control

Dandruff occurs both in cases of oily as well as dry scalp. Due to the anti-fungal properties of aloe vera, applying natural aloe vera gel is a proven effective remedy for dandruff control. Further, it helps in soothing the scalp.

11. Aloe Vera Boosts Hair Growth

Aloe vera also helps hair-health by promoting hair growth. When applied topically, aloe vera gel provides essential nutrients to hair follicles, which results in healthy hair growth, reduces hair fall, and also helps in getting rid of the dead cells present in the scalp. It is applied directly to the scalp and must be massaged thoroughly.

health benefits of aloe vera

Other Important Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Apart from its most common benefits as listed earlier, aloe vera has various other benefits associated with it. These benefits arise due to aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Some of these benefits include:

12. Treatment for insect bites.

13. Helps in getting rid of the blemishes.

14. Lightening stretch marks.

15. Hair conditioning.

How To Use Fresh Aloe Vera Gel For Minor Cuts And Burns

In order to use the Aloe vera gel for the purpose of relieving yourself from pain or for healing wounds, you have to first extract the gel from the leaves and wash away the residual particles. Then, before applying it over the wounded area, mix it with water and blend.

Maintaining An Aloe Vera Plant

As a plant that grows in well-drained soil, aloe vera is mostly found in tropical climates and in highlands. Apart from that, it requires bright sunlight; however, if kept in a pot, the leaves of aloe vera can be damaged by the bright sunlight if the pot does not drain water as per requirement. 

Due to its physical nature, as it is quite short in height (24-39in), aloe vera is also considered to be a common indoor plant that can be used for its aesthetically pleasing nature. But growing an aloe vera plant needs care and attention as the plant requires bright sunlight and well-drained soil from which it can suck the essential nutrients needed for its growth.

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Popular Aloe Vera Products

Based on quite an impressive range of benefits of aloe vera, which works wonders for our health, skin, and hair, there are plenty of products in the market that uses aloe vera as their main ingredient. Some of these products are:

1. Aloe Vera Based Moisturizing Cream

Due to aloe vera’s property of getting rid of oily skin, lightening blemishes, and preventing acne, it is used as an important ingredient for skin care products such as moisturizing creams and serums.

aloe vera gel
Aloe Vera based cream for skin

2. Aloe Vera Based Shampoo

Aloe Vera, as we have learned, is good not only for our skin but its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties also promote hair growth. The market is flourishing with aloe vera-based shampoos that promise all the goodness of natural aloe vera.

3. Aloe Vera Powder

Since most people don’t have the time to maintain an indoor aloe vera plant, the more efficient and practical choice for them would be a packet of natural aloe vera powder. This powder can be used for treating your hair, skin, and it can even be added to your food. Do bear in mind, that when it comes to human consumption, you must check that the aloe vera powder is all-natural and does not contain any substances that may otherwise prove to be harmful.

Available in different forms and sizes, aloe vera-based products have further promoted its use, and the availability of this natural remedy has increased.

Side-Effects Of Aloe Vera

Any medicine, whether it be natural or synthetic if ingested without proper regulation, might cause an overdose and result in a negative impact. Just like that, aloe vera too can have negative effects on our body if not ingested in a regulated manner.

Some of the most common side-effects that are associated with aloe vera are:

1. Lowering Blood Sugar Level

As one of the many benefits of aloe vera includes its ability to maintain our body’s sugar level, a prolonged intake of aloe vera can further decrease the level of sugar, which might negatively affect our body.

2. Indigestion

Heavy consumption of Aloe Vera juice can cause problems related to our digestive system. While aloe vera does help relieve constipation, but if consumed in large quantities, it can cause irritation in our stomach along with indigestion.

3. Toxic Liver

Aloe vera, which consists of bio-active compounds, can cause liver toxicity if ingested in large quantities. However, the bio-active compounds don’t directly attack the liver; they limit the liver’s detoxification process. Thus, a higher volume of intake can further increase the rate of liver toxicity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few FAQs that we answered about aloe vera.

1. Can we apply Aloe Vera to the face every day? 

Yes. If Aloe Vera is used properly, it can be used daily on the face. Also check, if you have sensitive skin then dilute the Aloe Vera With water and use it. 

Due to its healing benefits, it can also be used on the skin to heal Sunburns. 

2. Can Aloe Vera remove Dark Spots?

Aloe vera has significant benefits for skin health, from reducing scars and moisturizing our skin. It can reduce the appearance of it but cannot remove the dark spots completely.

3. Can Aloe Vera be used as a Hair Conditioner? 

Yes, Aloe Vera is a great natural conditioner for our hair. It gently nourishes the scalp, improving the quality and texture of hair.

How to use it:

Extract the gel from aloe vera. Crush it and apply it to the scalp and hair. 

Rinse it with a mild shampoo after an hour.

4. Can you eat raw aloe vera?

Yes, it is said that you can have raw aloe vera. While it is super healthy, one should be very careful of the latex in the plant that can cause abdominal issues. Keep in mind to consult a doctor before consuming the gel directly.

5. What is the best way to consume aloe vera?

Aloe vera can be eaten in many forms. One of the best ways suggested is to drink aloe vera gel diluted in water to avoid any side effects.

6. Can we apply aloe vera gel on hair directly?

Yes absolutely. You can apply aloe vera gel on your hair. Before applying, always try some to see if you don’t have any allergy.

Final Words

Compared to the number of benefits associated with aloe vera, its side-effects are few. However, one should always keep in mind both the benefits of Aloe Vera and its disadvantages. If consumed in a regulated manner, aloe vera would prove to be a very efficient remedy.

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