Thinking Of Reusing Your Tea Bags? Read This.

Thinking Of Reusing Your Tea Bags? Read This.

Learn how to reuse your tea bags in a more efficient manner. Also discover other creative methods in which you can reuse your tea bags.

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Whether or not you should reuse your tea bags is one of the most asked questions among tea drinkers. If you are someone who drinks at least one cup of green tea everyday, the question you must be wondering about is whether reusing the same tea bag is alright or not? And we are talking about reusing it to make your self another cup of tea. Of course, a tea bag can be reused for other purposes as well, like de-greasing of utensils. The chemicals found in tea are natural alternatives for the chemicals found in soap and so scrubbing greasy pots and pans with a used green tea bag could be a good solution. But, what about the basic purpose of a tea bag? To make tea! And how many times can you use it? Let’s immerse ourselves into this question!


How Can You Efficiently Re-use Your Tea Bag?

First things first, it is absolutely alright to re-use the tea bag. Yes, the flavor and strength of the cup of tea may go down. Tea bags, at most can be used twice. It is said that if tea leaves are kept in the open, they lose their essence. The concentration of antioxidants in tea leaves, when kept in open, is decreased, hence it is also required to keep your used tea bags in an enclosed space.

And, if used once, your tea bag can succumb to mold growth and can attract unwanted bacteria after drying out. Thus, the tea bag must be stored under moist conditions. And due to it being left wet, it is advised that if you are reusing your tea bag, the interval between the two cups should be short.

The other possible way of using your previously used tea bag is by using it only to strengthen the flavor of your cup of tea that you have already made. For example, if you are preparing a cup by using a brand new tea bag and you want it to have a more flavorful taste, then you can take out your previously infused tea bag, as it might still have some taste to it.

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Can Green Tea Bags be reused: Green tea bags succumb to mold growth


The Other Ways In Which You Can Use Your Tea Bags

Apart from being used to make a cup of your evening tea, a used tea bag can have other benefits. Some to them are listed below:

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1. Using It For Cleaning

As mentioned before, tea had natural compound that can act as an alternative for harsh soap found in the market. Thus, it can prove to be more effective in cleaning utensils, basins, as well as wood items.

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2. Using It For Gardening

It is known that tea bags make up for a good food for earthworms. And it also increases the acidity of the soil by lowering its pH level. But, it is advised to remove the metallic staple present in your tea bag before burying it in your backyard.

3. Treating Wounds

Due to the presence of an antioxidant called Epigallocatechin Gallate or ECGC, Tea acts as an anti-inflammatory. It is known to reduce redness and pain relief. The tea bag must be applied to the wounded area when it is wet, and must remain in contact until dry.

The Bottom Line

 Tea bags can be re-used again for a lot of things, but most importantly one should note that reusing is a part of waste management. The tea bags can be re-used for making a cup of it, or for adding more flavor to a cup that’s already been made. Thus, to re-use a tea bag is to care for the environment no matter if you use it to make a cup of tea, to clean your dishes, or use it for gardening.


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