Best Frozen Snacks Fit For Festive Season 2023 (2023)
best frozen snacks

Best Frozen Snacks Fit For Festive Season (2024)

Flavorful, appetizing, crispy snacks and finger food for your house parties. Check this list of frozen snacks, reviewed and recommended by Mishry.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Here’s a list you didn’t know you needed until NOW. Frozen snacks! 

Just get the pack out of the refrigerator, toss in hot oil, and voila- your flavor-loaded party platter is ready to be served. 

Over the months, we reviewed several products in this category. Here are the ones that left a mark on our palettes.

Easily one of the healthiest frozen snacks we reviewed this year was Sumeru Frozen Idli. Not only was this an economic option, but also truly convenient. The fresh taste, spongy, soft texture were appreciated.

sumeru idli with chutney overview

Product Features

  • One pack holds 240 grams of Idli and 100 grams of chutney
  • It is priced at Rs 125/-
  • It has a 12-month shelf life

Why does Mishry recommend it?

  • Ready in under 10 minutes
  • Fresh, natural taste
  • Impeccable texture
  • Flavorful chutney

2. Imagine Meat Plant Based Chicken Nuggets

Going vegan? We recommend starting with Imagine Meat Plant Based Chicken nuggets. These vegan nuggets have a juicy, meaty bite that was a delightful surprise. 

imagine meats chicken nuggets pre and post cooking

Product Features

  • A 500-gram pack is priced at Rs 595/-
  • It has a one year shelf life
  • This offers 11.92 grams of protein per 100 grams

Why does Mishry recommend it?

  • Meaty, juicy bite
  • Crisp exterior
  • Very fresh to taste
  • Balanced seasoning and spice

3. Safal Frozen Fries

Fresh and aptly salted, Safal Frozen Fries make for a staple snack or side dish. The preparation is exceptionally time-efficient and convenient. 

safal frozen fries fried

Product Features

  • A 400-gram pack is priced at Rs 100/-
  • It has a shelf life of eight months
  • Devoid of preservatives

Why does Mishry recommend it?

  • No additives used
  • Seasoned well
  • No broken pieces

4. Meatzza Chicken Popcorn

Bite-sized yums that are loaded with garlic, Meatzza Chicken Popcorn would be a hit across age groups. These aren’t loaded with spices, which allows for pairing them with sauces or condiments. Moreover, the texture is on point- juicy from inside and crisp on the outside.

meatzza chicken popcorn

Product Features

  • A 500-gram pack is priced at Rs 335/- with a 12-month shelf life.
  • Three cooking methods- deep fry, microwave/oven

Why does Mishry recommend it?

  • Consistent appearance
  • No broken pieces
  • Great texture
  • Flavorful

5. Keventer Paneer Bites

Fresh, delicious, milky with a burst of flavors, Keventer Paneer Bites develop a crisp bite on deep frying. The paneer is soft with a crunchy crust. This makes it a commendable snack. 

paneer bites after deep frying

Product Features

  • A 300-gram pack is priced at Rs 185/-
  • It has a one year shelf life
  • Contains 61.5% paneer

Why does Mishry recommend it?

  • Really good texture
  • Fresh flavors
  • Economic pricing

6. Prasuma Bao Buns

Craving something indulgent? Odd hours? No delivery apps? Prasuma Bao Buns to the rescue! These come in three variants, a vegetarian, one chicken-based, and one chocolatey.

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prasuma bao buns chocolate

Product Features

  • One pack with two pieces is priced at Rs 89/-
  • One year shelf life

Why does Mishry recommend it?

  • Full marks on variety
  • Fresh and soft baos
  • Generous filling

7. Haldiram RTE Spinach Pakoda

Unique, convenient, and full of flavors, Haldiram RTE Spinach Pakoda is a must-try. The ingredient list was fairly clean and there were no artificial flavors. 

haldiram spinach pakora review

Product Features

  • A 283-gram pack is priced at Rs 140/-
  • It has a 18-month shelf life
  • Decent packaging

Why does Mishry recommend it?

  • Five to six servings
  • Fresh flavors
  • Crisp texture

8. Haldiram Punjabi Samosa

This makes for a wholesome snack. While people love snacking on Samosa with chai, Haldiram’s Punjabi Samosa comes with lip-smacking chutneys that elevate the experience altogether. 

Product Features

  • One carton holds eight pieces, priced at Rs 220/-
  • Two chutneys included
  • 18-month shelf life

Why does Mishry recommend it?

  • Excellent packaging
  • Super convenient to make
  • Beautifully seasoned
  • Detailed nutrition labels

These were all the commendable frozen snacks we reviewed this year.

The following are some noteworthy products from the same section we’ve loved over the years- ITC Kebabs, Amul Cheese Poppons, Prasuma Spring Rolls, Blue Flame Reshmi Kebab, among others.

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