Best Blueberry Yogurt Brands in India – Mishry
best blueberry yogurt brands in india

Best Blueberry Yogurt Brands in India – Mishry

We chose Epigamia’s Blueberry Yogurt as our Top Pick for its clean ingredient list, fresh flavors and balanced sweetness.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Usually considered a very ‘firangi’ fruit, fresh blueberries are hard to find in India. And IF you eventually get your hands on them, they are not pocket friendly. This is when most of us turn to blueberry flavored products – yogurts, ice creams, compotes and jams. 

So for someone who likes to occasionally have something blueberry flavored, yogurts are fairly easily available. We picked three popular brands of blueberry yogurt and reviewed them for their ingredient list, consistency, freshness, and flavor. Epigamia (Mishry Top Pick) turned out to be the best blueberry yogurt brands in India because it gave us a fresh tasting blueberry yogurt with a clean ingredient list. Details to follow. 

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A tabular comparison of all the brands we reviewed – 

Brand Mishry Rating Buy Now
Epigamia (Top Pick) 5 Add to cart
Nestle 3.3 Add to cart
Mother Dairy 2.5 Add to cart

Our Review Factors

What were we looking for? We were looking for the tastiest blueberry yogurt with the cleanest ingredient list. The balance of flavors, percentage of blueberries used, and consistency were crucial parameters. 

Our review factors for the best blueberry yogurt brands review are – 

1. Taste

Blueberries and yogurt, both are innately sweet with a hint of acid at the end which comes together beautifully.

Flavor of blueberries, freshness of the yogurt and fruit, and the balance of sweetness were all considered while reviewing blueberry yogurts.

2. Color And Consistency

Contrary to what they are called, blueberries aren’t really blue. Neither do they impart a blue color to the yogurt. They are actually deep purple which is due to the presence of a pigment called anthocyanin. We checked all the brands for their color. A light mauve color is ideal.

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Consistency wise, we checked how thick, creamy or flowy and watery the yogurt is. Are there any berry bits in the yogurt cup? If yes, do they taste fresh and do they have a bite

3. Ingredient List + Nutritional Label

The percentage of blueberries and the way these berries (fresh, puree, preserve) are added to the yogurt. We also checked for the type of milk used to make the yogurt. Preservatives, stabilizers, artificial flavors and colors are a let down and bring down the overall rating.

The amount of calories and sugar per serve were also gauged. 

What is INS 440 (pectin) and what is it doing in my yogurt?

This is a natural acid polysaccharide present in most fruits (highest in barely ripe fruits) and is used as a thickener, emulsifier, gelling agent, and stabilizer in packaged foods. 

4. Others Factors


 How well is the yogurt packed? Is it easy to carry? The quality of packaging used was also considered. 


Priced competitively? If priced higher than the competition, is it reflected through the quality of the yogurt?

Shelf life 

Too long or too short? If the shelf life is too long, the amount of preservatives that go into the product would be higher. If too short, then the whole purpose of a packed product would be futile? 

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Blueberry Yogurt Brands – Detailed Review

How did we test these? After our product inspection was complete, we conducted a simple taste test which helped us decide which is the best tasting blueberry yogurt brand with a clean set of ingredients.

our contenders of blueberry yogurt review
Our contenders of blueberry yogurt review.
tasting samples of all blueberry yogurt
Tasting samples of the blueberry yogurt.

1. Epigamia Greek Blueberry Yogurt – Mishry Top Pick

What worked for this brand? Fresh tasting yogurt with small bursts of blueberry bits, Epigamia’s Greek Blueberry Yogurt has the cleanest ingredient list amongst all the brands we tested. No preservatives or artificial colors are used. This yogurt has a balanced sweetness and fresh fruity flavor and aroma. The balance of blueberries and yogurt is in harmony, nothing feels too much or too little. At no point does the flavor or aroma feel industrial. 

Appearance and consistency wise, this has a light mauve color and is creamy and smooth with small chunks of blueberries in between. When you bite into these fresh chunks, they elevate the overall experience. 

The fact that it has the lowest amount of calories and added sugar in comparison is a cherry on top. 

epigamia blueberry yogurt
Our Top Pick - Epigamia Blueberry Yogurt

Product information – A 90 gm cup is priced at Rs 50/- and has an 18 day shelf life. Energy per 100 grams is 99.6 Kcal and sugar is 11.1 grams (Natural – 2.7 gm; Added is 8.4 gm). The yogurt is made using double toned milk, milk solids and starter culture. Total fruit content is 3%. It contains no preservatives. 

Taste + Freshness - 5/5
Color + Consistency - 5/5
Ingredients + Nutri Label - 5/5
  • The cup is small and easy to hold. The quality of packaging is the best.
  • Beautiful looking, natural mauve color. This has no artificial colors.
  • Fresh and natural tasting yogurt. No industrial flavors!
  • We love the pop of blueberry bits in between.
  • Smooth creamy consistency of yogurt.
  • Balanced sweetness.
  • Lowest amount of calories.
  • Amount of added sugars is the lowest.
  • Clean ingredient list. No preservatives!
  • Lowest calcium content in comparison.

Need a fresh tasting yogurt with the goodness of blueberries? The one by Epigamia is the best there is. 

2. Nestle A+ Grekyo Greek Blueberry Yogurt

What doesn’t work? Nestle’s A+ Grekyo Greek Blueberry Yogurt did not win because it lacked the blueberry flavor we were looking for. This has an innate yogurt sourness (not that it isn’t pleasant or fresh), which makes the blueberry flavor even more subtle. This has a very light, pale color which isn’t appealing. In a comparative situation, the amount of blueberry chunks was less than our Top Pick. 

What worked? This yogurt is fairly creamy, tastes home-style fresh and has the highest calcium level amongst all the brands we reviewed. Calorie and sugar wise, it performed moderately.

nestle blueberry yogurt
Nestle Blueberry yogurt has a pale color.

Product information – A 100 gm cup is priced at Rs 45/- and has a shelf life of 15 days. This cup provides 119 Kcal of energy and 12.4 grams of added sugars. The yogurt is made using double toned milk and the total blueberry percentage is 2.2%. It contains nature identical flavoring substances and color (163 ii – this imparts a violet color)

Taste + Freshness - 3.5/5
Color + Consistency - 3.5/5
Ingredients + Nutri Label - 3.5/5
  • Cup is comfortable to hold.
  • Very fresh tasting. Almost home-like.
  • Highest calcium content.
  • This is creamy.
  • Lacks intensity of blueberry flavor. It is too subtle.
  • Lowest fruit content.
  • The color is not appealing. It contains an approved natural color (163 ii).
  • Calories and added sugars higher than our Top Pick.

3. Mother Dairy Fruit Blueberry Yogurt

What doesn’t work? When we reviewed Mother Dairy’s Blueberry Yogurt before, we found this to be an average tasting product. But in a comparative situation, this scores a bit lower. Although the yogurt is fresh, the blueberry flavor is not as pronounced and tastes and smells synthetic. 

Mother Dairy’s blueberry yogurt contains preservatives, added flavors and synthetic food color. The fruit content is the lowest (4% total fruit content which only contains 50% fruit). Coming to taste, this was the sweetest amongst the three with a slight synthetic blueberry flavor. This also has the highest calories per serve and has the thinnest consistency. It has a fruity, but synthetic aroma. 

mother dairy blueberry yogurt
Mother Dairy's blueberry yogurt lacks a fresh blueberry flavor.

Product inspection – A 100 gram pack is priced at Rs 25/- with a shelf life of 15 days. This cup provides 136 Kcal of energy and 12.5 added sugars. This is a purple-grey colored yogurt and we can see particles of blueberry fruit.

Taste + Freshness - 2.5/5
Color + Consistency - 2.5/5
Ingredients + Nutri Label - 2.5/5
  • The yogurt tastes fresh.
  • High calcium content.
  • Synthetic blueberry flavor and aroma.
  • Overly sweet.
  • Highest calories per serve.
  • Thinnest consistency

Packaging and plastic

All three brands are packed in plastic cups. All of them are comfortable to hold and have a wide mouth which makes scooping out the yogurt easy. The difference lies between the type of plastic used.

Mother Dairy and Nestle’s cup mentions number 6 which stands for polystyrene (PS) or styrofoam. Although this is food safe, this number denotes that the plastic is hard to recycle. It is cheap to produce and is lightweight.

Epigamia’s plastic cup mentions #5 (PP – Polypropylene) which is considered safer for food use and is recyclable. 

Mishry Top Pick – Best Blueberry Yogurt Is…

We chose Epigamia’s Blueberry Yogurt as our Top Pick because it is the best tasting, freshest yogurt with the cleanest ingredient list. The spot on blueberry flavor, balanced sweetness levels and the lack of preservatives and artificial colors is why Epigamia took the lead.

The creamy consistency of the yogurt combined with fresh chunks of blueberry – excellent mouthfeel!

Moreover, it has the lowest amount of added sugars and calories. So for those looking for a mid-meal snack that is under 100 Kcal, this is a good option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on the best Indian blueberry yogurt brands.

Yes, some brands do contain additional flavors, but they are nature-identical. What are natural identical flavoring substances, you ask? These are substances that have the same chemical composition as natural products and are chemically extracted from a natural source. 

Our Top Pick, Epigamia, does not contain any preservatives.

This is a single-serve yogurt pack and there are chances you will finish this in one go. It is best to consume this immediately after opening.

No. The flavor of yogurt is very different from ice cream. Ice cream, unlike yogurt, does not have a sour undertone.

Yes, you can make a smoothie using this yogurt. Add bananas and a sweetener of your choice. Top off with fresh blueberries

Final Verdict

Delicious, fresh and clean flavors!

We chose Epigamia’s Blueberry Yogurt as our Top Pick because of its clean ingredient list, spot on blueberry flavor, color, consistency and the fresh chunks of fruit that add a surprise bite in between. Comparatively, it also has the lowest amount of calories and added sugars.

Do you like flavored yogurt? Which is your favorite? Comment down below.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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