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sumeru vegetarian baked paratha lasagne review

Sumeru Vegetarian Baked Paratha Lasagne Review – Do these fusion flavors work?

Sumeru’s Baked Lasagne is layered with parathas instead of pasta sheets and promises desi comfort with an Italian twist.

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3 / 5
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3 / 5


Sumeru Vegetarian Paratha Lasagne packs in decent desi flavors in an Italian dish. The fresh tasting soya and veggies compliment the cheese layer. The texture of the paratha is very disappointing.

Did someone say dinner for one? A frozen lasagne is a boon for those returning home after work and lacking the motivation or energy to cook something for themselves. Yes, there’s instant noodles, but what if you want something more substantial than that?

Sumeru’s Baked Lasagne is layered with parathas instead of pasta sheets and promises desi comfort with an Italian twist. Our Sumeru Vegetarian Baked Paratha Lasagne review discusses taste, texture and the convenience it offers.

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All that you need to know about Sumeru’s vegetarian baked paratha lasagne.

Parameters Product Information
Price Rs 149/-
Net quantity 300 grams
Shelf life 9 months
Mishry Rating 2.6

Our Review Factors

What were we looking for? Frozen meals offer convenience, but it would ONLY make sense for us to go buy it again if it’s tasty. We were looking for balanced fusion flavors that are fresh and delicious. 

The parameters we set during our Sumeru veg baked paratha lasagne review are – 

1. Flavor 

First and foremost – is the product tasty? Is it able to fuse Italian and desi flavors well? Freshness and quality of the product were also checked under this segment. Any herbs and masalas that are distinguishable? Which cheese is used and does it impart any flavor of its own?  Seasoning levels were also crucial. 

2. Texture And Appearance 

How appetizing does the product look? The texture of the paratha, vegetables, soy, and cheese were put to test. 

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3. Others


 Is it heat and eat or any extra effort required? How convenient is the product? 


A well-packed product ensures

Main ingredients

 Preservatives, additives, colors and more. What are the main ingredients used?


 Is this value for money? 

Shelf life

This has a shelf life of 9 months. 

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Sumeru Vegetarian Baked Paratha Lasagne – Detailed Review

Packaging – The lasagne comes in a green pouch which contains a black rectangular box that is sealed with a transparent wrap. Remove this after microwaving it.

outer pack of sumeru paratha lasagne
Packaging of the lasagne.

Appearance – When cold, we could see unmelted cheese on top. Once heated, the cheese melts well,  and we can see layers of paratha and some soy granules/masala and cheese on top.  The layers look perfect. 

before heating sumeru lasagne paratha
Sumeru's baked paratha lasagne before heating.

Taste and texture – Usually when we think of lasagnes, we think of silky smooth pasta sheets slathered in a tangy tomato sauce, meat, veggies and truckloads of cheese. 

Considering that this has a desi twist, we were apprehensive of this combination. Surprisingly, this isn’t disappointing. Sure, you really need to be experimental to like this.

The lasagne inclines towards Southern flavors with saucy soya granules, prominent curry leaf flavor and a touch of spice. This is a vegetarian dish, so imparting those meaty flavors through the fresh tasting soya was a win.

baked paratha lasagne by sumeru after heating
The cheese melts well and we can see well-defined paratha layers.

The quantity of cheese added is just right, has melted well and complements the dish. 

Salt levels are appropriate, aroma masaledar and garlic and peas taste fresh.

The parathas are thick, chewy, hard and a little bit stretchy. The soya and cheese have apt textures and we have no complaints with that. But the texture of the paranthas ruined the overall experience. 

Taste - 3/5
Texture - 2/5
Overall Experience - 3/5
  • Meaty texture of the soya.
  • We liked the fresh tasting soya, peas and garlic.
  • Seasoning levels are appropriate. 
  • Curry leaf flavor imparts a Southern touch which is tasty. 
  • The cheese tastes nice and has the correct texture.
  • It looks appetizing.
  • Easy to cook. All it takes is 5 minutes in the microwave.
  • The texture of the paranthas is a letdown. They are hard and chewy.
  • Ingredient list could have been better.

Don’t want to cook after work? Don’t think instant noodles are the answer? This baked paratha lasagne is a hatke option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Sumeru veg baked paratha lasagne.

Although this has soya, a paratha base, veggies and cheese – it is still not healthy to consume this regularly. There is nothing that replaces freshly made home food that has a balance of all macronutrients and has no preservatives.

Yes. It contains INS 235 which is Natamycin. It is used as a fungicide in cheeses and sausages to stop/reduce growth of mould and yeasts.

You can heat this in a microwave. As per the pack – ‘Microwave for 5 minutes approximately or till internal temperature reaches 75 degrees or above. Consume after proper cooking.’ Do not remove the seal before packaging.

This can serve 1-2 people with small appetites.

It is best to consume something fresh and homemade for your breakfast. A mix of dairy, protein, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables is the ideal option. 

Final Verdict 

To sum up, this vegetarian paratha lasagne by Sumeru is fairly average. Taste wise, we liked how soya mimicked some meaty flavors and textures, the curry leaf flavor and the balanced seasoning. The hard and chewy texture of the paranthas ruined our experience. 

Which is the one fusion dish that shouldn’t work, but does. Let us know in the comment section.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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