Best Biscuits: Winning Cookies and Crackers Over Our Reviews
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Best Biscuits: Winning Cookies and Crackers Over Our Reviews

We have reviewed a whole lot of snacks over the last few months and chief among them are a range of biscuits and cookies. These could be cream-filled, or sugar-coated, fiber-rich, or loaded with chocolate chips. Here’s a list of the Best Biscuits we recommend.

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A biscuit, or otherwise known as a cookie, is, without a doubt, the number one snack that is enjoyed by people of all ages, thanks to its wonder crunchy or chewy texture, be it sweet, salty or sweet & salty. This flour-based food product is known to provide great company to tea and coffee, and makes for a delicious snacking option. It could be cream-filled, or sugar-coated, fiber-rich, or even loaded with chocolate chips, it is very versatile indeed.

We have reviewed a whole lot of snacks over the last few months and chief among them is the range of biscuits and cookies. At Mishry, all our recommendations are tried and tasted, meaning, we don’t recommend anything unless it is our own first-hand experience of the product.

Best Recommended Biscuits From All Our Reviews

Here’s a list of all the cookies and biscuits that have made it to our list.

1. Best Tasting Crackers

Sweet-salty crackers are a common tea-time snack that provide a delightful experience when combined with tea. These crunchy biscuits are seasoned with salt, herbs, or seeds, and have a slightly better nutritional value as compared to any other variant, but we would not claim them to be a nutritionally dense product. Unlike other variants, crackers are lighter yet crisp. This is due to the addition of leavening agents that are added during their manufacturing.


crackers biscuits with herbs and spices
Crackers are seasoned with herbs and spices, which further gives them a rather savory taste.


We performed a competitive taste test between two popular cracker brands in India, namely Britannia 50-50 and Parle Krackjack, to find the one that has a perfect balance of sweet and salty flavor. Parle Krackjack turned out to be the winner. The crunch in every bite along with the perfect balance of sweet and salty flavors makes it our top pick.


2. Tastiest Choco Chip Cookies

These are perhaps everyone’s favorite cookies, particularly if you have no health restrictions. Originating in the United States, this variant has distinct ingredients known as chocolate chips, or small multiple chunks of chocolate, dug deep inside its crust. Some other common ingredients for this variant include powdered sugar (brown and white), vanilla flavoring, and flour with a leavening agent such as baking powder.


choco chip cookies
Cookies have small chunks of chocolate dug deep inside the dough.

We, here at Mishry, reviewed nationwide available brands of chocolate chip cookies to find the perfect choice that had the right quantity and texture of chocolate chips in it. Parle Milano cookie turned out to be our best pick. Great tasting cookie with large chocolate chip chunks, and just the right amount of crunch, Parle Milano is our Top Pick for the Tastiest Chocolate Chip Cookie.

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parle milano cookie
parle milano cookie

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3. Best Digestive Biscuits

Their taste may not be enjoyed by everyone, but digestive biscuits are a great way to acquire some portion of your daily nutrients such as fiber and protein. Loaded with fiber, protein, and carbs, these biscuits come in different varieties based on your different needs. These semi-sweet biscuits originated in Scotland and have now become a worldwide phenomenon. The main purpose of all the nutrients mentioned earlier is to aid in digestion, thus they are named ‘digestive biscuits’. These biscuits are among the top 10 snack items eaten alongside tea across the world.

Cremica scored highest in our review, not just across parameters of taste and crunch, but also health. High on fiber, with zero trans fats and priced competitively, Cremica is undoubtedly the Best Digestive Biscuit for us.

sawdust cookies
Digestive cookies usually contain ingredients that can further aid in digestion.

In our review for finding out the best digestive biscuits that had the best taste, crunch, and nutritional content, Cremica’s Digestive High Bran biscuit emerged as our top pick.

cremica digestive high bran biscuits
cremica digestive high bran biscuits

4. Oat Cookies

Though these variants are very similar to the digestive biscuits, they have managed to gather a separate fan-base of their own. Oat cookies are exceptionally loaded with fiber, and so they also include most of the benefits that are linked with the consumption of oats. This variant of health cookies is the result of the public’s need for something healthy, and with the addition of oats flour, there is no doubt that oats cookies are better than their refined flour-based, or maida based cookies.

oat cookies
Oat cookies are fiber-rich and contain all the beneficial qualities of oats themselves.

We did a comparative taste test between Britannia and Sunfeast, out of which Britannia Nutrichoice had the essential nutritional value that could help you cut down your daily sugar intake and promote a healthier lifestyle .

The less sugar content in Britannia’s Nutri Choice essentials oat cookies is a great alternative if you are looking to cut down your daily sugar consumption and looking for something healthy.

britannia nutri choice cookies oats biscuits
Britannia nutri choice cookies oats biscuits

5. Bourbon-Style Biscuit

Bourbon is a sandwich-style biscuit that is rectangular in shape and is made out of chocolate dough. This chocolate-flavored biscuit is then filled with chocolate cream, thus doubling the goodness of cocoa and adding a sweet note due to its sugar-coated surface.

Our review included different brands of bourbon biscuits based on some fixed parameters. Britannia bourbon turned out to be our winner due to its rich chocolaty filling. Britannia Bourbon The Original Sandwiched between two perfectly crispy biscuits, the rich filling has a deep chocolatey flavor. The creme filling is not oversweet and was the most balanced amongst all the brands tasted.



6. Best Cream-Filled Biscuits

Since bourbon too has a chocolate cream center, it is excluded from this category due to its specific taste, shape, and texture. Biscuits with cream-filled center often tend to be rather standalone snack items and don’t usually go well alongside any other beverage apart from milk.

The face-off taste test that we conducted between Parle Milano and Sunfeast’s Dark Fantasy saw Sunfeast as the winner for its gooey chocolaty cream at its center and a crunchy outside that balances its creamy texture. Mouth-watering delicacy filled with cocoa cream.



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7. Best Nice Biscuit

Nice biscuits can be categorized as coconut-flavored cookies that have sugar sprinkled over their surface and bumps in their edges. This biscuit are highly popular around the world, and are also locally available in India as there are many popular and trust-worthy manufacturers such as britannia, which has also emerged as our top pick in the best nice biscuit review. Britannia Nice Time Biscuit is light, crunchy and delicious. The amount of sugar ‘showered’ on the biscuits is also just right.


Final Words

All things said, a cookie or a biscuit, is a snack that has many faces, but most of all, they are liked for their appearance, texture, and taste. Whether it has a cream-filled center that provides a boost of sweetness or its seasoned crust with a salty taste, a biscuit is an anytime-anywhere snack that can act as a great option for parties or traveling, thus making it an exceptionally popular food item for your everyday needs.

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