Pillsbury Choco Cooker Chocolate Cake Mix: #FirstImpressions
pillsbury cooker chocolate cake eggless first impressions

Pillsbury Choco Cooker Chocolate Cake Mix: #FirstImpressions

Pillsbury’s eggless cooker cakes are easy to make recipes that can be prepared in the comfort of one’s home without the use of an oven.

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A 100% vegetarian cake mix that can be prepared in the comfort of one’s home is something that everyone is looking for. Pillsbury’s range of eggless cooker cake mixes aim to provide delicious cakes, but with homeliness and without the use of an oven. 

These are great for the coming season, as we head into cool days where the warmth of chocolate and a home baked cake will be much needed! With the festive season in mind, we are trying out a long list of winter and festival specials in the Mishry review lab these days.

This year, at Mishry we are looking at reasonable gifting & festive specials that you can even buy in bigger numbers, or add to customized hampers to bring a festive appeal to your dining. Our recommendations are authentic; as always, we experience (try/fry/taste) the products ourselves, at our review lab, before making any recommendations to you.

Pillsbury Cooker Cakes offer eggless options in their range of cakes. These are simple, DIY cake kits that allow anyone to make a quick dessert at home. We tried out the chocolate variant and this is how it went.

Pillsbury Choco Cooker Cake Mix – What You Need To Know

Read here all the needed information about the Pillsbury choco cooker cake mix, before buying one for you.

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pillsbury cooker chocolate cake eggless packet
An eggless chocolate cake made at home without the help of an oven.




Pillsbury Eggless Cooker Chocolate Cake Mix

M.R.P. Rs 95/-
Quantity 150 g
Calories 383 Kcal per 100 grams
Main Ingredients Sugar, refined wheat flour, cocoa powder, milk solids and edible vegetable oil (palm)
Shelf Life Best before 9 months
Contains Cocoa solids, edible vegetable oil, permitted food color and nature identical flavoring substances (chocolate, vanilla)
Food Preference 100% vegetarian cake
Allergen Information Contains wheat and milk products


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FirstImpressions Of Pillsbury Choco Cooker Cake Mix

Here’s everything about the Pillsbury choco cooker cake mix from how to make it to the packing and taste of the product.

1. Price and packaging 

The Pillsbury Eggless Cooker Chocolate Cake Mix comes in blue and orange box packaging. A 150 gram of this cake mix is priced at Rs 95/-.

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2. How we made it

*as per information on pack

  1. Empty the contents of the pack in a bowl and stir it well for 2 continuous minutes till there are no lumps in the batter.
  2. Apply a layer of edible oil inside a vessel in which you will pour the mixture.
  3. Fill the vessel with the mixture to the top.
  4. Now, pour water into a cooker (minimum 3-liter capacity) and place the vessel inside the cooker.
  5. Steam for 30-40 minutes on medium flame.
  6. Remove the vessel from the cooker and let it cool. Then decorate the cake as per your need before serving it.

3. Taste and Texture

Pillsbury’s Cooker Cake Mix comes with two small sachets, containing a little castor sugar and colorful sprinkles for added decoration. This really is very helpful. Not only do these add to the overall flavor, but they also allow you to have a ‘complete’ dessert in just a few extra minutes.

4. The Outcome

Pillsbury’s Cooker Cake Mix is an amazingly simple way to make a quick and easy dessert in the comfort of your home. The cake cooks in precisely 30 minutes, as indicated in the packaging too.

It is not only simple, but the end result is also delicious. What you get is a soft, moist chocolate cake that becomes even better upon the addition of the decoration provided in the packaging.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered a few interesting FAQs asked by our readers.

1. How much time does it take to bake a cake in the cooker?

Pillsbury cooker chocolate cake was ready in 30 minutes. The cake was evenly baked and precisely cooked within the time mentioned on the package.

2. Can Pillsbury cake be made in the microwave?

Yes. You can bake Pillsbury cake in the microwave. Put the batter in the greased pan then bake the cake in the microwave oven for 7 to 8 minutes at a high temperature.

3. What can I use instead of salt for baking?

It’s fine if you want to skip adding the salt to the flour. Instead of salt, you can add lemon juice to it.

4. Is Pillsbury cake mix good?

Yes. Pillsbury cake mixes are good. The cakes turned out to be soft and moist. The sweetness of the cake is perfect and not too sweet. They can be used as a base cake.

5. Is this cake mix healthy to consume?

Cakes are high in calories. Moderate consumption of cake is good to go. Anything consumed in excess is harmful.

Final Words

We loved the convenience, flavor and overall experience of Pillsbury’s Cooker Cake Mix. It’s a fabulous addition to the kitchen pantry for a winter evening and a quick snack for kids on the go.

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