Prasuma Original Chicken Momos Review
Prasuma Original Chicken Momos Review mishry

Prasuma Original Chicken Momos Review

Delicate wrappings and juicy fillings for the win! Read our review to find out if Prasumas Original Chicken Momos are as mouth watering as depicted in the advertisements.

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Steamers? Check.

Chutney? Check.

High expectations? Check.

Prasumas Original Chicken Momos had our expectations reach a new high because of the quality of their pork momos. We reviewed the Prasuma Original Pork Momos earlier and absolutely LOVED the quality and freshness they provide as a packaged product. We were obviously very excited to try these out. Let’s find out if the Prasuma Original Chicken Momos are as tasty as the pork ones.

From a street side stall, to a high end restaurant, momos are delicious and can be made using different techniques and fillings. And needless to say, the iconic spicy momo chutney deserves a special place in our hearts too.

What You Need To Know About Prasuma Original Chicken Momos

*As per the information given on the pack

  • It contains no preservatives.
  • One single piece of the Prasuma Original Chicken Momos provides approximately 41.5 Kcal of energy.
  • These momos are completely cooked and just need to be heated.
Prasuma chicken momos

Prasuma Original Chicken Momos

Delicious filling and even, thin wrappers make Prasuma’s Original Chicken Momos a favorable addition to your pantry.

MRP – Rs 295/-*

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Pieces per pack – 24 momos

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpression Of Prasuma Original Chicken Momos

Price and packaging – The Prasuma original chicken momos come in two sizes – 24 pieces (party pack) and a 10 piece pack. The party pack is priced at Rs 295/- and the 10 piece pack is priced at Rs 175/-.

Prasuma Original Chicken Momos come in two sizes – 10 pieces and 24 pieces.

Upon opening the pack – There are 24 frozen mid-sized pieces of chicken momos. These ready-to-eat momos can be heated in the microwave, steamed, pan-fried or deep-fried.

Cooking the chicken momos – We chose to heat our momos using two methods this time – steamed and deep-fried.

Steaming: On steaming the frozen momos, they became soft and plump quickly. It took about 5-6 minutes for the momos to heat completely till the center once the water was boiling and producing steam at full-blown speed.

Deep frying: We deep fried the momos in vegetable oil till crisp and golden.

The final outcome – The wrapper is super thin, as mentioned on the pack. Sometimes the wrapper of momos (even from high-end restaurants) can be thick, chewy, and doughy, but the wrappers of the Prasuma momos didn’t fail us. They were consistent and thin throughout.

Prasuma Original Chicken Momos – Steamed

The filling and chutney – The filling is delicious. In fact, the filling of the steamed momos and the fried momos stayed equally fresh and plump. The chicken is very juicy and not chewy at all. Our 24 piece chicken momos pack had 2 sachets of the dipping sauce. We weren’t super impressed with the chutney and added a dash of sweet chili sauce to it.

The downside of these momos is that they contain MSG. The company has mentioned the addition of MSG very clearly and boldly on the pack. Unlike some brands, they haven’t hidden it in a corner in fine print, which is a good thing.

What must be appreciated about these momos is that they were consistent with the wrapping and filling. These would work well as a good snack-time alternative for those who love momos but find it cumbersome to make them from scratch.

Final verdict? Yum!

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