Best Aloo Bhujia Brands in India – Mishry
best aloo bhujia brands in india

Best Aloo Bhujia Brands in India – Mishry

We chose Bingo’s Tedhe Medhe as our Top Pick. It is the tastiest, crispiest and most well-seasoned aloo bhujia.

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Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Aloo bhujia is a popular Indian namkeen that is best relished during tea-time or as a bar snack. And owing to its popularity, a lot of brands have come up with their versions of this snack. 

We picked six popular and easily available brands of aloo bhujia and tested them for their texture and flavor. After two rounds of tasting, we chose Bingo’s Tedhe Medhe as the best aloo bhujia brand in India (Top Pick). The seasoning level, crispiness and flavor of the aloo bhujia was the best amongst all the contenders.

A tabular comparison of all the brands of aloo bhujia we reviewed for their price, net weight, shelf life and more.

Brand Name Mishry Rating Buy Now
Bingo Tedhe Medhe 4 Add To Cart
Haldiram’s 3.5 Add To Cart
Bikano 3 Add To Cart
Priniti 2.5 Add To Cart
Parle Chatkeens 2.5 Add To Cart
Crax 2
our winners and contenders aloo bhujia review
Bingo's Tedhe Medhe Aloo Bhujia is our Top Pick.

Our Review Factors

What were we looking for? We were looking for aloo bhujia brands that were tasty and crispy with an apt amount of seasoning strength.

How did we test this? When it comes to namkeens, most Indians have a favorite they keep going back for. Which is why a blind tasting was essential. This helped us form an unbiased opinion. Round two of tasting was done after we narrowed down the contenders to three brands. The tasting team chose their winner unanimously during this stage.

our contenders best aloo bhujia review
Our Contenders for the Aloo Bhujia Review

1. Flavor

Under this factor we sought answers to several questions – How tasty is the aloo bhujia? Does it taste fresh? Is there an oily aftertaste? Is the seasoning/ blend of masalas delicious? Salt levels appropriate? How intense or weak is the level of seasoning?

2. Texture

Separated ‘grains’ is what we were looking for. A dry-feel bhujia which is also crunchy. Soggy or oily aloo bhujia is the last thing you want.

3. Other Parameters

Packaging – Is the packaging secure and convenient? This also impacts ease of storage (if pack is resealable), the freshness and crispiness of the bhujia. 

Main ingredients – Aloo bhujia is primarily made of potatoes, a source of fat, besan and a blend of seasoning. The percentage of these ingredients vary in each brand which eventually impact the taste and texture.

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Price – Are the aloo bhujias priced competitively? If priced over or under the average range, does it reflect in the taste and quality? 

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Aloo Bhujia Brands in India – Detailed Review

This section discusses our experience, pros and cons of each brand in detail. The best aloo bhujia brands in India are..

1. Bingo Tedhe Medhe Aloo Bhujia – Mishry Top Pick

Mishry’s experience – Bingo’s Aloo Bhujia was the tastiest one with the most balanced seasoning. The intensity of masalas is very well rounded. Another reason why we picked this as our Top Pick is because the spiciness-tanginess of the aloo bhujia is the most in-sync. The texture is crisp and doesn’t seem oily when touched. Moreover, no oily aftertaste!

bingo tedhe medhe aloo bhujia packaging
Bingo's Aloo Bhujia comes in a black non-resealable pack.
bingo aloo bhujia
Bingo Aloo Bhujia is our Top Pick.

Product information – Priced at Rs 45/- for a 180 gram non-resealable pack. The shelf life is 6 months. Top 5 ingredients used to make these bhujia are – refined palmolein oil, potato (29.9%), besan, dehydrated potato (5.7% – potato 5.4% and stabilizer), seasoning mix.

Flavor - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
  • Crunchy bhujia!
  • We liked that this did not have an oily mouthfeel. Neither did it feel oily between our fingers. 
  • Tastiest aloo bhujia amongst all the contenders. 
  • The balanced salt levels and intensity of masalas is spot on.

If a chatpata aloo bhujia is what you seek, the one by Bingo is the best there is.

2. Haldiram’s Aloo Bhujia

Mishry’s experience – Haldiram’s aloo bhujia came a close second. Although this is tasty and crisp, the seasoning intensity is much lower. In a comparative situation, the seasoning did not match up with our winner. The ‘chatpata’ flavor and salt levels were much more subtle than expected.

haldirams aloo bhujia packaging
Haldiram's Aloo Bhujia comes in a striking green pouch.
haldirams aloo bhujia
Haldiram's Aloo Bhujia lacks the chatpata flavor.

Product information – Priced at Rs 45/- for a 220 gram pack. The shelf life is 6 months. Top 5 ingredients used to make these bhujia are – Potato 44%, Edible veg oil (cotton seed, corn and palmolein oil), Gram pulse flour, Tepary beans flour, and Rice flour.

We tried ALL the bhujias and sev by Haldiram’s. These are the ones you should try. 

Flavor - 3/5
Texture - 4/5
  • We like the crispy texture.
  • It tastes delicious.
  • No oily mouthfeel.
  • Fresh tasting bhujia.
  • The intensity of the masala is much less in comparison. The robust spicy-tanginess you want from an aloo bhujia was missing.

3. Bikano Aloo Bhujia

Mishry’s experience – What we liked about Bikano’s aloo bhujia is the crispiness. Taste wise, the bhujia is extensively tangy and feels a little heavy on the palette. If only the tanginess was balanced out a little, this could have been a good contender. The light chili flavor is very pleasant. 

bikano aloo bhujia packaging
Bikano Aloo Bhujia packaging.
bikano aloo bhujia
Bikano Aloo Bhujia has a crispy texture.

Product information – Priced at Rs 50/- for a 200 gram pack. The shelf life is 6 months. Top 5 ingredients used to make these bhujia are – Potato 44%, Edible veg oil (cotton seed, corn and palmolein oil), Gram pulse flour, Tepary beans flour, and Rice flour.

Flavor - 3/5
Texture - 3/5
  • We liked the crispy texture of the bhujia.
  • The mild chili flavor is tasty.
  • The tanginess is on the higher side and lowered the overall experience.

4. Parle Chatkeens Aloo Bhujia

Mishry’s experience – Parle’s Chatkeens is crispy, we will give it that. The reason this did not win was because of the peculiar oiliness. The extremely oily, almost bitter aftertaste is unpleasant and ruins the experience. The seasoning is spicy and tangy, but the overall taste is average.

parle chatkeen packaging
Parle Chatkeens packaging.
parle chatkeens aloo bhujia
Parle Chatkeens has a peculiar oiliness.

Product information – Parle Chatkeens 1 kg resealable pack is priced at Rs 220/-. The shelf life is 6 months. Once opened, consume within 10 days. The top 5 ingredients include refined oil, potato flakes, besan, moth dal, starch, and seasoning.

Flavor - 2/5
Texture - 3/5
  • The resealable pack makes for easy storage.
  • It is crunchy.
  • This is spicy and tangy.
  • This is not a very tasty pack of bhujia. The peculiar oiliness, and bitterness is off-putting.

5. Priniti Aloo Bhujia

Mishry’s experience – Priniti’s aloo bhujia is crispy but did not win due to the oily aftertaste. The seasoning is fairly good, but the oily aftertaste was a letdown.

priniti aloo bhujia packaging
The pack is resealable.
priniti aloo bhujia
The oily aftertaste is a letdown.

Product information – A 200 gram pack is priced at Rs 50/- and comes with a shelf life of 6 months. The top 5 ingredients include  – Edible Veg oil (Cotton seed and palmolein oil), Gram pulse flour 16.6%, Potato solids 14.4%, Tepary beans flour 11.1%, and Edible starch 10%.

Flavor - 2/5
Texture - 3/5
  • The texture of the aloo bhujia is crisp.
  • It has an oily aftertaste.

6. Crax Aloo Bhujia

Mishry’s experience – Crax Aloo Bhujia did not win because the texture, taste and aroma were not upto the mark. The namkeen is very oily and has a sticky feel. The aroma is extremely oily and off-putting. The taste is also very peculiar. We do not recommend the aloo bhujia by Crax. 

crax bhujia packaging
Crax Aloo Bhujia packaging.
crax aloo bhujia
The aloo bhujia is sticky and oily.

Product information – A 84 gram pack is priced at Rs 20/- with a shelf life of 5 months. Refined edible vegetable oils (palmolein and cotton seed), Besan, Potato solids (18%), Moth dal flour, and spices and condiments are the top ingredients used to make this bhujia.

Flavor - 2/5
Texture - 2/5
  • Sticky, oily mouthfeel.
  • Oily aroma and aftertaste.
  • Peculiar taste.

The Best Aloo Bhujia – Our Winner Is..

Why did we choose ITC Bingo Tedhe Medhe as our Top Pick?

Our taste test revealed ITC’s Bingo tedhe Medhe Aloo Bhujia as the winner. From the apt seasoning intensity, blend of spices used, taste and crisp texture were the factors that helped this brand win the review by a huge margin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on best Indian aloo bhujia brands.

No. Aloo bhujia is not meant for regular consumption. It contains ingredients like palm oil which are better consumed in moderation.

Yes. Aloo bhujia is a great tea time snack and can be paired with tea and coffee.

No. None of the brands we tasted were extremely spicy. Our tasters with low-moderate spice tolerance levels were able to bear the heat.

Preferably not. As mentioned above, the list of ingredients isn’t particularly healthy and is best consumed in controlled quantities occasionally.  

All our brands use either of/mix of the two oils – palm oil and cottonseed oil. Some also contain corn oil.

Final Verdict

To conclude, ITC’s Bingo Tedhe Medhe is our winner for three major reasons. It is tasty, has the best seasoning level and a crisp texture. The intensity of seasoning is also the most apt. In a comparative situation, this brand stood out from the rest.

Do you like eating aloo bhujia or plain bhujia? Let us know in the comment section below.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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