We Can't Get Enough Of Nourish You Choco Fills, Here's Why
nourish you choco fills

We Can’t Get Enough Of Nourish You Choco Fills, Here’s Why

Nourish You Choco Fills make incorporating millets into your diet easier than ever! And did we say DELISH?

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Breakfast cereals are prepared with processed grains and fortified with vitamins and minerals. Easy and convenient, a cup of milk poured over crispy cereal, makes for a yum and filling breakfast (or midnight snack)!

Nourish You, a brand Mishry’s falling hard and fast for, recently launched their Choco Fills. Our review process was divided into three stages and let us tell you, these choco fills were delectable in each one of them!

From taste and texture to the nutritional quotient, here’s all we loved and more.

Four reasons you SHOULD NOT miss out on Nourish You Choco Fills


The type and quality of ingredients are crucial when it comes to palatable snacks. 

Nourish You features a detailed and clear ingredient list that also mentions the quantity of each ingredient. 55% of the ingredients are whole grains and millets. Fiber, minerals, amino acids, and the flour mix is a remarkable blend. The remaining 45% is the filling. 


Chocolate-flavored shell with a chocolate-flavored filling- worried this would be TOO chocolaty?

This was our concern too. To our surprise, this tastes nothing but decadent. 

Moreover, the natural nutty taste of millets wasn’t too overpowering. Whether you snack on it straight out of the pack or with milk, the sweetness is balanced and the chocolate flavor is DELISH. 

nourish you choco fills
We tried these choco fills in warm and chilled milk.


The texture was recorded in three stages- raw, warm milk, and chilled milk.

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These choco fills have a fresh, crisp bite. When consumed with warm milk, the shell turned slightly soggy, but the filling was intact.

Chilled milk retained the crunch of the shell a bit better. 


The sub-parameters under filling are the taste, texture, and quantity of the filling.

The filling features a well-rounded sweetness and is not flowy. It has a luscious consistency. Another aspect we appreciated was the quantity. The filling has been added generously, such that there were no empty pockets!

nourish you choco fills
Here's the cross-sectional view.

Great taste, remarkable texture- Nourish You Choco Fills are a convenient way to sneak in some nutritious millets into your fussy little one’s diet. 

PS- The brand also offers Nourish You Vanilla Fills and Berry Fills. 

Which variant would you try out first?

* This article is in collaboration with the brand. However, our process of evaluating any product remains independent. 
* Our reviews are unbiased, and we pay for the samples ourselves. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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