Anjani 2 in 1 Multipurpose Clever Cutter Review - Mishry
anjani 2 in 1 multipurpose clever cutter review

Anjani 2 in 1 Multipurpose Clever Cutter Review – Mishry

A knife with a built-in mini chopping board. Does this kitchen tool work?

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Anjani’s 2-in-1 cutter with a built-in mini chopping board is supposed to reduce time and effort in the kitchen during meal prep, but doesn’t. The quality of the knife blades is good enough to make neat cuts on the veggies, which is why we gave it a 2 on design. Other than that, this tool is inconvenient to use and we do not recommend it.

New-age kitchen tools aim to reduce time and effort in the kitchen. But some are just there for show and don’t actually work all that well.

We ordered a kitchen knife with a built-in chopping board. We tested this in our kitchen to see if this is a functional tool or not? Our Anjani 2 in 1 multipurpose clever cutter review discusses all about its price, body material, design and more.

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Quick look at the product information.


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Parameters Product information
Price Rs 195/-
Body material Plastic + Stainless Steel
Length of serrated knife 3.5 inches approx / 9cm
Length of plain knife 4.5 inches approx / 11.5 cms
Gap between the knives 4 inches / 10 cms
Length of the chopping board 3.5inches approx / 9.5 cms
Weight 121 grams
Mishry Rating 1.33
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Our Review Factors

What were we looking for? A functional tool which helps us reduce time and effort in the kitchen.

How did we test this? We used this to chop vegetables including spinach, mint, carrot, potatoes, beans and salad leaves over a period of 2 weeks. Regular washing was done like we do for other knives and tools.

We believe that tools, utensils and appliances need regular testing to gauge their quality, convenience, ease of use and handling. 

We reviewed the Anjani 2 in 1 multipurpose clever cutter on the following parameters –

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1. Design

Sharpness and material of the knife blades, the quality and finishing of the mini chopping board, the spring between the two – how ergonomically is this tool designed? How much effort does it take to cut hard and soft veggies? 

2. Functionality

If the tool is functional, it will automatically add a lot of convenience by reducing time and effort in the kitchen. Does this kitchen tool work well? Does it do the job of chopping different types of vegetables with ease? If not, why? What can be better? Is the mechanism smooth?

3. Price

Keeping the design and functionality in mind, is this tool worth the price? As a tool priced under Rs 200/-, does it add value to the kitchen workspace? 

While not a deciding factor, the packaging was also checked. 

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Anjani 2 in 1 Multipurpose Clever Cutter – Detailed Review

First observations – The knives of the tool are quite sharp, the grip is comfortable and doesn’t hurt or add too much stress on the hand. Softer, leafy vegetables like spinach, mint and lettuce are easy and effortless to chop, but vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes and carrots require some extra effort. 

first look at the cutter
First look at Anjani's Clever Cutter.
design of the anjani clever cutter
Sharp blades and sturdy handle.

Can this be used as a peeler? The product page on Amazon mentions that this can be used for peeling as well. So we tried using this as a peeler for vegetables like potatoes and carrots. We observed that the peeling process for longer and bigger vegetables is easy. It is difficult to peel small potatoes due to the big size of the cutter. The grip is uncomfortable when used for smaller veggies.

weight and dimensions of the clever cutter
Checking the cutter for weight and dimensions.
testing the cutter using different vegetables
We tested the cutter on different vegetables - soft and hard.
the results of the cutting
We had a neat-looking batch of veggies, but the time and effort required to do this is much higher than using a regular knife.

But does it reduce time? No. The whole process is time consuming and people who want to get their cooking/meal-prep done quickly, this doesn’t help at all. Yes, the cuts are neat, but for veggies like potatoes, you need to keep placing it back to chop. Moreover, there is a risk of a finger cut if you’re not careful while placing the veggies.

Design - 2/5
Functionality - 1/5
Value For Money - 1/5
  • The blades are really sharp and of good quality.
  • The cutter locks well and can be placed in the drawer without risking finger cut while storing.
  • Works well as a peeler for larger, longer vegetables.
  • Cuts soft, leafy vegetables with ease. 
  • This is a time taking process.
  • Harder veggies require more effort.
  • The mechanism isn’t as smooth.
  • Inconvenient product, especially if you are trying to work fast in the kitchen.
  • While cutting harder veggies, you require to keep placing it back again and again. If doing this chore without being extra careful, it would lead to a serious finger cut.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Anjani 2 in 1 multipurpose clever cutter.

The pack does not specify if the tool is dishwasher safe or not. We did not try using it in the dishwasher.

Yes. We tried chopping vegetables like potatoes, lettuce, spinach, carrots, and beans using this cutter. It is easier to cut leafy greens with this instead of harder vegetables. Make sure you handle this tool very carefully.

No. The design of this cutter will be a hindrance in that process.

We checked for rust after 2-3 weeks of continuous usage – chopping and washing. We let it air dry too. There was no rust. 

The blades are sharp enough to cut through a plastic/paper pack. That said, this isn’t designed in such a way that you can easily use it as a scissor without causing some food wastage or hurting yourself.

Final Verdict – Yay or Nay?

Should you buy this tool? This tool had a lukewarm response from our entire team. Although the cuts on the vegetables are neat, this tool doesn’t save us a lot of time in the kitchen during meal-prep. Softer veggies are cut with ease, but harder vegetables require more effort.

For someone who needs to get meal-prep out of their way quickly, this would only slow it down further.

Have you tried any interesting kitchen tools and gadgets lately? Tell us more in the comment section.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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