Arugula & Co. Review – Artisanal Salad Dressings
arugula and co salad dressings

Arugula & Co. Review – Artisanal Salad Dressings

The salad dressings by Arugula & Co. are not only fresh but come with an extremely clean ingredient list.

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Arugula & Co. perfects and balances flavors without the use of any artificial ingredients and preservatives. The brand uses clean ingredients which are plant based and largely organic. Thumbs up for these deliciously fresh salad dressings!

Do you think salads are boring, drab and flavorless? Think again! To make a salad exciting you should focus on dividing the bowl into five prime categories – the leafy greens, protein, colorful vegetables, a crunchy element, and the dressing.

It’s a known fact that a well-made dressing can instantly uplift even the most unexciting salad. If you are someone who doesn’t have the time to perfect a salad dressing recipe but do not want to opt for an additive-loaded packaged sauce either, we have the perfect solution for you.

Arugula & Co. is a Mumbai based company that makes artisanal salad dressings from scratch. These dressings are all plant-based, made using cold pressed oils and contain no refined sugar. The best part? They do not have any preservatives or additives. As a part of our series, Curated by Mishry, we ordered a pack of three salad dressings from Arugula & Co. Here are our recommendations.

Curated by Mishry

Arugula & Co. – Products We Tried

Arugula & Co. –  At A Glance

brand logo
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1. Legal Name Arugula & Co.
2. Founder Niharika Goenka
3. Founded Year 2018
4. Headquarters Mumbai
5. Products Covered Salad dressings
6. Operation Pan India

Arugula & Co. – Everything You Need To Know

arugula and co salad dressings variants we ordered
The products we ordered from Arugula & Co.

Here is all that you need to know about Arugula & Co’s founder, the brand’s journey, products offered and operation.

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Arugula & Co. was founded by Niharika Goenka in 2018.

Arugula & Co’s Journey

In the words of the brand “Founded by Niharika Goenka, a self-proclaimed food addict with a history of overtraining, bingeing, under-eating and downright gluttony. Arugula & Co. is a health food startup that has a single point agenda: to help you #eatmoreveggies. From her first diet at the age of thirteen, Niharika has had every protein shake, gone on every diet, and even completed a Masters in Nutrition from Columbia University, only to stumble on simple truths: nutritious food is that which is closest to its original form, ingredients you don’t recognize are not food, and lastly, flavor satiates, food never does.”

Brand Mission & Vision

“Feeding people is serious business. While farming practices have evolved to maximize profits and production, we make an extra effort to partner with quality farmers, who are as committed to their crop and our planet, as you are to your body.”

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As per their website the brand believes in local sourcing and sustainable packaging. Their products are preservative free and all that goes into the making of the dressings is made from scratch including the organic tahini and homemade mustard. 

The brand further writes “We strongly believe that preservatives, additives, colorings, and flavorings are not food. We promise that you’ll never find ingredients that you don’t recognize on our labels. Our ingredients list will always be as clean as that bill of health we’re all striving for.”

Products Covered

Arugula & Co. offers five different types of salad dressings – 

  • Balsamic + Olive oil
  • Cashew + Mustard
  • Chilli + Jaggery
  • Peanut + Lime
  • Wasabi + Togarashi


Arugula & Co. delivers Pan India.

Arugula & Co. Products – Our Recommendations

Here are a few details of our order, the amount we paid, storage instructions and packaging.

What we ordered

We ordered a pack of three dressings – 

  • Chilli + Jaggery
  • Peanut + Lime
  • Cashew + Mustard
arugula and co salad dressings variants in a bowl
First look at the dressings by Arugula & Co.

How much did we pay for this? 

We paid Rs 650/- in total for three dressings. The dressings were ordered directly from their website. While the dressings are priced at Rs 240/- individually, the ‘pick three dressings’ option led us towards a small discount. The total amount we paid includes taxes and shipping. 

Packaging – The dressings come packed in little glass jars with a metal cap. They are sealed with a thin paper sticker from top, rolling down the sides. The packaging is minimalist, but the label is detailed. 

Shelf life – The salad dressings have a shelf life of 180 days from the date of manufacturing.


We love the fact that pairings and flavor profiles for each variant have been mentioned on their website. It can get a bit tedious to think about what would taste good with a certain flavor and Arugula & Co. solves it efficiently. Full marks for that!

1. Cashew + Mustard

Name Of The Dressing Cashew + Mustard
Price Rs 240/-
Net weight 120 ml
Energy (per 120 ml) 232 Kcal
Pairs well with Romaine, Iceberg lettuce, Onions, Capsicum, Tomatoes, Zucchini
Ingredients  Water, Organic cashews, Organic fresh lime juice, Organic extra virgin olive oil, Homemade mustard (water, organic mustard seeds, coconut vinegar, organic mustard oil, organic rock salt, organic black pepper, organic turmeric) Organic rock salt, Organic black pepper.


Our first impression – The Cashew + Mustard dressing has a lovely, natural yellow color. As soon as we opened the jar, a light pungent aroma of mustard hit the nose. The consistency of the dressing is thick and creamy. The dressing is made using organic cashews and homemade mustard. This is a gluten-free dressing.

How did we use it? We used the cashew mustard dressing on top of thick crescent chunks of cucumber. This helped us check the flavor correctly. We did not add any salt or seasoning. 

arugula and co salad dressings cashew mustard bottle
Arugula & Co. Cashew and Mustard dressing has a yellow color.
contents of arugula and co salad dressings cashew mustard bottle in a bowl
The consistency of the dressing is thick and creamy.
arugula and co salad dressings cashew mustard used on thick crescent chunks of cucumber
We made a simple cucumber salad that helped us gauge the flavor of the dressing.
closer look at cucumber salad made using arugula and co cashew mustard salad dressing
closer look at cucumber salad made using arugula and co cashew mustard salad dressing

What We Like

Cashews tend to provide a certain creaminess when blitzed, and so they did. This dressing has a creamy consistency which is perfect for leafy salads or even as spread for your sourdough bread. Combined with the pungency of mustard seeds, this dressing is extremely fresh and delicious. It is seasoned well and you do not feel the need to add any spices or salt.

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2. Chilli + Jaggery


Name Of The Dressing Chilli + Jaggery
Price Rs 240/-
Net weight 120 ml
Energy (per 120 ml) 225 Kcal
Pairs well with Grilled tofu, Carrot, Steamed bean sprout, Fresh mint and basil, White onion, Red cabbage, Mushroom, Shredded spinach, Cilantro
Ingredients  Organic jaggery, Water, Organic fresh lime juice, Organic soy sauce, Organic whote sesame oil, Organic white sesame seeds, Organic chilli flakes


Our first impression – The chilli and jaggery dressing has a brown color. We could see a lot of chilli specs and a bit of oil floating on top. The dressings by Arugula & Co. do not use any emulsifiers which is why the oil floating on top is natural. The aroma of the dressing is a mixed bag of sweet and spicy. The consistency is very drizzle-like.

How did we use it? We used the chilli jaggery dressing in a homemade papaya salad. While ingredients like peanuts, lime juice and cilantro are common in a papaya salad, we did not add any as we wanted the flavor of the dressing to be the showstopper of the dish.

arugula and co salad dressings chilli jaggery bottle
Arugula & Co’s Salad dressing comes in a glass jar.
contents of arugula and co salad dressings chilli jaggery bottle in a bowl
We could see a lot of chilli specs in the chilli and jaggery salad dressing.
arugula and co salad dressings chilli jaggery used in papaya salad
We generously drizzled the Chilli + Jaggery dressing on our plate of papaya salad.

What We Like

Flavorful and fresh! We loved the chilli and jaggery dressing for its perfect seasoning, and South Asian inspired flavors. Making a noodle salad? Grilling a piece of fish? The chilli jaggery dressing by Arugula & Co. is your best friend.

3. Peanut + Lime


Name Of The Dressing Peanut + Lime
Price Rs 240/-
Net weight 120 ml
Energy (per 120 ml) 381 Kcal
Pairs well with Spinach, Red pepper, Carrot, Steamed broccoli, Mushroom, Scallion, Cilantro, Fresh mint, Basil, Roasted and crushed peanuts
Ingredients  Organic homemade peanut butter, Water, Coconut vinegar, organic soy sauce, Organic fresh lime juice, Organic extra virgin olive oil, Organic jaggery, Organic chilli flakes


Our first impression – The peanut and lime dressing has a dark beige color and is well blended. There is no oil floating on top. The bold nutty aroma of the peanut and lime dressing is very inviting. The consistency of the dressing is thin and flowy.

How did we use it? We used the peanut and lime dressing on top of a cucumber ribbon salad with basil. No extra seasoning or condiment was added to this. Why cucumbers? Why not something more elaborate? Cucumbers tend to provide that basic neutral base, which makes it the perfect veggie to be tested and tasted on. 

arugula and co salad dressings peanut lime bottle
Arugula & Co. Peanut + Lime dressing
closer look at the arugula and co salad peanut lime dressing
A closer look : The Peanut + Lime dressing is very well blended.
arugula and co salad dressings peanut lime used in cucumber ribbon
We used the peanut and lime dressing in a cucumber ribbon salad.

What We Like

It is certainly spicy and has those fresh Thai flavors. There isn’t a lot of sweetness in the dressing, but the zingy citrusy flavor that comes from the lime is very prominent. This is a lovely addition to Thai salads or as a dipping sauce for your grilled chicken!

Arugula & Co. – Contact Details

Contact Number – +91 8657436082

Email Id –

Website –

Social Media Links – Instagram | Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Arugula & Co.

1. Does Arugula & Co. deliver pan India? Where can I order these dressings from?

Yes. They deliver throughout the country. You can order the salad dressings from Arugula & Co. from their website or Amazon.

2. How to store the dressings once opened?

All the dressings should be refrigerated once opened. If the vinaigrettes solidify, the brand advises to leave them outside before using. This will help them to return to their original texture.

3. Do the dressings have any additives or preservatives?

No. All dressings by Arugula & Co. are free of any additives, preservatives and artificial colors.

4. Are the dressings by Arugula & Co. organic? 

The brand’s website says ‘90% of our ingredients are certified organic, sustainable, and locally sourced. We are constantly striving to improve our supply chain to make it more in tune with the natural state of our bodies and environments.’

While reviewing we were looking for a stamp on the jar for the ‘certified organic’ tag, but couldn’t find one. 

5. What can we use the dressings for, if not in a salad?

The cashew and mustard dressing is creamier and can easily be used as a spread on your bagels, sandwiches and subs. The peanut and lime dressing and the chilli jaggery dressing would be amazing options for DIY Buddha bowls, Vietnamese rice paper rolls and even homemade lettuce wraps.

Final Verdict – Arugula & Co. Salad Dressings

Fresh, preservative free and 100% plant based salad dressings!

At Mishry, we like to shift the focus on label reading. It’s extremely important, but often ignored. Which is why the dressings from Arugula & Co. have our heart. A clean ingredient list is hard to find in packaged products these days and we were happy to find a brand that emphasizes so much on clean eating and quality of ingredients. If you’re looking for a delicious spin for your salads, grills and wraps, give the dressings by Arugula & Co. a try!

Have you tried salad dressings from Arugula & Co. before? If yes, which one? Let us know in the comment section below.

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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