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Kent Instant Egg Boiler Review – A Hassle-Free, Wholesome Breakfast In 3 Minutes!

Soft, medium, or hard- Kent Instant Egg boiler will be your best friend during those rushed mornings.

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Kent Instant egg boiler is a must-have! It is easy to use, easy to store, and best of all- delivers on all the claims.

Eggs are one of those inexpensive and super versatile ingredients. An easily available source of good-quality protein, one of the easiest ways to consume eggs is by boiling them. 

Boiled eggs can simply be consumed with a generous sprinkle of some salt and pepper or added to something as fancy as a quinoa salad topped with chopped boiled eggs. 

However, boiling eggs to your preferred level requires you to stand around, wait, and keep an eye on them (and off your phone!) This is because one extra minute can result in dramatically overcooked eggs.

Enter electric egg boilers! One of the most beginner-friendly kitchen appliances, egg boilers eliminate all the extra steps. All you need to do is fill water as required, place the eggs, turn the switch on, and wait until they’re done.

We, just like you, are always looking for appliances, processes, and hacks that reduce our time in the kitchen. So when we came across this electric egg boiler that has an auto shut-off feature, we knew it had to be reviewed. For our Kent instant egg boiler review, Team Mishry tried some hard boiled and some soft boiled eggs. This review covers all major and minor details in terms of cooking time, set-up, ease of use, cleaning, and maintenance.

In this section of our review, we talk about significant details of the Kent Instant egg boiler that will help you decide whether or not it is worth buying.

kent instant egg boiler
This egg boiler is compact which makes it easy to store.

1. Material

With the main Kent egg boiler unit, you get a manual, measuring cup, an egg needle, and a steaming bowl. The unit includes a transparent lid, an egg tray, a heating plate, the body, and a plug. 

The heating plate and body are made of stainless steel. The steaming bowl and measuring cup are made of plastic.

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2. Design

This kitchen appliance has a very beginner-friendly design. It can be operated with the touch of a button. Additionally, the auto switch-off adds to this ease. 

This egg boiler is quite lightweight and easy to store. 

3. Egg Holding Capacity

The egg tray can hold up to seven eggs at once. 

4. Unique Features

The minimal power consumption (360 watts) and quick cooking time are some of the commendable features of the Kent egg boiler. 

In addition to these, this device shuts off automatically when all the water is evaporated. This feature ensures no over-cooking or burnt eggs. 

The egg needle that comes with this electric boiler is meant to check whether or not the eggs are cooked to the desired level. But how this needs to be done is not mentioned on the manual or demo video. When we called the helpline they could not help us with that information either.

5. Power Usage

This electric egg boiler draws a power of 360 watts. 

6. Price

Kent egg boiler is priced at Rs 1800. From a trusted brand and with not much competition in the market, we think this kitchen appliance is priced decently looking at the benefits it offers. 

7. Warranty

We purchased this electric egg boiler online from Amazon. It comes with a one-year warranty.

Kent Egg Boiler- Detailed Review

The time required, holding capacity, accessories included and other details of the Kent Instant egg boiler have been mentioned in a tabular form. Have a look!

Parameters Kent Egg Boiler
Price INR 1800
  • Stainless steel- heating plate and body
  • Plastic- steaming bowl, lid, water cup
Egg Holding Capacity 7 eggs
Color Silver body

Transparent lid

White steaming bowl

Weight 1.65 kg

Team Mishry’s Kent Egg boiler review also talks in detail about cleaning and maintenance of the product to ensure quality retention. 

Mishry recommends cleaning the heating plate with a soft cloth and egg tray before/after each use. If not, the tray starts accumulating particles which results in the bottom part of the eggs having brown ring shapes. Additionally, this also enhances the longevity of the heating plate and tray. 

Here are some technical details of this electric egg boiler. 

The water cup has measurements for soft and hard-boiled eggs. Start by following these measurements and as you get an idea, you can change the water added as per your preferred level of doneness.

kent electric egg boiler stainless steel plate
It has a stainless steel body.
kent egg boiler plastic bowl and measuring cup
The accessories that come with Kent Instant egg boiler.
kent instant egg boiler needle
A needle that helps check how well the eggs are cooked.
kent instant egg boiler capacity
Eggs in holding tray in Kent egg boiler.
kent instant egg boiler switched on
This electric egg boiler works on a one-touch operation.
kent instant egg boiler review process
We tried hard boiled (in the tray) and medium-boiled (in the bowl) eggs.
kent instant egg boiler boiled eggs
Medium boiled eggs made using the Kent egg boiler.


  • This lightweight egg boiler can cook up to seven eggs at once.
  • It is made of stainless steel and plastic.
  • This kitchen appliance draws a power of 360 watts.
  • It does not have a non-stick coating.
  • It is easy to store, clean, and maintain. 
  • This egg boiler can be used for soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs. 


  • The machine automatically shuts off once all water is evaporated.
  • It offers hassle-free preparation.
  • This egg boiler can be used by newbies in the kitchen as it has a one-touch operation. 
  • The water cup has markings for soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs. 
  • The power consumption is low.
  • A user manual, water cup, egg needle, and steaming bowl are included. 
  • You can steam veggies in the steaming bowl. 
  • No eggs were burnt during our review process.
  • The hard boiled eggs were done perfectly in 18 minutes.
  • Eggs boiled on the medium-water setting were done in under 8 minutes.

Best Suited For

Kent Instant egg boiler is a must-have if you consume boiled eggs regularly. Overall this appliance adds convenience and also saves time by boiling as many as seven eggs at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Kent Egg Boiler

1. How to set modes for egg boiling in kent egg boiler?

Kent Instant egg boiler does not have such settings. It has an automatic switch off feature that shuts the appliance once all water has evaporated. 

You are recommended to add water based on your preferred doneness of eggs ranging from soft to hard. 

2. What is the purpose of the “steaming bowl” in Kent Egg Boiler?

We think the steaming bowl is a great addition to this egg boiler. Like the egg tray holds eggs, the steaming bowl is ideally used for steaming chopped veggies. 

3. Can I remove its plate for washing?

Yes. It is also recommended to wipe the plate before/after each use. 

4. What is the warranty period for Kent instant egg boiler?

Amazon offers a one-year warranty on this egg boiler. 

5. Does it have indicating light?

No. This egg boiler has a one-touch operation. The boiler switches off once the water evaporates.  

Final Words

Quick, easy, and healthy! Your morning breakfast, post-workout meal, a convenient protein-rich addition to a salad- is all sorted with Kent Instant egg boiler. 

The design, the accessories, ease of use and maintenance all get a thumbs up from our team. 

That said, water must be added based on your preferred level of doneness as the appliance automatically shuts off once there’s no water in it. To better explain this- we added a larger quantity of water during hard boiling the eggs and comparatively lesser for soft boiled eggs. This instant egg boiler needs around 20 minutes for hard boiled and 5-7 minutes for soft boiled eggs. 

How do you like your eggs? Boiled? Half-fried? Or as a veggie-loaded omelet? 

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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