COVID 19: Making the most of these times

COVID 19: Making the most of these times

Our complete guide to make the most of this lockdown phase.

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These are tough times we are living in right now. With millions around the world under lockdown or isolation, or worst still, dealing with the virus in a more direct way with a loved one unwell, these are unprecedented times and none of us has dealt with anything like this before.

We have put together a guide of some of our most useful articles and reviews to tide through this time.

In this article, you will find lists of products, useful tips, and ideas about how to keep the meals healthy and effortless.


Products To Consider

Immunity Boosters to Keep You Fit

No Gym? 10 Healthy Snacking Options When You Are Staying Indoors



Using Leftovers

Food wastage needs to be at an all-time low:

6 Ways To Use Leftover Rice

5 Cooling Summer Lunch Ideas


Recipe Collections with Dry Staples

We have created a set of recipe ideas that use only dry staples:

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5 Ways To Use Semolina (Suji) During The Lockdown

5 Appetizing Indian Dishes To Make With Oats During The Lockdown

Use the humble Moong Dal innovatively

5 Easy Dishes To Make Using White Urad Dal

5 Ways To Use Rajma In Your Kitchen


Getting Creative With Limited Resources


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