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anveshan groundnut oil review

Anveshan Groundnut Oil Review – Gives Best Flavour & Aroma to Dishes

Extracted in a wooden Kolhu, Anveshan wood-pressed groundnut oil features the characteristic color, taste, and aroma.

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Anveshan Groundnut Oil is wood pressed and unprocessed. Free of any preservatives, this oil is vegan and gluten-free as well. We liked the fresh, nutty aroma of the oil. This is a versatile cooking oil for Indian homes.

There are tons of different cooking oils to choose from. Each of these fat sources offers unique benefits and a distinctive taste and aroma. While some of these have a high smoke point, others must be used for low to medium-temperature cooking and preparations. 

Groundnut oil, also known as peanut oil, has a higher smoke point as compared to most other types of oils. Additionally, it has a neutral taste. This means from grilling to frying, groundnut oil can be used in a plethora of dishes without major alterations to the taste. 

We at Mishry are fans of such versatile ingredients. Not only do they save space in the pantry, but also serve multiple culinary purposes! Anveshan is an Indian brand that offers wood-pressed oils in coconut, groundnut, black mustard, and black sesame variants. 

What are wood-pressed oils, you ask? Can groundnut oil truly be used for all culinary purposes? If it’s extracted from nuts, wouldn’t it taste nutty? This and more is discussed in Team Mishry’s Anveshan Groundnut oil review. 

Did You Know?- Peanuts churned results in peanut butter, peanuts processed in cold press/wood press machines gives groundnut/peanut oil. 

Anveshan Groundnut Oil Review – Everything You Need To Know

Anveshan wood pressed groundnut oil is extracted in wooden kolhu/chekku. Unlike cold-pressed oils, wood pressing is an extraction technique that uses wooden equipment/machines, yields relatively lesser oil which has a richer nutrient density. 

anveshan groundnut oil packaging
We ordered the 5 L tin can of groundnut oil.

1. Available Sizes

1 L, 2 L, and 5 L are the available sizes for groundnut oil by this brand. 

2. Packaging

The 5-Liter oil comes in a tin. The tin is further packed in a carton. 

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3. Container Type

The 2 and 5 L variants are packed in a tin can and the 1 L variant is offered in a glass bottle. 

4. Ingredients 

This vitamin E-rich oil is made using 100% groundnuts. 

5. Type

This groundnut oil is 100% natural and chemical-free.

6. Extraction and Manufacturing Method

The wood press method of oil extraction has been followed. It ensures maximum nutrient retention as no heat is involved in this process. 

Premium quality raw materials have been sourced directly from farms. 

7. Usability

Groundnut oil is a versatile oil as it has a neutral flavor and no taste-altering properties. The brand recommends using this oil as a salad dressing, for frying and sauteing vegetables, and in aromatherapy. 

8. Nutritional Value

Per 100 g, this oil offers 889.46 kcal. It has 99.94% of fat which is divided into 18% of saturated fatty acids, 39.13% of MUFA, and 42.8 % PUFA. The rest (38.34%) is Omega 9.

9. Price

We ordered the 5 L tin can which was priced at INR 2,000.

The smaller variants 1 L and 2 L are priced at INR 500 and 900 respectively. 

10. Shelf Life

This groundnut oil has a shelf life of six months. 

Anveshan Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil  – Detailed Review

Here is a table displaying the product information about Anveshan Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil.


Anveshan Groundnut Oil Product Information
Quantity 5 Liters
Price Rs 2000/-
Type Wood Pressed
Shelf Life 6 months


We used the groundnut oil over a period of three days to test it in various forms of cooking to check if it lends any taste to the dish. From a multigrain dosa to a pack of noodles with sauteed veggies and even a light salad dressing. Anveshan’s groundnut oil is clear and has a dark yellow color. We liked the peanut aroma of the oil which vanishes as soon as you cook with it. 

anveshan groundnut oil can lid
The tin can is equipped with a handle.
anveshan groundnut oil can open lid
This lid makes storage easy, but an easy-pour spout would have made pouring the oil a bit hassle-free.
anveshan groundnut oil in a bowl
This wood pressed oil has a rich yellow hue.


  • This oil is extracted in wooden Chekku/Kolhu. This method of extraction doesn’t just retain higher nutrients but also taste and aroma. 
  • Glass bottles (1 L) and tin cans (2 and 5 L) are offered. 
  • This is a preservative and gluten-free groundnut oil. 
  • It has a shelf life of six months.


  • This groundnut oil is competitively priced.
  • It has an inherent aroma of peanuts. No rancid or industrial smell.  
  • The oil is clear and has a characteristic yellow color.


  • The tin packaging does not have an easy-pour spout on top, thus making the process of pouring the oil cumbersome.

Best Suited For

Groundnut oil is a mild-tasting oil. It does not drastically change the taste/aroma of food. Whether it’s frying or baking, and even for oil pulling and face massages, this wood pressed groundnut oil serves various purposes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Anveshan wood-pressed groundnut oil.

1. Is this oil filtered or refined?

This groundnut oil is wood-pressed and unrefined. 

2. What is the material used to make the tin container of this product?

Tin is made using steel or a steel-coated metal. The steel helps prevent corrosion. 

3. Can non-veg items be cooked with this oil?

Definitely, this oil can be used for everything from baking to frying. 

4. Is this oil argemone and hexane-free?

Yes, the oil is argemone and hexane-free. 

Final Words

Anveshan’s groundnut oil is made using the wood pressed method (chekku/kolhu) which helps in retaining the nutrients. We liked the nutty aroma of the oil in its raw state, which vanishes as soon as you cook with it. The brand records the data for their product at three stages – at the farm level, at the processing level, and at the packaging level. 

Which oil do you use at home for everyday cooking? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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