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anveshan coconut oil review

Anveshan Coconut Oil Review – For Cooking Nutritious Dishes

Anveshan Coconut oil is wood-pressed and has a fresh, coconutty aroma.

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Anveshan’s coconut oil is wood pressed and unrefined. Free of any preservatives, this oil is made using high-quality coconuts. It has a fresh, coconutty aroma.

Revisiting our culinary heritage and understanding the benefits of following a traditional diet, just like our grandmas did, consuming more fresh, local, and seasonal produce is a learning process. The focus has drastically shifted to ensuring better health. In this case, oils are highly underrated. Although oils are primarily a fat source, they contribute significantly to the taste, aroma, as well as micronutrient composition.

While each of these oils offers a unique set of health benefits with taste, today we shall discuss the South-Indian staple – coconut oil.  Anveshan is an Indian brand that specializes in wood-pressed oils. From taste and aroma to how wood pressed oil is made, we delve deep into our Anveshan Coconut oil review. 

If you thought Anveshan wood-pressed coconut oil can only be used for frying banana chips, think again! In addition to culinary purposes, coconut is widely used for skin and hair care. As a moisturizer, a cleanser, Anveshan wood pressed coconut oil offers the following benefits-

  • Shields against UV radiation
  • Heals wounds faster
  • Has anti-aging properties
  • Moisturises skin

Following are some more details about Anveshan coconut oil-

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anveshan coconut oil packaging
The 1 L variant comes in a glass bottle.

1. Available Sizes

This wood-pressed coconut oil is available in quantities of 1 L, 2 L, and 5 L.

2. Packaging

The glass bottle was securely placed in a carton. The black and white label on the pack looks aesthetically pleasing and is descriptive. 

3. Container Type

1 L is packed in glass bottles and the other variants come in tin cans. 

4. Ingredients 

Anveshan coconut oil is made using 100% high-quality coconuts (as mentioned on the pack). Since this oil is only filtered using a sieve, there may be some solid particles of raw coconut which is completely normal. 

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5. Type

This coconut oil is vegan and cruelty-free. 

6. Extraction and Manufacturing Method

This coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconuts aka copra. Anveshan’s coconut oil is wood-pressed (Kolhu/Chekku).

Similar to the cold press method of extraction, wood press also results in unrefined and chemical-free oils. However, the only difference between these two processes of extraction lies in the construction of the equipment. 

For cold pressing, the machine is made of metal. Whereas, for wood pressing, it is made of wood. The yield in the latter is comparatively lesser but more nutrient-dense. 

7. Usability

This coconut oil can be used for culinary as well as non-culinary purposes. It can be used for frying, grilling, baking, as per taste preferences. 

This oil is recommended for hair massages, as a face/body moisturizer, and as a base oil for aromatherapy. Some also use coconut oil for oil pulling to maintain dental health.

8. Nutritional Value

Per 100 g, Anveshan coconut oil provides- 898.8 kcal, out of which 99.87% is fat. This is further classified as 93% saturated fatty acids, 5.49% monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), 1.43% polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), and 8.01% Omega 9.

9. Price

The 1 L glass bottle is priced at INR 590. 

Tins cans holding 2 L and 5 L are priced at INR 1,000 and INR 2,300 respectively. 

Anveshan Coconut Oil  – Detailed Review

Anveshan coconut oil 1 L comes in a glass bottle and is sealed with a metal lid. Here are some more details. 


Anveshan Wood Pressed Coconut Oil Product Specifications
Price INR 590
Quantity 1 L
Type Wood pressed oil
Shelf Life Six months
anveshan coconut oil in a glass jar
This wood pressed coconut oil is colorless.
anveshan coconut oil consistency
It has a thick yet flowy consistency.
closer look at anveshan coconut oil
In addition to cooking, this coconut oil can be used for skin and hair care.
anveshan coconut oil review process
The oil started to solidify within 10 minutes of being in the refrigerator.

Anveshan coconut oil is extracted using a no-heat process. This ensures higher nutrient retention.  Anveshan is an Indian brand that aims at empowering local farmers. To do this, the brand sources fresh, raw coconuts directly from local farmers. 

This wood-pressed coconut oil is 100% natural, unrefined, and devoid of preservatives. It is easily digestible and is ideal for medium-temperature cooking and even salad dressings. 

Alternatively, it can be used as a hair mask, as a moisturizer, etc. 

We checked the oil for its signature coconut aroma and how quickly it solidifies in the refrigerator.


  • Anveshan coconut oil is wood pressed.
  • It is also available in 2 and 5 L tin cans.
  • This oil is colorless.
  • It can be used for culinary and other purposes.
  • This oil has a shelf life of six months.


  • The coconut oil has a beautiful, fresh, coconutty aroma.
  • It solidifies quickly when kept in the refrigerator. No other layers were seen in the glass.
  • It is competitively priced. 

Best Suited For

Coconut oil is a highly fragrant oil. It lends a unique flavor to dishes. Typically paired with South Indian delicacies like ‘kalan, ‘olan’, ‘pori’, coconut oil goes beautifully with ingredients like curry leaves, mustard seeds, garlic, dried chilies, etc.

If you are not a fan of the flavor of coconut oil in your food, this coconut oil can also be used for skin and hair care as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Anveshan wood pressed coconut oil.

1. Can this product be used to massage newborn babies?

Yes, Anveshan coconut oil can be used pre/post-bath massages. 

When it comes to newborns, it is best to consult the doctor. 

2. Is utmost hygiene guaranteed in this product?

The oil may have some solid particles at the bottom. But this does not affect hygiene. 

3. Is this product a virgin coconut oil?

Yes, unrefined and virgin oil is the same. 

4. Can this coconut oil be applied to the skin?

Yes, this coconut oil is suitable for skin/hair application. However, you must do a patch test first. 

5. Is this oil extracted from raw coconut milk or from dry coconut kopra? 

Fresh coconuts are sourced from local farmers and this oil is extracted from high-quality coconuts using the wood pressed method.

Final Words

Anveshan’s Coconut oil is made using the wood pressed method which helps in retaining the nutrients during the process. Wood pressed methods are also known as kacchi ghani, kohlu or chekku pressed. We liked the fresh, coconutty aroma of the oil.

How do you like to use virgin coconut oil in your home? Do you cook with it or is it mainly used for skin and hair? 

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