Amul Vs Mother Dairy - The Tastier Haldi Doodh

Amul Vs Mother Dairy – The Tastier Haldi Doodh

Amul Haldi Doodh Vs Mother Dairy Haldi Milk – Who will win the title of The Tastiest Haldi Doodh?

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Haldi Doodh has taken a fancy avatar and is known as ‘Turmeric Latte’ around the world. Turmeric has been known for its immunity-boosting qualities since ages; the many benefits of haldi doodh make it a staple in most Indian homes. As the need for conveniently packaged products arises, how could our good old haldi doodh stay far behind?

We picked packaged Haldi Milk from two popular dairy brands in India – Amul and Mother Dairy and compared them for their taste, consistency, and the distinct haldi flavor they showcase. After we sipped on haldi milk by both the brands, we can confidently say that Amul Haldi Doodh is our Top Pick. From the color, consistency, taste, and set of ingredients used, Amul Haldi Doodh was a clear winner.

Mishry Top Pick – Amul Haldi Doodh

Amul Haldi Doodh

The Amul Haldi Doodh is as close as it can get to a glass of home made haldi doodh.

MRP – Rs 25/-*

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

Net weight – 125 ml

*Price at the time of review

Why is Amul Haldi Doodh our Top Pick?

Amul Haldi Doodh is our winner because it delivers what it promises – Haldi Doodh. In our review, we were looking for a flavor closest to a glass of homemade sweetened haldi doodh – just how we are all used to drinking it during times of a cough, a cold, or just on a winter night. Amul Haldi Doodh came closest to that taste.

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Amul Haldi Doodh comes in an easy-to-open can and is a convenient option.

The strong haldi aroma is unmissable as soon as we opened the can. The beverage is light yellow in color and is marginally creamier than Mother Dairy Haldi Milk. The consistency of the beverage is perfect, not too thick, nor too thin.

The list of ingredients – Amul Haldi Doodh was our Top Pick also because of a better list of ingredients used. The pack mentions milk solids, turmeric (1%), sugar, added flavors (kesar and badam). Even though both the brands do not mention the level of curcumin or the type of haldi used in the beverage, Amul Haldi Doodh has a higher percentage of turmeric as compared to Mother Dairy.

Amul Haldi Doodh is tasty and has a natural haldi flavor accompanied by a mild kesar and badam aroma. Overall, the Haldi Doodh by Amul is a tastier option and clearly lives up to the haldi doodh promise.

Why Did Mother Dairy Haldi Milk Not Win?

Mother Dairy Haldi Milk

To put it simply, Mother Dairy Haldi Milk did not deliver on the haldi doodh promise. It was more like butterscotch flavored milk than a bottle of haldi doodh. Apart from that, the turmeric extract in the beverage is just 0.3%, which was significantly low. So, labelling it as an immunity boosting product would not be justified.

The Mother Dairy Haldi Milk comes in a glass bottle and you will need an opener to consume it. As soon as you open the bottle, there was a butterscotch aroma but the haldi-like aroma and taste were completely missing.

Having said that, this is a tasty drink in a deep yellow color. Even though both the contenders are priced at Rs 25/-, we noticed the net weight of Mother Dairy Haldi Milk is much more.

Comparison Chart | Amul Vs Mother Dairy

Parameters Amul Haldi Doodh Mother Dairy Haldi Milk
Price Rs 25/- Rs 25/-
Net weight 120 ml 180 ml
Energy (Kcal) 112 Kcal per 100 grams 94 Kcal per 100 grams
Packaging Can – Easy to open Glass bottle – Opener needed
Dominant aroma Haldi Butterscotch
Taste Closer to home made haldi milk More like a butterscotch flavored milk.
Sweetness Balanced Higher than Amul
Amul Vs Mother Dairy: The Tastier Haldi Doodh

Our Review Process – Contenders, Parameters and How We Reviewed

The Contenders – We picked two dairy giants in India who were offering packaged turmeric milk. These are available online and in selected booths and grocery stores.

  • Amul Haldi Doodh
  • Mother Dairy Haldi Milk
The contenders – Amul Haldi Doodh Vs Mother Dairy Haldi Milk

Parameters – For us while reviewing these two brands of Haldi Doodh, taste and that ‘ghar-waala’ flavor was important. Apart from that here are some of the parameters that we kept in mind.

  • The list of ingredients – Does the label mention how much haldi is used? If yes, what type of haldi is used? What is the level of curcumin in the beverage? What type of milk is used? Are there any additives and preservatives?
  • Aroma – Which brand had a more haldi like aroma?
  • The consistency – Which milk is creamier? Is it thick like a milkshake, watered down, or is similar to a homemade haldi doodh?
  • The promise of what is claimed – The ultimate decision swayed towards the brand that lived up to the claim of bringing us haldi doodh.
Amul Vs Mother Dairy – The Tastier Haldi Doodh

How We Reviewed – Our review process was a rather simple one. We conducted a few sessions of side-by-side tasting. We noticed a few things while tasting like the sweetness levels, consistency, color, aroma and the nutri label. Even though both the brands did not mention the level of curcumin in the beverage or the type of haldi used, eventually the percentage of haldi used in the beverage was considered. After gauging all the parameters, we decided on our winner.

Results Of The Face-Off – Amul Vs Mother Dairy

Amul Haldi Doodh was a clear winner in our quest to find the tastier packaged haldi doodh for its taste, balanced sweetness, turmeric content, aroma, and the fact that it was closer to what a homemade haldi doodh would taste like.

Our winner – Amul Haldi Doodh

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