NutraHi Spinach Spaghetti Review

NutraHi Spinach Spaghetti Review

Looking for a gluten free spaghetti? The NutraHi Spinach Spaghetti is gluten free and vegan, but is it flavorful?

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If you are following a gluten-free diet or are allergic to gluten, you might feel as if a lot of yummy food options are taken off your plate. Quite literally. If you have been eyeing that pasta dish for a while and cannot eat it because of your gluten restrictions, this product by NurtraHi just might fix that. The NutraHi Spinach Spaghetti has no gluten and is made using rice, starch, and spinach. Let us dig in and find out if it is tasty. Read on.

What You Need To Know About NutraHi Spinach Spaghetti

*As per information on the pack

  • It is a gluten-free and vegan product.
  • The NutraHi Spinach Spaghetti has no preservatives.
  • 100 grams of the spaghetti provides 354 Kcal of energy.

#FirstImpression Of NutraHi Spinach Spaghetti

Price and packaging – The NutraHi Spinach Spaghetti comes in a white pack. A single 84-gram pack is priced at Rs 60/-. These are also available in four other varieties – beetroot, quinoa, multi-grain, and rice.

List of ingredients – The set of ingredients is divided into three broad categories – the spaghetti, spice mix, and veggie mix. The spaghetti is made using rice, starch, and spinach powder (3%). The spice mix contains chili, turmeric, black pepper, coriander, cumin, dry mango, garam masala, dry ginger, garlic, onion, tomato, fenugreek seeds, maltodextrin, yeast extract, acidity regulators, sugar, salt, and an anticaking agent. The veggie mix contains carrot, spring onion, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, and green peas.

How to make it – The instructions given on the back of the pack are easy to follow. It took us around 15 minutes to cook this spinach spaghetti.

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings
  • Boil 1.2 liters of water in a large saucepan and add NutraHi Spaghetti.
  • Add the veggie mix to this water and boil for 10 minutes. Stir occasionally.
  • Drain and rinse with cold water to bring down the temperature.
  • Heat the pan and add 1-2 tablespoons of cooking oil.
  • Add the spice mix to the oil and mix well.
  • Now add the cooked veggies and spaghetti.
  • It’s ready!

After Boiling – There is a mild greenish-tinge to the spaghetti post boiling. The color of the veggies is bright and vibrant.

After cooking – Post cooking the boiled spaghetti with the spice-mix, the spaghetti looked more like Chowmein than a bowl of spaghetti, honestly.

NutraHi Spinach Spaghetti post addition of the spice mix.

Spaghetti’ usually conjures up images of a bowl of pasta with Italian seasonings and herbs. This dish, though, is desi through and through.

Taste and texture – The first thing we wanted to look for was that spinach flavor. There was a very minute earthy, spinach flavor that was pleasant and not overpowering. The spaghetti has cooked nicely and is not mushy or sticking to each other. The texture is very nice and it has a bite like you would expect out of a whole wheat pasta cooked al dente.

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There is an ample amount of vegetables in the mix which cook very well and add a lot of color and freshness to the dish. The spice mix is very desi, do not expect Italian flavors. It is spicy, but the heat is not killing the other spices or flavors.

The final outcome – NutraHi Spinach Spaghetti

After tasting this product we can put it in that category of meals which are not only healthy and tasty but quick and easy to make as well. The overall aim of this product is to provide a healthy, non-maida option. This will make for an excellent snack or meal when you want something substantial to eat that doesn’t fall in the instant noodle category and yet doesn’t take hours to cook.

NutraHi Spinach Spaghetti

NutraHi Spinach Spaghetti is tasty, healthy, gluten free, and takes only 15 minutes to cook.

MRP – Rs 60/-*

Net weight – 84 grams

*Price at the time of review

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