Adobo Seasoning Substitute revealed- Some of the best kitchen hacks!

Adobo Seasoning Substitute revealed- Some of the best kitchen hacks!

A perfect seasoning or topping can make the taste of any dish divine. An adobo seasoning is a great option for this. If you are also planning to cook a special birthday or anniversary dinner meal and do not have this seasoning agent; try out an adobo seasoning substitute! It can make your evening more special.

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Adobo seasoning is a perfect way to add spice to your regular meals! It is available at any grocery shop near you or an online store. Another way is to make it on your own. If at all you do not get this seasoning available in the market, here are a few spice hacks to get a perfect adobo seasoning substitute.


Colourful various herbs and spices for cooking on dark background


What Is Adobo Seasoning Made Of?

There are certain common ingredients usually a part of this seasoning mix. Although chefs might add something extra to make it unique, the common ingredients’ list to prepare it includes salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. This seasoning is famous in countries such as Mexico. People prepare all kinds of curries, and salads using adobo seasoning. It is a spice that is also used for special steaks and soups.

What is adobo seasoning? It is a ready-to-use powder that is bought from a grocery store and includes tellicherry, onion, Mexican Oregano, black pepper, cayenne red pepper, and cumin. It is also available in dry form. Very basic ingredients such as vinegar, onion, tomatoes, dried chilies, oregano, cumin, and fresh garlic help in making a dry powder.

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What if you are not getting the adobo seasoning online or offline? And what if you need it to prepare some delicacy that needs the use of adobo spice? Well, there are secret spice hacks that can help you to find a perfect adobo seasoning substitute.


Dry Organic Adobo Pork Seasoning in a Bowl / Dried Spices. Ready to Eat and Use.


What Are The Options For Adobo Seasoning Substitute?

Getting a hack on adobo seasoning substitute is important so that you can cook your favorite meal without any hassle. There are two ideal options to get adobo seasoning substitute. And they include:


  • Adobo paste is many times used in place of dry seasoning.
  • Make it on your own. It is simple to prepare adobo seasoning substitute with few items available in almost every house. Ensure you follow the recipe.


Dry Organic Adobo Pork Seasoning in a Bowl


Adobo Paste Or Sauce- An Ideal Adobo Seasoning Substitute!

Adobo sauce or paste is a great option to replace the dry powder. You can check for it at any of your local vendors. There are also many online stores where you can get a packet of adobo sauce. Storing a few packets in your pantry is a great way to ensure you never fall short of it.

But, it also depends on the type of recipe that you need to prepare. You can use adobo seasoning substitute paste only if the recipe contains water. If you are preparing any liquid-based preparation like a soup or the steak; adobo sauce can be a great addition to it. It can make any dry dish soggy due to its sauce form.

Another issue that you might face with this adobo seasoning substitute is of judgment. Adobo paste might also ruin the balance in a few recipes if the proportion is not appropriate. Hence, if you are using paste form of adobo seasoning; ensure that only adequate quantities are added. Otherwise, it might make the food spicier.


Adobo sauce made out of chilli, vinegar, sugar, garlic, and herbs used to flavor and preserve meat


Make By Yourself- DIY Hack

Many people might find this a tough task. But believe it or not, if you have a spice rack in your kitchen will full-fledged spices, it won’t be a big problem. All you need to make a perfect adobo seasoning substitute are a few spices like black pepper, paprika, garlic powder, cumin powder, and onion powder. With all these spices, you can get a perfect proportion of seasoning substitute. You can refer to the below adobo seasoning recipe for making homemade adobo seasoning substitute. Add all important ingredients in the quantities stated below:

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  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon onion powder
  • 3 tablespoon salt
  • 1/2 tablespoon oregano
  • 1/2 tablespoon cumin
  • 1/2 tablespoon chili powder


Add A Chipotle Twist To Adobo Seasoning Substitute!

You will find that chipotle is a magic ingredient that can add spice to your adobo seasoning. It is an easily available option in the supermarkets but be careful with its usage. If at all you add an extra quantity of it, you might end up having a super spicy dish on your plate! Chipotle peppers are good only if you like smoky spicy soups or stews.



Adobo seasoning can add a vibrant flavor and impeccable blend to any meats, seafood, or marinated chicken. Even vegetarian preparations like vegetable salads and soups can taste awesome with this wonder spice. But, if your pantry is out of it, the above-stated spice hacks for adobo seasoning substitute can solve your purpose.

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