Garlic Powder Vs Granulated Garlic- Unknown Myths Busted!
Garlic Powder Vs Granulated Garlic- Unknown Myths Busted!

Garlic Powder Vs Granulated Garlic- Unknown Myths Busted!

Garlic Powder Vs Granulated Garlic: Do you know the difference? Both can be a good substitutes for a majority of recipes. It depends on their availability and the requirement of the recipe that will determine your choice.

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Garlic is one magic ingredient with ample uses. Every dish requires its taste and texture to give a perfect flavor to the recipes. It has been used for ages because of its medicinal properties. May it be stews, soups, gravy vegetables, pasta, chicken, or meat; garlic is a star element in every dish. There are various forms in which you can add it to the recipes. Let’s focus on garlic powder vs. granulated garlic as they are the two major forms widely utilized.


Garlic Powder Vs Granulated Garlic

It is crucial to first cater to the difference between garlic powder vs granulated garlic. These two are popularly added to various mixtures and combinations that give you a perfect blend of tasty food. Granulated garlic is the dehydrated, chopped, and coarsely ground mixture that appears more like the cornmeal. On the other hand, garlic powder is finely ground till you get the flour-like fine mixture. Although they both carry similar flavors, they can vary in texture and the heat they offer to the recipes.

If you are still confused and wondering if there is a difference between granulated garlic and garlic powder, let us help you end up with an easy solution. It is important to understand that both these forms can give a different texture to your dish. Moreover, the concerning factor may be the level of spiciness you need for a particular dish or whether they can be the perfect substitute for each other or not.


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Criteria To Choose Between Garlic Powder Vs Granulated Garlic

Starting with garlic powder, it is more of an intense form of garlic as it is made after fine processing of garlic granules. Now, what are garlic granules? They are a highly powdered form of garlic. So if your dish needs some strong flavors of garlic instantly, opt for garlic powder. Also, in the recipes where marinades and whisking are an important part of the process, garlic powder can be an amazing option. Being in fine powder form, garlic releases its flavor much strongly and quickly. It can, therefore, turn out to be a good option when you need a finer texture of food.

Another option to select is granulated garlic. This can turn out to be a great alternative when you are making any liquid-based recipe. You can consider this course garlic form while preparing tasty stews, soups, salad dressing, or a variety of sauces. It can perfectly gel along with a wide combination of spices. While for garlic powder, it is generally tricky to blend the spices due to its fine texture. Making it work is also possible when you are preparing gravy based dishes.


white garlic on brown wooden table photography


The Texture Of Garlic Powder Vs Granulated Garlic

When you consider the texture of garlic, that is also a feature that impacts its volume and taste. Their quality also differs depending on their texture. Granulated garlic is available in airy volume while the finer version is a dense option. The ratio between the two is 1:2. This means that 1 tablespoon of garlic powder is directly equal to 2 tablespoons of granulated garlic. If your recipe asks for an alternate substitution, you need to make a note of this aspect.

If you are in a rush to search for granulated garlic to prepare a mouth-watering stew and you find that it ran out of stock, what are you supposed to do? Well, if garlic powder is available handy to you, you can surely opt for it but keeping in mind the ratio stated above.

It is also important to study the advantages of both these forms individually.


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Benefits Of Granulated Garlic

•    Lesser chances of clumping like the powdered form.

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•    Blends well with liquid recipes like soups and sauces.

•    Due to the coarse texture, it can rub well with the various spices imparting a better flavor to the preparation.

•    If you do not have fresh garlic, it can serve as its closest substitute.


Benefits Of Garlic Powder

•    Garlic powder is comparatively much strong than the granulated form.

•    Works great for recipes involving lesser cooking time as it can release flavors quickly.

•    When you are working with marinades, nothing can beat the finest garlic form.

•    If you require an intense garlic flavor, considering it a better action.


Why Garlic In Any Form Is A Desirable Option?

Garlic is a widely used vegetable throughout the world, including India, and in the United States. It is also widely known as a close friend of onion. Garlic adds a wonderful taste benefit to all foods but very few are aware of the health benefits of garlic. Garlic powder Vs Granulated garlic has been a big debate ever since but they both are extremely close alternates for the fresh garlic.

Few studies have shown that garlic is a natural remedy to prevent various kinds of eye-related deficiencies. Although it is not clear, claims are made that garlic consumption can also lead to a reduction in cancer probabilities.


Close up the composition of garlic powder sprinkled into a wooden spoon, two sprigs of thyme, and three cloves on black slate board. Selective focus


How To Prepare Garlic Powder Vs Granulated Garlic

The making of garlic powder and granulated garlic is almost similar apart from their binding process. The granulated form of garlic is more on the coarse side while the powdered one is minutely processed.


•    Garlic cloves are cleaned and then finely peeled. Then they are added to the processor for chopping them into smaller sections.

•    These sections then undergo the dehydration process to avail them in the dried form. You can put them in the oven and leave for 3 to 4 hours a very slow heat.

•    Now when the garlic cools down, start with the grinding process.

•    Garlic granules require less processing as you need to be a bit abrasive while the garlic powder would be fine in texture.

•    Once you have both the options ready, use a sifter to remove the unwanted pieces or waste out of it. Lastly, they are packed up in the air-tight containers and then stored securely in a dry and cool place.

Whole cloves of garlic are peeled, cleaned, and then sent into a machine that slices and chops them into smaller sections. The sections are dried in slow ovens for three to four hours. When the garlic has cooled, it is ground to the desired consistency, granulated or powdered. The finished products are put through sifters to separate any debris or undesirable pieces. Both are packaged in air-tight containers and stored in a cool, dry place.


Nutritional Value Of Garlic Powder Vs Granulated Garlic

As far as the nutritional value is concerned, both the garlic powder and the granulated ones possess similar nutrients. The granulated garlic is better than the powder form as nutrients are restored when it is not very finely mixed.


Roasted garlic powder in a spice dish with a fresh bulb of garlic


Garlic Powder Vs Granulated Garlic – How They Work On Different Recipes?

Both the granulated garlic and the garlic powder have the basic garlic whiff that simply accentuates the taste of any dish. It also serves as a great alternative to fresh garlic in a variety of recipes. Powder garlic can evenly go with instant recipes as it releases its flavor immediately.

Garlic powder is a part of the favorite Pizza condiment that goes perfectly with it. Simultaneously, granulated garlic can work on dishes that need some exotic garlic texture like vegetable gravy and other such recipes.


Health Advantages Of Garlic

Whether you eat garlic in granulated form or the powdered one, it is surely going to advantage your health in multiple ways. It is a great anti-fatigue agent. Not only this, garlic when added to the diet regularly, reduces common cold.  often known as the flu. People with high cholesterol should add garlic to their daily diet. Adding garlic during the cooking process would however not yield many benefits. The prime reason for this is the nutritional value of this vegetable reduces after going through an extensive heating process. Hence, if you desire to yield the best outcomes for your health, consume it raw. Eating fresh and garlic can be the ideal supplement for the prevention of several diseases. It is also a very good immunity-boosting element.


Vegetables: Garlic cloves in a black bowl shot from above on rustic brown background. A garlic bulb and three cloves are beside the bowl. An old kitchen knife is at the right of a horizontal frame. Predominant colors are brown and white. Low key DSRL studio photo taken with Canon EOS 5D Mk II and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM.


Garlic As An Antiseptic

Another benefit of garlic is it can be an excellent antiseptic. To treat all types of infection, garlic is a super vegetable as it has medicinal enzymes in it. Just add 1 tablespoon of granulated garlic or around 2/3 spoon of garlic powder in the boiling water and allow it to cool down. After that is done, apply it on your wound with the cotton ball and repeat this process for at least twice or thrice a day. You can also store this solution for a few days.



While debating on Garlic powder Vs. Granulated garlic, it is important to determine their taste, texture, and other factors as well. You can also substitute them with each other depending on the type of recipes you have to make.


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