21 Amazing Fruit Trees In Kerala

21 Amazing Fruit Trees In Kerala

Here we will study about various exotic and tropical fruit trees that are cultivated in Kerala.

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Kerala is one of the most heavenly places in India, which is full of greenery, beautiful backwaters, gorgeous landscape and delicious food. The greenery consists of many fruit trees in Kerala. Kerala is home to many south Indian fruits such as champaka fruit, sabar jelly fruit which grow in abundance due to the state’s suitable climate. Obsessed with avocados like the rest of the world? You can also find avocado cultivation in Kerala. There are many foreign fruits in India that are being cultivated throughout the country.

However, here we will stick to the information on 21 tropical and exotic fruits grown in Kerala. The list of fruits in Kerala is mentioned below.


21 Tropical and Exotic Fruit Trees in Kerala

Here is a list of 21 tropical and exotic fruit trees in Kerala that will blow your mind.

1. Bananas (Musa)

bunch of bananas
Banana Fruit

Southeast Asia is home to musa bananas, but it is also one of the most cultivated fruit trees in Kerala. Apart from this, the other kinds of banana cultivated there are palayam kodan, nendra pazham, red banana, etc. The low cost of bananas and high nutritive value make it a very popular fruit throughout the country.

2. Durian

durian fruit
Durian Fruit

It is not difficult to find durian fruit in Kerala. This fruit appears like a jackfruit (the state fruit of Kerala) from outside. It is also one of the prominent fruits of Southeast Asia. It is also cultivated in Tamil Nadu, apart from Kerala. Durian is infamous for a strong overpowering smell and due to this, it is banned on public transports in some countries.

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3. Pulasan

pulasan fruit
Pulasan Fruit [ Image Credit: IndiaMart ]
You can find pulasan sweeter than lychee. The native place of the particular fruit is Malaysia. But now the tree is also cultivated along with a mangosteen tree in Kerala. Pulasan is often confused with rambuttaan due to their similar exterior.

4. Rambuttan

rambuttan fruit
Rambuttan Fruit

Rambuttan is also one of the most widely grown fruit trees in Kerala. The fruit is native to Southeast Asia. Rambuttan is used as a medicine for dry lips, improving the health of our eyes and, most importantly, as a preventive measure for anemia.

5. Purple Mangosteen

purple mangosteen fruit with a white pulp
Purple Mangosteen Fruit

Now one can easily find the purple mangosteen tree in Kerala too. The fruit has both sweet and sour flavor. The scientific name of purple mangosteen is Garcinia mangostana.

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6. Passion Fruit

passion fruit
Passion Fruit

The scientific name of the particular fruit is Passiflora edulis. The fruit is native to Argentina, Paraguay and southern Brazil. It is very juicy and has a seed-filled centre. It is one of the most exotic south Indian fruits. Passion fruit can be turned into delicious jams and jellies.

7. Dragon Fruit

dragon fruit
Dragon Fruit

The English name for Pitaya fruit is Dragon fruit. Mexico and Costa Rica are native places of the fruit. The dragon fruit is very high in nutrients. Dragon fruits grown in Kerala are also exported to many other countries outside India. The flavor of this beautiful looking fruit is very mild and not at all overpowering.

8. Jaboticaba

jaboticaba fruit
Jaboticaba Fruit [ Image Credit: Amazon ]
This particular fruit has a strange characteristic of growing on the tree trunk. Jaboticaba is native to Brazil and is widely used in the production of jelly and wine.

9. Santol

santol fruit
Santol Fruit

Santol is also widely grown in Southeast Asia. Currently, Kottayam district in Kerala is also a prominent producer of the fruit. Santol is also called cotton fruit. Its scientific name is Sandoricum koetjape.

10. Avocado

avocado fruit cut in half
Avocado Tree

It is very common to find avocado cultivation in Kerala. Mexico is the major producer of the particular fruit. Apart from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka also contribute to the production of avocado. Say hello to guacamole and some avocado on toast.

11. Pomelo

pomelo fruit
Pomelo Fruit

The hills of Munnar in Kerala contribute to the major production of Pomelo in India. Pomelo has a resemblance similar to that of a grapefruit. This fruit is evident in providing health benefits to our body. Pomelo is a famous citrus fruit in India.

12. Soursop

soursop fruit
Soursop Fruit

If you go to the tropical regions of America, then you can find clear visibility of soursop cultivation there. It is known as an organic cancer killer. It is known as mullaatha fruit in Kerala.

13. Gac Fruit

gac fruit
Gac Fruit

Like many other fruits mentioned here, Gac fruit is also widely found in the Southeast Asia region. This fruit is imported in huge quantities in India. This fruit is well known for the medicinal benefits that it provides to the body.

14. Egg Fruit

egg fruit
Egg fruit

Brazil and Mexico are the major producers of egg fruit. It is also one of the most popular grown fruit trees in Kerala. Apart from India, Sri Lanka has also entered into the market of egg fruit cultivation.

15. Cocoa Fruit

cacao fruit
Cacao Fruit [Image Credit: Perfect Daily Grind]
The tropical regions of America are mainly involved in the plantation of cocoa trees on a large scale. Cocoa fruit is one of the most popular foreign fruits in India. Apart from Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu also contribute to cocoa fruit plantation India. As we all know, cocoa fruit is used in making chocolates or chocolate related products widely.

16. Wax Apple/ Chambakka

wax apples served in a dish
Wax Apples

The particular fruit has a wide market of sales in Malayasia and Indonesia. The fruit is a bit sweet in taste. It is also used as an ingredient for many Ayurvedic medicines.

17. Abiu Fruit

abiu fruit
Abiu Fruit [ Image Credit: IndiaMart ]
It is also called pouteria caimito. This fruit is primarily found in the Amazon region of South America. Many varieties of this fruit are grown in the Kottayam district of Kerala.

18. Mamey Sapote

mamey sapote fruit
Mamey Sapote Fruit

This is one of the most popular south Indian fruits used as an ingredient in ice cream and milkshake. This tropical fruit has its origin from Central America and Cuba. Farmers in Kerala are involved in the plantation of a wide variety of this fruit.

19. Longan

longan fruit
Longan Fruit [ Image Credit: Healthifyme.com ]
Longan is one of the most widely grown fruits in Kerala. It is one of the fruits of the soapberry family. It is very sweet and tasty. In India, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are the major producers of this fruit.

20. Cempedak

cempedak fruit
Cempedak Fruit [Image Credit: The Food Hog]
As like most of the fruits, cempedak is also native to Southeast Asia. It looks like a jackfruit and a breadfruit. You will also find its taste very similar to that of jackfruit. This fruit falls under the exotic category. Moreover, Indonesia and Malaysia are the major producers of cempedak fruit.

21. Jackfruit

peeled jackfruit
Peeled Jackfruit

Jackfruit (kathal) is also known as the state fruit of Kerala. In India, it is the largest tree-borne fruit. Tropical regions are suitable for the plantation of jackfruit. It is evident that Kerala is the highest producer of this fruit in the world.

Note: Apart from all the tropical and exotic fruits in Kerala mentioned above, it is also involved in the plantation of star gooseberry, custard apple, cashew, coconut, betel nut, jungle jack, etc. Apart from the plantation of fruits, Kerala is also widely involved in the production of many spices such as cardamom, coffee bean, black pepper, etc.

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We come across different types of fruits, or we can say, exotic and tropical fruits, in our daily lives. Kerala is the home of cultivation to many foreign fruits in India. Today they are being categorized as south Indian fruits. Kerala is a state which is very well known for its suitable, tropical climate. This helps in the cultivation of a variety of fruit trees in Kerala.

Those exotic and tropical fruits that we come across every day are no more only confined to Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Amazon or Indonesia. Today, cultivation of champaka fruit and durian fruit in Kerala is growing rapidly every year. The cultivation of the mangosteen tree in Kerala has become very common, which once had no trace in India. Along with Kerala, south Indian states such as Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are also contributing a lot to the cultivation and production of many tropical and exotic fruits.

If you ever visit Kerala, then don’t forget to taste some of those south Indian fruits, which were once only confined to foreign countries like America, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered a few interesting FAQs on fruit trees growing in Kerala.

In the above article, we listed 21 fruit trees that grow in Kerala. Some of which are banana, avocado, durian, wax apple, jackfruit, and passion fruit.

Litchi is a subtropical fruit. They grow in moist and on an elevated plain. In Kerala, you can find litchi trees in Wayanad.

The best time to grow fruit trees is around early spring or in winters.

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