Blue Flame Chicken Zing - Hot: #FirstImpressions

Blue Flame Chicken Zing – Hot: #FirstImpressions

We tasted Blue Flame’s Chicken Zing – Hot and we have good news for you.

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We all can agree that chicken is one of the most versatile meats to cook with. Bake it, roast it, fry it, broil it, grill it – it always tastes great. The recipes can never fall short. With the sudden uprise in the frozen food industry, does Blue Flames’s Chicken Zing – Hot come at par with the other brands? We tasted and tested and here is what we think of this chicken snack.

Things to know about Blue Flame Chicken Zing – Hot

*as per information on the pack

  • Contains gluten
  • The meat used is halal
  • Can be made in an oven
  • Provides 13 gm protein per 100 gm serving

Blue Flame Chicken Zing – Hot

The chicken is odd-shaped but excels in flavor and quality. The crunchy exterior is a winning point.

#FirstImpression of Blue Flame Chicken Zing – Hot

We tasted Blue Flame’s Chicken Zing – Hot and we have good news for you.

Brown-ish in color, the chicken is juicy and well seasoned. Usually, the chicken gets dry upon frying, but here it was not the case. You can taste the succulent chicken in every bite.

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The breading is extremely crispy, flavorful and spicy. We can confidently say that it almost levels up to a restaurant-style fried chicken.

The only downside is the odd shape of the chicken pieces. Some pieces look like they are not boneless, but that’s just the batter’s shape. We would have loved it if they were even.

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We tasted Blue Flame’s Chicken Zing – Hot and we have good news for you.

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