15 High-Fiber Food Items That Are Good For Your Digestive Health
15 high-fiber food items that are good for your digestive health

15 High-Fiber Food Items That Are Good For Your Digestive Health

Hi-Fiber Foods: An essential nutrient such as fiber is an essential part of one’s diet. Due to its metabolism-boosting capabilities, fiber is famous for its weight loss benefit. Thus, if you are thinking about shedding some kilos, adding a few fibrous food items from this list might be the best option for you.

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Fiber is an important macronutrient that plays a major part in a healthy and balanced diet. As the non-digestible part of the food, fiber is known to add bulk to the stool and promote regular and healthy bowel movements, further tackling any digestive complications that you might be suffering from. The slowing down of your digestive system with the help of fiber-rich foods usually results in other benefits as well. A diet rich in fiber, for example, also results in a slower rate of absorption of sugar by the body, thus giving the pancreas enough time to secrete insulin and prevent sudden spikes in the blood glucose levels. This is the reason why people suffering from Diabetes are often advised to increase the consumption of fiber in their diet. A diet rich in fiber helps control unnecessary sugar spikes for diabetics. Here’s a complete list of foods that can provide you with an adequate amount of fiber.



1. Chia Seeds


Not only are omega 3 fatty acids, but chia seeds are also quite loaded with dietary fiber, which makes them a great ingredient for those who need to follow some dietary restrictions. Chia seeds help in regulating bowel movements and aid in preventing any digestive issues from occurring. Loaded with good fatty acids, not only do chia seeds promote digestive health, it can lead to other benefits such as the healthy management of cholesterol levels as well.

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food items high on dietary fiber
Chia seeds, though small in size, contain an impressive quantity of dietary fiber.


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2. Avocados


With over 6.7% of its weight as dietary-fiber, avocados are unlike other fruits. Instead of being loaded with carbohydrates, avocados contain a high quantity of healthy fats, which are responsible for weight management and good heart-health. Avocados also contain an impressive amount of vitamin K and potassium, both of which are powerful antioxidant-rich nutrients. This makes an avocado a great free-radical scavenger, for its antioxidant content helps in lowering the concentration of free-radicals (free oxygen atoms) and reduces the risk of oxidative damage in the body.



high fiber foods
Avocados, which have a great quantity of dietary fiber, are also loaded with an adequate amount of vitamin K and potassium.


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3. Kidney Beans


Kidney beans and other legumes are a popular and rich source of dietary fiber. Containing high-quantity of plant-based protein, a 100g serving of kidney beans can provide you with over 6 grams of fiber. And keeping into account that your average fiber intake for a day should be around 25 to 30 grams, kidney beans can be a great regular meal option if you choose to opt for a high-fiber diet. Kidney beans are also particularly high on proteins, which makes it a wonderful addition to your diet if you are looking for an ingredient that results in muscle development and helps burn fat at the same time.



4. Chickpeas


These are yet another type of legumes that can be considered for a high-fiber diet along with high protein intake. When compared to kidney beans, chickpeas have a higher fiber concentration with over 8 grams of dietary fiber per 100 grams when boiled. Legumes such as these are high in protein, fiber, and other minerals and vitamins, all of which makes them a superfood that a healthy diet cannot afford to exclude.



food rich with fiber
Chickpeas are not only high on fiber, but they also contain an adequate amount of protein for muscle development.


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5. Almonds


Tree nuts are another great source of dietary fiber, with almonds being one of the most popular ones. Not only are almonds rich in fiber, these nuts are also loaded with essential nutrients and antioxidants such as vitamin E, and minerals such as manganese and magnesium, both of which are essential for healthy bones. Other than that, healthy fats contained inside these small tree nuts make them a great dietary option if you want to control your cholesterol level and improve your heart health.



benefits of almonds
Apart from being a great source of dietary fiber, almonds are also rich with antioxidants such as vitamin E.



6. Quinoa


Few ingredients can claim to have a better health configuration than this pseudo-cereal. Quinoa is loaded with dietary fiber, protein, minerals, vitamins, and it is a perfect gluten-free treat for you if wheat-based proteins are hard for you to digest. The fiber content in quinoa can help to regulate the digestive system and assure that it functions properly. As it helps in the boosting of the metabolism, adequate consumption of quinoa can indeed boost the fat burning process and help you lose some weight.


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7. Broccoli


This nutrient-dense green vegetable has just the right amount of dietary fiber along with a sufficient quantity of vitamin E, making it antioxidant-rich. Broccoli is also known for its high inorganic nitrate content that is responsible for its blood pressure regulation properties and for its ability to increase your exercise performance, thus making it a great pre-workout meal. A 100 gram of broccoli contains about 2.6 grams of dietary fiber.



food rich with fiber
Also loaded with vitamin E, broccoli has a powerful antioxidant quality that makes it a great free-radical scavenger.



8. Black Beans


Along with a healthy amount of dietary fiber, black beans are legumes that are also loaded with minerals such as iron and magnesium. The magnesium content in these beans is responsible for the breaking down of calcium, thus allowing it to be easily absorbed by the bones, which further increases bone density and strength. And as for iron, well, it is responsible for the production of hemoglobin in your blood, which further increases the level of oxygen flowing throughout the body and prevents oxygen-deficiency in the system.



9. Soybeans


Loaded with protein, soybeans are a moderate source of dietary fiber that can be considered as a helpful addition to your diet. In addition to that, soybeans come in various forms and can provide you with a variety of options when it comes to choosing how to cook them. Some examples of soybean-based products are soy flour, tofu, soy milk and soybean oil. All of these items can be used in various forms and would easily increase the nutritional value and fiber content in your dish.



10. Artichokes


Artichokes have a robust antioxidant content, but did you know that this green vegetable is also high in fiber? One medium artichoke contains about 6.9 grams of dietary fiber, which makes a healthy addition for a diet that can promote your digestive health, and it also helps in keeping digestive problems at bay.



11. Pumpkin


This popular vegetable is not only a great source of fiber, but it also contains adequate amounts of vitamins A and K and minerals such as calcium. A standard serving of pumpkin can provide you with 10.7% of your daily fiber requirement, which means that there is no doubt in the fact that this vegetable can prove to be beneficial for your digestive health. Moreover, its calcium and vitamin content makes it an overall quality food that can act as an antioxidant and can be beneficial for your bone strength as well.


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12. Apples


By providing your body with over 16.1% of its daily fiber requirement, an apple a day will certainly help to keep the doctor away. Apples are great for boosting digestion and must be a part of any weight loss diet. Other essential nutrients such as vitamins C and A are also present in this fruit, thus making it a powerful antioxidant that can lower the concentration of free radicals in your bloodstream, further resulting in a reduced risk of oxidative damage.


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13. Banana


Another fruit added to this list would be none other than banana, as one medium-sized banana contains about 9.2% of your daily fiber requirement, which is significant enough. Potassium is yet another essential mineral present in bananas that contributes towards the majority of their benefits. This potassium content is beneficial in controlling your blood pressure and helps reduce the risk of heart diseases.


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14. Oranges


Citrus fruits are hard to ignore when you are looking for something healthy, for their natural antioxidant quality is unmatched. But, oranges are not only high in vitamin C, but their fiber content adds to its overall beneficial nature as well. A single orange contains over 10.1% of your daily fiber requirement, which is impressive enough for a moderate fiber source.


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15. Buckwheat


Just like quinoa, buckwheat is a gluten-free grain that has an impressive quantity of dietary fiber and would prove to be a helping hand in your healthy lifestyle. A 100 grams serving of buckwheat can provide you with 25% of your daily fiber requirements. These plant grains are also loaded with other plant-based protein, which makes them a great muscle developing food item that can be a part of your post-workout routine.


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Having a high-fiber diet can be very benefiting when it comes to the boosting of one’s metabolism and the burning of fat. However, your fiber intake must be regularly noted, and even if you have filled your diet with high-fiber foods, you have to make sure that your daily consumption does not exceed 30 grams. Since fiber is known to slow your digestion rate, too much of it can lead to weight gain or other digestion related concerns such as constipation, thus doing just the opposite of what is intended. Add a dose of physical activity to your daily routine to reap the best benefits from a diet rich in fiber. And don’t forget to get enough sleep and rest well.


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