Shan’s Sheer Khurma Mix: #FirstImpressions

Shan’s Sheer Khurma Mix: #FirstImpressions

A traditional dish such as Sheer Khurma can be quite hard to replicate. We check out how well have Shan has managed to create this ready-to-cook, unique Sheer Khurma mix.

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Sheer khurma is a sweet-dish made in the form of pudding during Eid, thus it is safe to say that it is one of the major festivity items in central and south Asia. Loaded with the goodness of nuts, Sheer Khurma uses ingredients such as milk, vermicelli, sugar, and raisins, to create an authentic mix that is both sweet and nutty in flavor. Shan’s Sheer Khurma mix is a product that claims to make this dish a household recipe along with making it more convenient for one to prepare it in the comfort of one’s home.



Quick Facts About Shan’s Sheer Kurma Mix

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  1. It contains all the necessary ingredients of a traditional Sheer Khurma dessert such as vermicelli, milk, sugar, and nuts.
  2. A single 150g packet has a total of 5 servings (serving size- 2 tbsp).
  3. It contains milk solids and nuts, so if you are allergic to any one of these items, it is advised that you avoid this product.
  4. It is simple and easy to make this one-step recipe.



Shan Special Sheer Khurma Mix, 150g

Hygienically processed and packed the world’s finest ingredients from the Himalayan range.

Price: Rs 70*

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#FirstImpressions Of Shan’s Sheer Kurma Mix


The steps involved in the preparation of this product were simple, all you had to do was boil milk, add the mix, and then keep boiling it for 10 minutes straight before serving it hot. There is no doubt that it has proven itself as a convenient option as compared to preparing it traditionally.


Mishry Review
Shan’s Sheer Khurma tastes really good.

When it comes to taste, well, Shan’s Sheer Khurma tastes really good. It has got the right amount of sweetness and has ample nuts and dry fruits making it a rich and festive dessert. The pack offers its users three different recipes, from a simple kheer-style dessert to a more complex, condensed milk-based sweet dish as well. We opted to try out the simplest recipe, as that is the one you would first try your hand at. As simple as it is to create this dish, the taste and flavors are really deep and complex.


Mishry Review
Shan’s Sheer Khurma has ample nuts and dry fruits making it a rich and festive dessert.

Shan’s Sheer Khurma is a handy pack that comes to your rescue anytime you need a quick dessert-fix. The pack is good to make one large bowl of kheer which is suitable for 4-5 people.



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