Best Yogurt Brands in India – Mishry Reviews (Apr 2024)
best yogurt brands

Best Yogurt Brands in India – Mishry Reviews (Apr 2024)

The article discusses different yogurt brands in India, the different flavors, and the many health benefits of yogurt.

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Indians, in general, have a sweet tooth and nothing beats a bowl of chilled sweetened curd for us on a hot summer day. Yogurt or dahi is an integral part of our diet since a long time. Now we have different types of yogurt. They come in different flavors as well. Frozen yogurts are the most popular of all. The combination of ice cream with healthy yogurt is rapidly becoming everyone’s favorite. Yogurt is a fruity, chilled, sweet dessert. It also contains a very less amount of fat. The coolant properties make yogurt great for our digestive system. Surprisingly, yogurt is very low in calories as well.

Poor eating habits, irregular sleeping patterns, and stress is causing many diseases in a vast population. The growing health consciousness among people has helped them to maintain a healthy diet. Due to these reasons, yogurt has become an excellent option for everyone as a healthy inclusion. Today multiple brands have emerged that sell the best Greek yogurt, low fat yogurt and high protein yogurt in India. The different yogurt brands in India are giving each other tough competition to lead the market.

Some of the top Indian yogurt brands are mentioned below. The list includes the best greek yogurt, frozen yogurt and the available packed yogurt in India. One can also understand the difference and similarities between different yogurt brands in India from the detailed list.

List Of Best Yogurt in India

Confused? Our list may help you pick a new favorite yogurt.

1. Epigamia No-Sugar 

Epigamia offers some of the best Greek yogurts today. It is well-known for its range of plain and flavored Greek yogurts. These are high protein yogurts available in India.

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This range of no added sugar Greek yogurt are available in two variants- Strawberry and Mixed Berry. These are the best yogurt for weight loss in India as it is low in calories. These are sweetened with berry pulp and apple pulp. High in protein and calcium, these have a fresh and fruity taste. Moreover, you can either have them as is or consume with granola or as a snack. 

epigamia no added sugar greek yogurt review
epigamia no added sugar greek yogurt review

Product Features

  • Fresh tasting
  • Creamy consistency
  • Priced economically

2. Milky Mist Fruit Yogurt

This showcases the perfect fruit flavor. The sweetness is subtle and feels natural. There were tiny fruit bits that enhanced the texture. It has a thick, creamy consistency. 

milky mist mango yogurt packaging
A simple yet vibrant packaging.

Product Features

  • Lip-smacking flavor
  • Rich consistency
  • Inviting aroma

3. Epigamia Coconut Yogurt

This makes for a good fat source for vegans. Free of preservatives, this vegan yogurt had a pleasing aroma. It was smooth and creamy and had a natural, tropical flavor of coconuts. The sweetness was on the lower side. 

Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt With coconut jaggery
Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt With coconut jaggery

Product Details

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Luscious consistency
  • Clean ingredients
  • No preservatives

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4. Amul Masti Dahi

This dahi had a natural sourness that we liked. It was very creamy. The whey and curd had not separated which is a common occurrence with packaged yogurt. Moreover, this had tiny lumps that enhanced the overall texture. 

amul premium dahi
Amul premium dahi

Product Features

  • Thick texture
  • Inviting taste
  • Fresh aroma

5. Mother Dairy Mishti Doi

The packaging, pricing, and flavor were all commendable. The sweetness was balanced and the mouthfeel was appetizing. It comes quite close to the traditional halwai mishti doi. This had a fresh taste and the sweetness does not feel synthetic. Moreover, there was no industrial aftertaste.

Product Details

  • Aromatic
  • Balanced flavors
  • Priced economically

6. Gowardhan Dahi

Both, the taste and texture of this packaged dahi comes close to the homemade variants. It was thick yet flowy and had some lumps that enhanced the texture. The taste was fresh with a mild sour and sweetness. The calcium and protein content were high. The consistency was even throughout. 

gowardhan pouch dahi
Gowardhan's dahi is also our winner.

Product Features

  • High calcium
  • Protein-rich
  • Clean ingredients

7. iD Fresh Dahi

This dahi is best for preparing dishes like kadhi, dhokla, and more. The consistency is very flowy with a bold sourness. That said, the taste was fresh but sour. It is made using toned milk. A 400-gram pouch is priced at Rs 38/-.

id curd pouch
ID's dahi has a very sour flavor.

Product Details

  • Ideal for kadhi, dhokla
  • Nutrient-dense ingredients
  • Fresh but sour

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8. Nestle Slim Dahi

Mildly sweet and sour, Nestle Dahi is made using double toned milk. It still had a thick and creamy consistency. The packaging was quite sturdy. Moreover, the aroma was fresh, slightly sweet, and inviting. 

nestle dahi pouch
Nestle's dahi doesn't have a homestyle consistency.

Product Details

  • Made with double toned milk
  • Commendable packaging
  • Sweet aroma

What Are The Different Types Of Yogurt?

There are mainly six types of yogurt.

1. Standard yogurt 

This is the common unstrained yogurt.

2. Greek yogurt 

This is a type of strained yogurt and is thick.

3. Kefir 

It is a type of yogurt drink which contains more amounts of probiotics.

4. Non-dairy 

Soya, almond, and coconut yogurts are called non-dairy yogurt.

5. Skyr 

It has the highest amount of protein and is also called Icelandic/Viking yogurt

6. Australian 

It is a sweet honey-like yogurt.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Consuming Yogurt Daily?

Yogurt does not only taste good, but it also has uncountable health benefits.

1. Bone health

Yogurt has a rich amount of calcium that enhances our bone health and bone density. It also strengthens our bones and helps older people who are suffering from osteoporosis.

2. Weight loss

Yogurt helps to cut down the calories and burn belly fat. It has a very low amount of carb, cholesterol, and fatty acids, which help us lose our extra weight.

3. Blood pressure

A high amount of salt intake causes high blood pressure, which may lead to some severe diseases. Yogurt has a rich amount of potassium, which removes the extra sodium from our system which keeps our blood pressure in control.

4. Digestive Health

All the probiotics present in yogurt help in our digestion. People suffering from constipation or poor digestion are always advised to consume yogurt daily.

5. Immunity

Yogurt contains probiotics that help to build our immunity system and keeps us safe from various illnesses. Probiotics also enhance our gut health. The zinc present in yogurt also keeps us healthy.

6. Yeast infection

Yogurt works miracles in preventing yeast infections. So, if you are at risk of getting such infections, you must include yogurt in your diet.

7. Workout recovery

After a heavy workout, we need something to gain back our energy. The amino acid present in yogurt helps to recover our muscles and give us the required energy.

Recipes With Yogurt

Other than these, yogurt has many other health benefits, and we can also include it in different recipes. For example:

  • We can eat yogurt straight from the container or use hung curd it on a toast instead of butter.
  • We can use yogurt in our salad designing as well. Just mix olive oil with yogurt and sprinkle some salt and pepper and you are good to go
  • Yogurt can be used as a dip for any snack. It can be a good replacement for mayonnaise as well.
  • Yogurt can be used as a great marinating ingredient. It breaks down the proteins and tenderises fish and meat. Yogurt also adds a distinctive flavor to the meat.
  • One can add a spoon of yogurt to almost anything to give it a finishing touch. It enhances the taste of the food and helps to build the flavor.
  • We can make different desserts and drinks using whipped yogurt. They taste delicious and create a cooling effect on our bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we have answered a few interesting FAQs about the best yogurt brands in India.

Epigamia No-Sugar yogurt is the lowest calorie and nutrient-dense yogurt. 

Unflavored yogurt has low sugar content.

One to two cups are enough. 

Low fat or unsweetened yogurt intake is okay for a diabetic person. Although it’s better to consult a physician before altering the diet.


Day by day, people are becoming more health-conscious, and yogurt is a tasty option that can keep us healthy. Due to the increasing demand, different Yogurt Brands In India are launching new yogurt products every year. Thus, Yogurt has become an integral ingredient in every household, which keeps us healthy and fit. We recommend Epigamia Zero Sugar, Epigamia Coconut Yogurt, and Mother Dairy Mishti Doi.

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