Yoga Bar Oats Review: We Tried Dark Chocolate & Veggie Masala
yoga bar oats review

Yoga Bar Oats Review: We Tried Dark Chocolate & Veggie Masala

Convenient, nutritious, and tasty, here is Team Mishry’s Yoga Bar Oats review.

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Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Devoid of preservatives and added chemicals, Yoga Bar oats are excellent beginner-friendly snack/meal options. Green light from Team Mishry!

Full of fiber and packed with protein, oats are one of the most sought-after sources of complex carbohydrates. Not only are they super versatile, but oats are relatively quick and convenient to prepare. As a result, there can be something new on our platter every week, from overnight oats to baked variants and even vegan smoothies!

But if you shudder at the thought of bland oats, here’s a new launch that you might find exciting. One of India’s superfood brands, Yoga Bar, has recently added a new line of products, ‘Oats+.’ Veggie Masala and Dark Chocolate are the two variants introduced in this range. We tried both for our Yoga Bar Oats review, and safe to say, they are wholeheartedly invited to the breakfast table every morning!

Yoga Bar Oats – Everything You Need To Know

Everything you need to know from price, packaging to how we prepared Yoga Bar Oats is discussed in this section of our review. 

yoga bar oats reviewed variants
We reviewed both Yoga Bar Oats variants.

1. Type

The brand uses golden rolled oats for both variants that are sourced from Australia.

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

2. Available Flavours

Oats+ by Yoga Bar is available in two flavor variants-

  • Yoga Bar Veggie Masala Oats
  • Yoga Bar Dark Chocolate Oats

3. Available Sizes

There are pouches of 400 g and 1 kg offered. 

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4. Packaging

Unlike unflavored steel cut and quick-cooking oats by the brand, these flavored variants are packed in pouches. 

Yoga Bar recommends transferring the contents into a clean, dry, airtight container. 

5. Price Range

The 1 kg packs we reviewed fall in the price range of Rs 449-549.

Yoga Bar Oats – Our Review Factors

Yoga Bar Oats come with the promise of 100% natural ingredients and no added preservatives. In addition to taste, texture, and ease of preparation, we also scrutinized the ingredient list. Here’s how we reviewed the two variants. 

1. Taste

How close does the taste come to the labeled flavors? Are the flavors balanced or overpowering? 

Did we notice any artificial aftertaste? 

Do the additives (pumpkin, watermelon, and chia seeds, and black raisins) taste fresh? Do they retain their texture post-cooking?

2. Ingredients

The brand claims to be devoid of added preservatives. But, as always, we dug deep in the ingredient lists of both variants. 

Hidden sugars, chemicals with hard-to-pronounce names, what did we find? 

3. Fiber Content

Oats, by nature, are high in fiber. They contain Beta Glucan and dietary fiber. Does adding flavoring agents to oats reduce the nutritional value in terms of fiber? 

4. Protein

Protein, like fiber, promotes the feeling of satiety. Since the digestive tract takes the longest to break down and digest protein, we feel fuller for longer. Per 40 g serve, what is the carbohydrate to protein proportion in Yoga Bar Oats?

5. Price

How is Yoga Bar Oats priced? Would you be better off preparing bowls of oatmeal from scratch? 

Or do convenience and taste justify the price?

Yoga Bar Oats Flavours – Detailed Review

Review Parameters Yoga Bar Dark Chocolate Oats Yoga Bar Veggie Masala Oats
Main Ingredients 72% oats, 11% nuts and seeds, raw sugar, cocoa, rice bran oil, Himalayan pink salt 70% oats, 9% vegetables, 7% seeds, natural seasoning, spice extracts
Calories  172 kcal 163 kcal
Protein 4.9 g 5.4 g
Fiber 5.2 g 5.2 g
Shelf Life Nine months Nine months

1. Dark Chocolate

Taste- 4/5
Flavor- 4/5

Who said you couldn’t have dessert for breakfast? Well, you technically shouldn’t eat a slice of cake for breakfast, but this option from Yoga Bar is nutritious, satiating, and tasty. So if you have a sweet tooth as big as ours, this one’s for you. 

We observed that the dark chocolate variant isn’t as granular as the first one we tried following the same testing procedures. Instead, it is a fine to medium coarse texture.  Visually, this one is primarily a chocolatey brown color, with green bits of pumpkin seeds. We could also see some chocolate-coated black raisins. We took a whiff of the rich chocolate aroma and hopped on to reading the cooking instructions. 

40 g of oats plus 200 ml of milk added to a pan. We cooked this mix for three minutes at the highest temperature setting. Alternatively, you can also cook this on a regular cooktop on a medium flame. This cooked effortlessly!

The texture resembles that of a thick, luscious chocolate pudding. We really liked the addition of black raisins and pumpkin seeds; they bring in a variety of textures. The raisins taste fresh and have a soft, fleshy bite. On the other hand, the pumpkin seeds add a nice crunch. Only complaint- these seeds are added very sparingly. 

Talking about the overall taste, the characteristic dark chocolate bitterness is present, but it isn’t overwhelming. The dehydrated dates powder and raw sugar have been added in adequate quantities that bring a pretty decent level of sweetness. 

Did You Know?- Refined and raw sugar may have similar caloric values, but raw sugar imparts a slightly different flavor as it contains molasses. 

yoga bar dark chocolate oats mix in a bowl
Oat flakes, pumpkin seeds, black raisins were all covered with chocolate powder.
closer look at yoga bar dark chocolate oats mix in a bowl
In the pre-cooked stage, we could see coated pumpkin seeds and raisins.
yoga bar dark chocolate oats in a bowl
We cooked these oats in milk for roughly three minutes.
closer look at yoga bar dark chocolate oats
Doesn’t it look delectable?
closer look at raisins in yoga bar dark chocolate oats
These show a delectable interplay of textures.


  • Yoga Bar dark chocolate oats contain 11% nuts and seeds. 
  • Devoid of artificial sweeteners, these oats are sweetened using raw sugar and dehydrated dates powder.
  • One serving has around 5 g of protein. 
  • The golden-rolled oats used are a good source of fiber.
  • The 1 kg pack is priced at Rs 549.
  • It has a shelf life of nine months.
  • It can be consumed warm/chilled. 


  • These chocolate oats are made without any preservatives and artificial sweeteners.
  • The classic dark chocolate intensity is not overpowering.
  • This subtly sweet oatmeal has a variety of textures in each bite.
  • Raisins add a chewy bite; pumpkin seeds add crunch.
  • This can be consumed chilled too, making it an excellent on-the-go breakfast/snack.


  • The quantity of pumpkin seeds was a bit on the lower side. 

Best Suited For

Dessert for breakfast? Macro-friendly chocolate milkshake? Yoga Bar may have just the product you can try. 

Yoga Bar Suggests- adding chopped bananas, more raisins, almond slivers as garnish. You can also prepare a thick smoothie using the same quantities of oats and milk. The cooked oatmeal can be served as overnight oats too, chilled. 

2. Veggie Masala

Taste- 4/5
Flavor- 4/5

We tested both Yoga Bar oats in two stages- pre and post-cooking. 

As soon as we opened the pack, a strong spicy aroma covered our review lab. Coriander was the most dominant spice we observed here. Visually, we noticed a coarse mix of oat flakes and veggies. There were dehydrated bits and pieces of peas, carrots, onions, and coriander. 

Following the cooking instructions mentioned on the pack, we took roughly half a cup (40 g) of these oats, a cup of water, and our trusty AmazonBasics induction cooktop

It perfectly delivers on the three-minute cooking claim! Additionally, the water to oat mix ratio suggested is spot-on. There are no adjustments needed there. The overall taste of this porridge/oatmeal is pretty balanced. It looks rich and comforting with an ocher/brown appearance. 

The salty and spicy flavors are delicately laced with some tanginess. The spice is more robust in some spoonfuls than others. We followed the exact proportions followed by the brand, and the result was a thick and grainy porridge. As mentioned, you can experiment with the quantity of water to make a soupy or an even thicker bowl of veggie-loaded masala oats. 

yoga bar veggies masala oats mix
Dehydrated veggies and seeds have been added.
closer look at yoga bar veggies masala oats mix
We could see the dehydrated veggies and pumpkin seeds.
yoga bar veggies masala oats ready in a bowl
Post-cooking, it had a thick, khichdi-like consistency.
closer look at yoga bar veggies masala oats
It has a deep ocher appearance.


  • Made with golden rolled oats.
  • This pack contains 100% natural ingredients and whole grains.
  • It is packed with Omega 3.
  • This pack of oats is devoid of vegetable oil, preservatives, and maltodextrin.
  • It has a nine-month shelf life.
  • Per 40 g serve, you get 163 kcal.
  • The required cooking time is three minutes. 


  • The Veggie Masala oats deliver on the quick-cooking promise. 
  • This is a beginner-friendly snack/meal option. 
  • The dehydrated veggies were added in enough quantities.
  • Salt, spice, citrusy- all flavors were well-balanced.
  • The post-cooking texture feels homestyle. 
  • The seeds add a nice bite. 


  • We couldn’t find a gluten-free certification on the pack. 

Best Suited For

Are you looking for a quick, masaledar breakfast fix? We suggest trying the Veggie Masala oats by Yoga Bar. 

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Yoga Bar dark chocolate oats won by a majority! They had us at ‘Dessert for breakfast’  Chewy, crunchy, gooey, chocolatey goodness-this had it all. We bet this would taste even better chilled!

With that being said, the Veggie Masala was fairly good too. The flavors (salt, spice, tang) work well with one another. The veggies were crunchy post-cooking too. 

Final Words

Devoid of preservatives and added chemicals, Yoga Bar oats are excellent beginner-friendly snack/meal options. These quick-cooking oats barely take time to prepare and do not need many different ingredients to taste THIS good. 

If your go-to breakfast/snack is an energy bar, these oats can be a more filling alternative. 

Which variant would you try first? Let us know. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on yoga bar oats

1. Are these oats healthy?

Yes, one serving is quite filling and ensures a decent carb-fat-protein intake. 

2. Are these oats a good option for weight loss?

Staying in a caloric deficit is the only sure-shot way to lose weight. If these oats fit the calorie budget, you can add them to your diet. 

3. Are these oats ready to cook?

Yes, you need to cook them in water/milk for only three minutes. 

4. Are yoga bar oats vegan?

Yes, the oats by themselves are vegan. This may change when you add milk. 

5. Are these oats keto-friendly?

No, they have 26-27 g of carbohydrates per serve. 

6. Can these oats be consumed by children?

These oats are free of artificial preservatives and chemicals, but we advise you to consult a pediatrician. 

7. Do these oats contain any preservatives or artificial flavors?

No, they only contain natural rosemary extract and chocolate flavor. 

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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