4700 BC Instant Popcorn Review
4700 bc popcorn

4700 BC Instant Popcorn Review

Instant gourmet popcorn, now in a 10 rupee pack. The new flavors of 4700bc popcorn pop perfectly and are mildly flavored.

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4700 BC Popcorn offers large-sized gourmet popcorns you can pop at home. Though the flavors were too subtle for us, we loved that no piece was raw or burnt.

Popcorn and movie marathons are a match made in heaven that no one messes with. The heavenly aroma of freshly made popcorn fills up the entire house and lingers for a while, reminding you of a movie theatre. Thanks to the many instant popcorn brands in India, movie watching experience at home can be achieved in under 5 minutes. 4700 BC popcorn is India’s first gourmet popcorn brand that has introduced a range of flavored instant popcorn packets. For a fair review, we chose four flavors of 4700 BC instant popcorn that we popped at the Mishry HQ. The flavor intensity, quality of corn kernels, cooking time, and other such details are discussed in this gourmet popcorn review.

  • 4700 BC Popcorn – Natural
  • 4700 BC Popcorn – Butter
  • 4700 BC Popcorn – Barbeque
  • 4700 BC Popcorn – Seven Spices

The 4700 BC popcorn flavors are priced at Rs 10/-. Each pack contains 30 grams of uncooked corn kernels.

Quick Review

4700 bc popcorn

4700 BC Popcorn pops perfectly but is very mildly flavored.

Price – Rs 10/-*

Net weight – 30 grams

*Price at the time of review

Quick Review Of 4700 BC Popcorn – Natural

4700 bc popcorn
4700 BC Gourmet Popcorn - Natural Flavor

Ingredients – Popping corn (70%), Edible Vegetable Oil, Salt, Regulator, Emulsifier.

Taste Test – The corn kernels cooked rather quickly, and all the kernels popped perfectly. We were delighted to see zero uncooked kernels or burnt pieces. This instant popcorn had a larger than usual size. When we tasted the 4700 BC Instant Popcorn (Natural) we noticed they were adequately salted. The saltiness of the popcorn is not overpowering at all. All in all, we got no complaints here.

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Quick Review Of 4700 BC Popcorn – Butter

4700 bc popcorn
4700 BC Butter Popcorns

Ingredients – Popping corn (70%), Edible Vegetable Oil, Salt, Beta Carotene Regulator, Emulsifier.

Taste Test – Like the natural ones, there were no burnt pieces of popcorn in this instant popcorn packet too. The butteriness you expect out of popcorn labeled as ‘Butter’ flavor, we were expecting a rich buttery tub of popcorn. Sadly, the butter content in this 4700 BC popcorn was very mild. Many other instant popcorn brands deliver fairly well on the butter promise, and we expected something at par with those, if not the movie theatre kind. The 4700 BC Butter Popcorn was far from that. We missed the rich, buttery popcorn.

Quick Review Of 4700 BC Popcorn – Barbeque

4700 bc popcorn
The BBQ flavor is not pronounced in the popcorns.

Ingredients – Popping corn (70%), Edible Vegetable Oil, Spices and Condiments, Salt, Regulator, Emulsifier.

Taste Test – The 4700 BC popcorn we tried next was the barbeque flavor. Typically, BBQ flavors are characterized with a mix of sweet and spicy flavors that hit you one after the other. In this case, though the corn kernels popped perfectly, the BBQ flavor disappointed us. This gourmet popcorn lacked the punch of flavor we were looking for. The flavors were too mild, and something bolder would have made the cut.

Quick Review Of 4700 BC Popcorn – Seven Spices

4700 bc popcorn
4700 BC Popcorns (Seven Spice Flavor)

Ingredients – Popping corn (70%), Edible Vegetable Oil, Spices and Condiments (Turmeric, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Cumin, Ginger, Fenugreek, Cardamom), Salt, Regulator, Emulsifier.

Taste Test – Before we begin, let us tell you a little more about the seven spice blend. The seven spice is also known as the Lebanese 7 spice mix which is a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, fenugreek, allspice, pepper, and cloves. As with garam masala, the spice combination here too, can vary depending on personal choice. This pack of 4700 BC instant popcorn includes turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, cumin, ginger, fenugreek, and cardamom as mentioned on the pack. Naturally, we assumed this 4700 BC popcorn to be loaded with a rich masala flavor. However, there was no distinct taste of these spices, nor did they have the heat that spices usually add to a dish. At the end of the bite, we sensed a very mild spicy flavor.


4700 bc popcorn
4700 BC Popcorn are crunchy but lack a bold flavor punch.

4700 BC popcorn is a brand associated with gourmet popcorn. This instant popcorn packet is priced at Rs 10/-. Though the texture, size, and appearance had us pleasantly surprised, the flavors were not as bold as we would have liked them to be. In the similar price range, there are better contenders in the market that offer bolder and better flavors. However, the natural flavor variant of 4700 BC popcorn is what we liked the most. The salt levels were perfect! All kernels were cooked well and had a crunch that we expect out of a well-made bowl of popcorn. A single pack of popcorn is meant to cater to a single person.

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